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    Body Contouring Vaser

    You spend your daily life, work and live with your makeup and stylish dresses. At the end of the day, after returning home, makeup goes away, dresses are taken off. At that point you’re left alone with a dress you can’t take off: your body. In the mirror, you and you.

    At younger ages, while your metabolism works faster and better, you could stay fit no matter what you ate, didn’t you? Although there are some who weren’t so fortunate even in their youth. Or maybe you’re perfectly fine but a pregnancy, medicine use, or hormonal disturbances caused a body fat incostincency. These all can cause disruptions on the body shape.

    Whatever the reasons, we have a problem. So how will we solve it? Differently from most plastic surgeries, this situation requires your support. Neither liposuction, nor tummy tuck, or compilation of both should be considered weight loss methods.

    These applications are used for body contouring. This is where your important mission comes into play: Weight loss. Some patients that hear this can have a reaction as if I am the one who’s going to lose fat, why did I come to you? I can understand such a response but, there’s fat on the back of our muscles as much as there is on the front. And neither liposuction (fat removal) nor tummy tuck can get rid of these inside fats.

    At the end we can have a better look and lose fat more than before of course but you shouldn’t be content with only this. Same is also true about other parts of the body. We can’t use liposuction for every inch of your body. Also, for a healthier result, more than 5% of the total body weight shouldn’t be removed. VASER can help us get this number to 5-10% of fat. You should never measure the success of a body contouring operation on a scale. Because the goal is to contour not lose weight.

    Will There Be Sagging After Liposuction (Fat Removal)

    After deciding on liposuction (fat removal) another important question that needs answer is that is the skin going to retract, or sag. If we say that no matter where it’s applied, there will be skin sags after liposuction, then we should combine it with tucking too. If the area in question is abdominal area, then it is tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), If it’s inside the legs then it’s medial thigh lift, if it’s arms ten it’s arm lift, and if it’s upper back then it’s torso lift. Two operation groups are different from each other. If only the liposuction is applied, with 4-6 mm incisions a small probe is inserted to melt the fat and then another probe is used to suck out these fat from the body. In order to suck out the melted fat, a motor assisted aspirator system like lipomatic or microair is also used. There will be one stitch on each of these incisions and they don’t need to be removed afterwards. Sometimes these incisions might be left open for a more efficient edema removal, and there might be need for massaging.

    Because the incisions are very small, the probability of scar marks is very low. I will ask you to wear a corset for 8-12 weeks after the operation. Also, we can apply LPG, lymph drainage applications after 3 weeks. Lymph drainage will fasten your blood circulation and relax you. With VASER Liposelection, what is removed is alive fat . Fat don’t regenerate, don’t increase their numbers. With that being said, don’t forget that the fat left inside your body can accumulate after the operation too. For this reason you should follow a healthy diet and exercise after liposuction too.


    There are a few important advantages of VASER Liposelection when compared with classic liposuction. First is that the ultrasound that’s used with the vaser only affects the fat tissue, and doesn’t harm the veins, lymphatic, or nerves. Another advantage is that it increases fibroblastic activity under the skin. What does this mean? Activated fibroblasts increase the collagen synthesis and cause the skin to tighten. It can save us from a bigger operation by providing tightness to the skin of most patients that are on the verge of tummy tuck. If we decide that Vaser’s tightening properties won’t be enough on the areas of fat removal, tucking operation should be added. There need to be free corners in order for tucking to be performed. With tummy tuck, this area is between the hip bones, and it has a curving line that’s hidden under the underwear. If we are performing thigh lift, incision is in the area where legs meet the upper body. In the case of arm lift, incision is on the inner part of the arm.

    Dissolvable threads are used in both tummy tuck and thigh lift and I recommend wearing a corset for 8-12 weeks. It is not correct to say there are no pains after these operations. I always ask my patients if tummy tuck is more painful or cesarean. I never heard an answer saying tummy tuck is more painful. This might give you an idea.

    With tummy tuck, loose abdominal muscles are also fixed with sagging skin. Your movement after tummy tuck operation will be very slow at first, it will take some time to get used to it and fasten slowly. 6 months should pass for heavy exercises. Lately, endoscopic tummy tuck started to be used too.  But only a small group of patients are suitable for this operation. Patient should have no excess skin but only loose muscles. In this case, with small incisions like liposuction ones, abdominoplasty can be done. And because there is no scar marks makes this approach more appealing.

    Of course all tummy tuck approaches can be combined with liposuction turkey and this is usually the case. Both with abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and liposuction (fat removal) causes bruises and swelling. This is perfectly normal. Regardless of whatever approach is chosen, you should control your diet.

    For a more detailed article about VASER Liposuction, you can visit: VASER® Liposuction (Fat Removal)

    Do You Recommend Hi-Def Lipoplasty (Six Pack Contouring)

    Do you want a six pack? In that case, Hi-Def (High Definition Lipoplasty) is just for you. Of course not every patient is suitable for Hi Def. There shouldn’t be any other sagging. Another detail is that you shouldn’t forget this is only cosmetic. Meaning your fat doesn’t transform into muscle, your fat is shaped to appear like muscles with the assistance of the heat. I call this a lie operation, who am I to stop you 

    Can The Removed Fat be Transferred?

