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Lipedema Treatment and Surgery Turkey

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    Lipedema Surgery

    Lipedema affects 10% of women. It’s almost nonexistent in men. This is mostly caused by genetics. It can occur after pregnancy, cortisone treatments, alt extremity surgeries or with lack of movement if the patient has the genetic disposition. Although it looks closer to obesity cases, it mostly occurs on the lower body while the upper body is not affected.

    This separates it from obesity. Although lymphedema has the similar leg and hip  enlargement, with leg lift thawing can be possible, and gode accumulation can be determined by pressing. For the correct treatment, separation from obesity and lymphedema should be made carefully. Although obesity can trigger lipedema, treatment methods are very different.

    How Does Lipedema Occur?

    To understand lipedema, first you need to really understand the vascular system of your body. While arteries carry the blood that are rich in oxygen and nutrition throughout the body, venous carry the venose blood back to the heart. Because venous is not enough to carry these blood by themselves, an additional system called lymphs are used to achieve this. If people with genetic dispositions go through one of the conditions mentioned above, lymphs are pressured with sudden fat accumulation under the skin and circulation gets disrupted. With the increase of this disruption, edemas start to show up. These cause pain by touch, feeling cold on the legs easily, and bruises. Because these are also signs of , we can consider as an early sign of lipedema. Every patient with lipedema goes through the phase, but not everyone with goes on to the lipedema phase. We’re finished with the definition part, now we can explain the treatment. Since the cause of the problem is the fat tissue that pressurizes the lymphs and minor venous, treatment should be done by removing the fat without further harming lymphs and veins.

    How Should Lipedema Treatment Be Done?

    VASER Liposuction preserves the veins and lymphs while removing the fat tissue. This is why it’s much more preferable to classic liposuction on the treatment of lipedema. In classic liposuction, fat tissue is removed by breaking it apart with a cannula without any possibility of differentiating between veins, lymphs, and fat tissue. This might cause lymph damage and cause additional problems while treating the lipedema. This is the reason why VASER is often classified as liposelection rather than liposuction: separation of fat tissue from others.

    For a more detailed read on VASER Liposuction, you can visit: Vaser Liposuction Turkey

    If you think you have the signs of lipedema and have the conditions I mentioned above, feel free to contact us for more information and your questions.

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