Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair transplant turkey is seen as an important factor in aesthetic appearance for both men and  women. The fact that the hair is thick or sparse, plays an important role in the self-confidence level of people.

Especially healthy and vibrant hair also supports the motives to appear attractive to the opposite sex. For this reason, such undesirable situations as psychological problems and loss of self-confidence may occur in those who experience hair loss. All our patients who come to our clinic for hair transplant turkey overcome these problems and get lush and healthy hair.

What is Hair Transplant?

The natural and permanent solution which eliminates the baldness problem that arises from various reasons, regardless of men or women, is called hair transplant Turkey.

It is the transfer of hair to the areas where the hair follicle is inactive and has started to become a hairless area, with a procedure that can be considered microsurgery. Regardless of the reason, it is the most practical and permanent way of recovering the lost hair, and also it is the most preferred surgical operation by the doctors and the patients.

Hair transplantation, which has been applied as a permanent solution of baldness for many years, is successfully performed by our clinic in Turkey.

What is Hair Follicle?

It is a common term before transplantation for hair. Hair follicle is the bottom part of the hair which is embedded in the adipose tissue in the skull, around which there are hair producing.

A graft is a structure that has the hair follicles and is extracted from the scalp for transplantation. There is a maximum of 4 and a minimum of 1 hair follicle in each graft.

In Hairplantation Turkey, before the hair transplant Turkey operation, the grafts are collected from the donor area and prepared for the area to be transplanted.

Before transplantation, how many grafts are needed is determined by the doctor and collected according to the need. The number of grafts to be collected for each person varies individually.

When collecting the hair follicles, the nape which is the most transmitter area is generally preferred. The collected grafts which are different in terms of the number of roots, shape, and size, are planted most appropriately.

What is Hair Structure? What are the Types of Hair Structure?

For each person, the hair structure exhibits various features that vary from person to person.

When we look at the hair structure, we see that it consists of 5 areas. We can list these structures as hair, muscle, follicle cover and gland.

Hair structure consists of 5 layers:

  • Skin area
  • Lower part of the skin area
  • Support layer (Aponeurosis)
  • Loose connective tissue
  • Pericranium outer cover layer

The scalp, which has different thicknesses on the head skin, is thicker in the back of the head and thinner in the front. The thickness of the scalp varies between 8 and 3 mm depending on the regions of the head. The inner layer of the scalp includes fat glands, hair follicles, and sweat glands.

The fat tissue in the lower layer of the scalp, which is of great importance in hair transplant in Turkey is quite high. Due to its richness from fibrous compartments, it creates its robustness. Nerves and large vessels in the scalp are also located in the lower part of the adipose tissue.

Below the fat layer of the scalp, the muscle and the ongoing hard layer are located.

It is a loose structure in the fourth layer and easily separates from other layers.

The hair structure consists of keratin protein. Keratin has a fibrous structure due to the amino acids found on its surface. The amino acids in the structure of the hair allow the hair to be curly or straight with the bonds and alignments between them.

The hair consists of 3 layers.

The inner layer (medulla) is located in thick bristles.

The middle layer (Cortex) is the area that provides the hardness of the hair and the color of the hair.

The outer layer (cuticle) is a thin, colorless area that protects the middle layer of the hair.

Who is suitable for hair transplant?

Age and gender are not a limiting factor in hair transplantation techniques. Hair transplantation in men and women is based on almost the same procedures.

Op. Dr. Ozan Balık, who provides the best service in the hair transplant Turkey Istanbul sector, successfully performs hair for every patient between the ages of 20 and 70. Hair transplantation techniques are successfully applied for individuals who want to increase hair density or have baldness problems.

Those who face problems such as scarring, hair loss due to cosmetic surgery, and scalp injury are suitable candidates for hair . People who have had hair transplantation before are also on the list of suitable candidates.

Hair Transplant Turkey is the country with the most successful results in hair transplantation istanbul. You can get natural and healthy hair by contacting the plastic surgery doctor Op.Dr. Ozan Balık.

What are the Hair Transplantation Turkey Methods?

There are many methods applied by plastic surgery to achieve natural hair. Hair transplantation  is generally performed by using different methods such as the collection and placement of grafts.

With the development of technological methods, your doctor will make the right decision in choosing these methods, which also differ according to the size of the area to be planted.

If we list the methods used in hair transplantation:

  • FUE Hair Transplant Turkey
  • DHI Hair Transplant Turkey
  • Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant Turkey
  • Hair Transplantation Without Shaving
  • Hair Transplantation in Women

How to do Hair Transplant?

