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LetDown Rhinoplasty


Ask The Doctor

    What is Letdown (Preservation) Rhinoplasty?

    Letdown, or preservation rhinoplasty, has been developed and promoted by French surgeon Yves Saban. But, what is letdown rhinoplasty and which problems does it solve? Let’s talk about this.

    Why is There a Need For Letdown Rhinoplasty?

    Whether it’s open or closed rhinoplasty, in all surgeries, bridge bone is taken out with and incision. This incision is sometimes made with a scissor, sometimes with a saw or piezzo. No matter what tool is used, this cut cartilage can sprout after the operation naturally, and can generate tissues that can be felt after the operation. In addition to this, stability problems might occur.

    Furthermore, in order to achieve a natural look on the fusion point of cartilage and bone after this incision removals, graft implantation should be done. These are all technically hard parts of the rhinoplasty surgeries and require expertise. What is preserved in preservation rhinoplasty is the bridge of the nose. This idea emanates from the desire to preserve the cartilage and bone structures because they are hard to repair. 

    Is Letdown Rhinoplasty a Magic Trick?

    With letdown rhinoplasty it is possible to fix the noıse bridge while preserving the structural integrity. But where does that bridge go to?  Letdown is not a magic trick. This is were the technical part begins. Disease is made on the root of the bones that consists of the sides of our nose. Desired decrease amount on the bridge is made in this area, causing the bridge hump to go down. Meaning it causes the nose to LET, DOWN.

    In Letdown (Preservation) Rhinoplasty, after the decrease in the nose hump is achieved, the nasal tip is realigned to compliment the new nose. This part changes depending on the aesthetic perception of the surgeon doing the operation. 

    Of course no matter how beautiful it looks, a nose that can’t breath properly can’t satisfy anyone. For this reason, all possible breathing problems are fixed with in letdown rhinoplasty surgeries. Septum deviations and concha hypertrophies are the most common cause of breathing problems. 

    Letdown rhinoplasty can’t be done on all patients. If the deviation has a zig zagging shape, it’s not a correct approach to use letdown rhinoplasty. Also if the hump is too big or shaped like a dome, preservation rhinoplasty can’t be applied, because there might be a need for rasping. Of course, in order to determine whether you’re fit for this approach or not, we need to have an examination. 

    Is Letdown Rhinoplasty Open or Closed?

    Letdown rhinoplasty approach can be applied in both open and closed rhinoplasty. In my operations, I use letdown rhinoplasty with closed approach for years now. 

    Also, as with all operations,no matter how effective an approach is,  a surgeon needs to adopt, accept, and like it in order to perform it best. Otherwise, the only thing that’s “down” won’t be your nose bridge. 

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