Women Are Afraid

When I was driving to the hospital for an operation, a statistic was mentioned on the radio. Turkey is the country with the most cesarean cases.

What might be the reasons for this? Fear of giving birth? If this is the case, this means our country has coward women. Is our economic status really different from the rest of the world? Don’t think so. Although cesarean birth is more expensive than the natural one, I don’t think our country houses the richest men and women. What about fear of genital damage that’s behind this trend?

Turkey is in the middle of east and west and is truly a melting pot of cultures. On one side we have the influences of muslim world, and on the other we have the influences of global world, some of it thanks to Google. Globalism might win and the whole world has a singular culture but we are far away from that reality for now. So, what do we do in this chaos? We enter puberty without having a sexual identity in this chaotic world. Because we experience sexuality as a taboo rather than a joy, genitalia are usually seen as a fort to be conquered. Because of this birth is sometimes seen as a conquest of the castle from within. It is as tense a wait as a sexual encounter. And sometimes that is destined to occur. And a castle as important as this one better keeps its original shape. For this purpose, the solution is: Cesarean?

We might be the society that is most concerned about the shape of their genitalia and learn more about it, yet do the least about it. But wait a minute. Cesarean is an investment for genital beautification in Turkey.

Statistics about this subject aren’t done through my perspective. So I can’t definitively prove my claims. But I know our subconscious thoughts really well. Read the article again, it seems plausible right?

Also, some bad news: Most of the genital deformations aren’t done through baby’s passage through the vagina. Hormonal changes during pregnancy, aging, weight gain-loss, and also the genetic factors are the biggest causes.

A miracle like childbirth shouldn’t meet with societal concerns. Genital surgeries are of course important but should be based on scientific realities only.