For the application, firstly hair follicles are taken from the nape of the neck and then hair is performed to the targeted hairless area with the determined method. The application time varies according to the amount of hair loss. If the hairless area is large, a few sessions may be required.

Local anesthesia is usually applied during the operation. After hair transplantation, a special bandage is applied to the head of the patient and he is discharged after 1-2 hours.

What are the Advantages of Hair Transplant?

The advantages of hair will make your life easier when your path crosses with an expert aesthetic doctor in the necessary conditions. If we list the advantages of hair transplantation:

  • Successful results are obtained in the treatment of hair loss in large areas.
  • It can be applied even in advanced stages of hair loss.
  • Provides effective results when hair loss treatment does not respond.
  • Allows you to reach natural-looking hair.
  • Hair that re-grows after hair transplantation does not fall out.
  • Suitable for both women and men.
  • No scarring and a quick return to life.
  • It can be applied in areas such as scars and burns that occur at a young age.

Which months are suitable for hair transplantation?

There is no specific season for hair transplantation for shedding hair. However, after the transplantation process is completed, it is necessary to sweat and stay away from daylight. Experts recommend spring and autumn seasons. If attention is paid to hair care after transplantation, application can be performed at any time when patients feel ready.

What is the age limit for hair transplantation?

For people who do not have health problems for hair transplantation, the most appropriate age range is generally recommended by doctors as 25-40.

In order to achieve the most natural result, all tests should be performed and factors such as hormonal disorders should be taken into consideration. It is known that the chance of success decreases as a result of the weakening of the follicles with age. For this reason, hair transplantation  at the recommended ages will enable the most successful result.

How long does hair transplantation last?

Although the application varies from person to person, it takes about 3 to 5 hours on average. After hair transplantation , if the patient does not want this procedure to be known, a period of approximately 15 days is required. However, if there is no anxiety, he/she can return to normal life within 2 days.

When does hair transplantation result in?

One of the issues that most people who have transplants are curious about is when they will get the results of  hair transplantation. People who have istanbul hair transplantation application want to get their new hair as soon as possible. However, this situation varies from person to person. However, this situation varies from person to person.

It takes an average of 10-12 months for the hair to regain its new form after transplantation. This process is prolonged and shortened by environmental factors.

What kind of skin care should be done before hair transplantation?

After making an appointment for hair transplant Turkey, patients should definitely consult their doctors for a preliminary examination. After the necessary examinations, hair tests and some blood tests will be performed. After this interview, the necessary information will be transferred to you by your doctor.

How to Wash Hair After Hair Transplantation?

The first washing is performed on the day determined by your doctor 3-4 days after the completion of the procedure. In order to prevent damage to the hair transplantation area, the crusted area should be softened with lotions and gently washed without damaging the hair follicles.

Is Discomfort or Pain Feeled During Hair Transplantation Operation?

There are hesitations about whether the pain is felt during this procedure. However, since the hair transplant operation is performed under local anesthesia, discomfort and pain are not felt in any way.

Who does these operations? Where do they do it?

There are doctors in Turkey who provide you with the best results in hair transplant Turkey having many references on his subject, Dr. Ozan Balık provides the best hair transplantation service in Istanbul  with his expert staff in his private clinic.

How Many Days Should I Reserve for Hair Transplantation?

Especially those who have a working life are wondering how many days they should allocate for hair transplantation. However, there is no need for such a long period of time as it is supposed. Hair transplantation operation is completed on the 1st day. After transplantation, dressing is applied the next day and on the 3rd day, the hair is washed. Your doctor provides you with the necessary information about how to wash your hair. It is enough to allocate 3 days for a new hair transplantation.

How many years can hair transplantation last?

The transplanted hair taken from the genetically non-fading area is permanent for a lifetime. Thanks to the grafts taken from this area, you can have permanent hair that you will use for many years.

However, for your hair that you will use for a lifetime, you must first deliver your hair to safe hands. In this regard, we provide you to work with Dr. Ozan Balık who has proven himself with his success in hair in the Istanbul sector.

Is hair transplantation harmful?

In addition to the fact that those who lose their hair want to have new hair permanently, one of the biggest questions they have in mind is whether the hair transplantation  process is harmful or not. However, hair transplantation is definitely not a harmful application.

During the operation, hair follicles called grafts taken from the person’s own donor area are transferred to the required area. If it is performed with a specialist plastic surgery doctor through modern techniques, no complications are encountered. For this reason, Ozan Balık, who provides professional services in Istanbul for hair transplantation, should be your only choice.

Hair Transplant Turkey Prices 2022

Hair transplantation prices vary according to the methods used. In order to obtain the clearest information on this subject, it is necessary to contact the clinic where you want to have hair transplant Turkey.