    I very well can be. Fat tissue is an extremely valuable substance. If there’s a need to use them for contouring, we can apply them on the needed parts. After cleaning, filtration, and preparation of the removed fat, it can be used on the buttocks for BBL, on the forehead for feminization, for under eye filling, cheekbone filling, on the lips, nasolabial lines, and on creating a jawline. I don’t recommend and apply them only on the breasts. I have explained the reasons for that in a separate article.

    When Will I Be Able To Stand Up?

    5-6 hours after the VASER Liposelection (Ultrasonic fat removal) and 8 hours after the tummy tuck, you can stand up and start to walk. Other than the slight pain you will experience after the VASER Liposelection there won’t be anything to limit you. But with tummy tuck it will be harder for you to walk on the first week. You will feel tension on you abdominal area in the first week, but you will notice you can walk upright after this period. This is a sign of tightening of the abdominal muscles.

    When Can I Exercise?

    After the first month of tummy tuck, you can start jogging and leg arm exercises, but you should wait for 3 months for the mid weight exercises, and at least 6 months for heavy exercises. You are free after 12 months like you never had an operation. If we only used Vaser Liposuction, you can start jogging after a few days, you can start your standart exercises and swimming after 2 weeks. Because exercise increases lymphatic circulation, it is very beneficial for the operation.

    Do I Have To Wear A Corset After Body Contouring?

    In order to fasten the healing of edemas and prevent serum accumulations under the skin, wearing a corset for at least 8-12 weeks is important. In fact, modern corsets have really nice curves and I think you will like using them 

    Do I Have To Follow A Regimen After The Operation?

    You shouldn’t confuse the purpose of this operation. You had a body contouring surgery. We didn’t alter your metabolism in this operation. So you should control your food intake. We all should.

    Will My Scar Marks Go Away?

    On tummy tuck operations, scar healing is correlated to the recovery process. Although some patients heal completely, we still have some patients with more visible scar marks. I have been applying fraxional laser treatment for scar recovery for a long time now. This way we have faster healing scar marks. With VASER Liposelection, scar marks are so little you can ignore them. With that being said, I want to remind my golden rule for every surgical operation. We talk about scar marks after operations, but what is more important is the quality of those marks. Did you get my message 

    Of course, this is a very comprehensive operation. And it is normal to have bruises and swelling. It’s hard to make a prediction for the timeline of bruise healing. This depends solely on the person. It can be a week or a month. Of course, when compared to classic liposuction, bruises are considerably reduced on Vaser Liposuction. In my opinion it’s best to focus on the results rather than bruises themselves.

    Will I Have Bruises After The Surgery?

    Can I Give Birth After The Operation?

    You can get pregnant and give birth 1 year after tummy tuck surgery. It won’t affect anything healthwise. There are no restrictions on Vaser Liposelection regarding pregnancy.

    Will I Need To Get Massages After The Surgery?

    Both in Vaser Liposuction and tummy tuck surgeries, circulation metabolism called lymphatic goes through a trauma. Lymphatics are where the white blood circulate. Momentary pause of this system is the main cause of swelling. After these types of surgeries, massages, pressotherapie, and swimming can increase lymph drainage and relax the patient after the operation. Of course in case of them not being applied, operation results aren’t affected.

    Is It Better To Lose Weight Before the Tummy Tuck?

    It definitely is. It is not logical to do a liposuction on the whole body and then a tummy tuck. Ideal condition is to get a patient’s body to ideal body weight ratio, then perform tummy tuck. Because there’s a limit to fat removal, and it is not possible to remove fat from under the muscle areas. In this case, on an overweight person, liposuction – tummy tuck can be performed but results would be far from ideal. If the patient didn’t have the discipline to lose weight before the operation, weight problems will continue after the operation too.

    Do I Need To See An Internal Medicine Doctor?

    If we’re talking about a case on the level of obesity, it is the better approach to get the view of an endocrinology specialist. With the patients that view tummy tuck and liposuctioın operations as a salvation, it is common to see insulin resistance, diabetes, syndrome X, and hiperlipidemia at higher levels. Because of this, this medical conditions should be treated first, sleeve gastrectomy should be performed if there is a need for it.

    Can Diabetes Patients Get This Operation?

    Diabetes patients get this and any other operation. The important point here is the HbA1c levels. If it’s in the normal limits, it means that the patient could keep their blood sugar levels normal for the past 3-4 months. In this case, operation can be done. Otherwise, because of delay on the scar healing and more chance of infections, operation can be risky. These surgeries require also the patient participation and knowledge at high levels. If you’re ready, we can walk this path together and get you to your ideal body proportions.

    As with all plastic surgery applications, body contouring operations yield best results when patient and doctor ideas are met on a common ground. As you can see, this subject is quite complicated, so don’t waste any time and contact us with a few of your photos.

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