Breast Asymmetry Correction

Two breasts having different volumes is a situation that can be seen in 90% of women. But this situation is often limited to asymmetrical problems that are not visible to naked eye. Breast asymmetry occurs with uneven development of breast and is a very common situation. If there aren’t big differences, women usually accept and live with it, but if the difference is bigger than most, a surgical correction is required. 

Two halves of a human is not the same. Almost all women have differences between their breast sizes, and this should be accepted as normal. But this difference might be bigger in some women’s cases. It is interesting that every woman thinks this situation is only occurring with their breasts. There are different approaches to correcting breast asymmetry in plastic surgery.

How is The Process Of Breast Asymmetry Correction Surgery? What Techniques Are Used?

After first consultation, depending on your expectations, we decide on what we can do and plan the details of the procedure. Approach of breast asymmetry correction operation is decided based on the disproportion of your breasts. Breast reductionbreast lift, and breast augmentation can be applied to patients with breast asymmetry

For example, while applying breast augmentation on one breast, breast reduction might be applied to the other one. Surgery can be done with either local or general anesthesia. Milk ducts are preserved in this operation. Patients can be discharged from the hospital the same day, and after a couple days of rest at their home, can return to social life. You can shower after one or two days. Although they will be swollen in the first week after the operation, this goes away over the next weeks. 

Scar marks of the stitches fade away with months and years. Scar mark scare weighs heavier before the operation. Most patients think they’re a reasonable trade off with the pros of the operation results. Over the years, with weight gain/loss and breastfeeding small deviations might occur. These can be fixed with a small intervention. 

Two halves of a human is not the same and this is considered normal. But if this difference is noticeable, then it becomes strange. Fixing this problem can boost a person’s self confidence.

And with this confidence boost, social and sexual life is affected positively. While both breasts are operated with the same approach in other breast surgeries, with breast asymmetry correction each breast is operated using different approaches. The aim is to create suitable for the patient’s wishes and body type while correcting the asymmetry. 

For example, if both breasts are small, operation is done using different sized implants. If both breasts are big, one would be reduced less to achieve symmetry. These all depend on the approach of the plastic surgeon, your wishes, and acceptance or refusal for implants. 

These operations have two end goals: correcting the asymmetry and achieving satisfying breasts. 

There are two aims of the operation: reducing the asymmetry and beautification of the breast. Planning usually starts with mathematical measurements. If the patient’s body type and the desire for an assertive look are included in these calculations, success rate of the operation is increased. 

With rehearsals on a mirror before the operation, prepping is done. Because both breasts are operated using different approaches there is a need for detailed preparation. Patients must understand before  the operation that breasts can be corrected down to millimeters and there might be slight asymmetrical differences. 

This operation is done with milk ducts preserved. A lot of women breastfeed after breast asymmetry correction  operations. But some women can’t breastfeed even if there weren’t any operations beforehand. This situation can’t be detected beforehand. As all women who breastfed know, breasts change afterwards. This is also true with women who had surgeries. If these changes are at disturbing levels, there might be a need for another operation. These secondary surgeries are in the form of minor interventions in most cases. 

At Which Age Can Breast Asymmetry Correction Can Be Done?

As soon as breasts stop developing, this operation can be done. Around 18 years old is the most suitable time. 

Can Asymmetry Occur Again After The Operation?

These surgeries fix asymmetry permanently. But as you can agree, in the cases of drastic weight gain/loss and pregnancy, asymmetry might occur again. 

What is The Price For Breast Asymmetry Correction?

As I mentioned before, there are many different factors on deciding the approach for breast asymmetry correction operations. And these all factor into the pricing of the operation, which makes it unique for individual cases. For these reasons, an examination is needed for pricing. 

How is The Process Of Breast Asymmetry Correction?

Because every patient has different kinds and levels of asymmetry, this affects the process just as much as pricing. Nevertheless, decide on which one of your breasts you like more, so we can have a fast start for the preparations of the operation :).