After the examination by the specialist doctor, the procedures to be performed will be determined and the necessary price list will be notified to you. Hair transplantation  is an operation that should be taken seriously and should not be put at risk to get cheap procedures. Specialist physicians and a comprehensive clinic should be preferred.

Types Of Hair Transplant Price Range in Turkey Price Range in the UK Price Range in Europe Price Range in America
Fue Hair Transplant€ 1600 – € 2700£ 7690 – £ 11090€ 4450 – € 5850$ 12400 – $ 16900
DHI Hair Transplant€ 3990 – € 5000£ 11600 – £ 14090€ 6550 – € 41190$ 13800 – $ 15300
Manuel Fue Transplant€ 4490 – € 5990£ 40750 – £ 5009013700 € – 42390 €$ 12900 – $ 13500
Sapphire Fue Transplant€ 3390 – € 4990£ 20750 – £ 140905700 € – 7300 €$ 14900 – $ 15590

What is sedation?

It is the use of sedative drugs that help reduce discomfort, anxiety, and pain during hair transplantation to be applied to patients who have hair loss. This application is sometimes carried out by injection and sometimes by oral medications. When adjusting the dosage, the age, gender and medical history of the person are taken into consideration. During this procedure, drugs that reduce pain and have a calming effect are given.

Do I Have to Take Sedation?

The use of sedation has a safe effect on people, including children. It reduces the pain status to zero for candidates who want to undergo hair. However, in some cases, if patients do not want sedation, hair transplantation without sedation is also performed.

Whether or not to use sedation is entirely up to the patient’s preference. You can get the most accurate information about this from your doctor.

Turkey is one of the leading countries in terms of the most effective solution to hair loss, which is one of the aesthetic concerns. It is inevitable to achieve successful results thanks to the hair transplantation offered by aesthetic doctors who are experts in this field.

With different hair transplantation techniques, you can have permanent and natural hair with the choices you will make among personalized hair methods From the moment you decide to apply for hair transplantation in Turkey, you can have natural and strong hair with our professional services in our clinic by meeting our doctor Dr. Ozan Balık.

Hair transplant Turkey Cost 2022

After the examinations made by your doctor before the operation, you are informed about the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey.

Hair transplantation prices vary according to the size of the area with hair loss and the number of grafts required. We are at your service with our expert team in the field for

Hair transplant Turkey – Istanbul

By having your hair analyzed, we ensure that you get natural hair with our expert teams and doctors. The success rate in hair transplantation in Turkey has been accepted by the whole world. In addition to this, we have many successful references in this regard in our clinic.

Cost of hair transplan in Turkey

Thanks to the innovations brought by technology and the experience of specialist doctors, every passing day, another one is added to the successful results in hair transplantation Turkey. As every effort has a reward, hair transplantation in Turkey is subject to a certain fee in this regard.

After the examination of the hair and the area to be transplanted, the method to be applied will be decided and the cost of hair transplantation  will be reported to you by the clinic.

Turkey Hair Transplant Packages

With the latest technology systems, you can take advantage of Turkey hair transplant package opportunities where you can have painless and painless hair transplantation. You can get natural hair that you will use for a lifetime through campaign packages suitable for every budget and every hair type.

Comments of Hair Transplant 2022 Performers

  • I had a Fue hair transplant. I am fully satisfied with their service. Now I have natural and permanent hair
  • I had a hair transplant twice. I’m quite satisfied with the results. I recommend it to everyone.
  • My self-esteem problem with my hair is gone. I wish I would have done it sooner. Don’t wait, get your hair back the most appropriate way.
  • I had a hair transplant to the parts caused by the scars on my head. Now it has a natural appearance. I recommend hair transplantation to everyone.
  • When you choose your doctor and clinic well, you get great results. I am fully satisfied with their service. No one even knew I had a hair transplant. I got very natural and healthy hair.

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Types Of Hair Transplant Price Range in Turkey Price Range in the UK Price Range in Europe Price Range in America
Fue Hair Transplant € 1700 – € 2500 £ 6690 – £ 10090 € 3450 – € 4850 $ 11400 – $ 15900
DHI Hair Transplant € 2990 – € 4000 £ 10600 – £ 13090 € 5550 – € 31190 $ 13800 – $ 12300
Manuel Fue Transplant € 3490 – € 4990 £ 30750 – £ 40090 12700 € – 41390 € $ 11900 – $ 12500
Sapphire Fue Transplant € 2390 – € 3990 £ 10750 – £ 14090 4700 € – 6300 € $ 13900 – $ 12590