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Post-Pregnancy Plastic Surgery Turkey


Ask The Doctor

    There is nothing more miraculous than a woman creating another living being with childbirth. And I guess there is no definition for the delight of the woman who can do that. Yet, unfortunately the bill of this miracle is too high for women body. Hormonal balance change during pregnancy, weight gain, stretch marks on legs and abdomen, blemish problems on skin, breast sagging due to expansion of mammary glands, loosening of vaginal walls even in caesarian delivery, and labium growth or sagging problems might show up. During the sweet rush of giving birth those problems are neglected. Women usually don’t take precautions also in pregnancy. At the end, when kids grow, women starts seeing their bodies in front of the mirror. As she has neglected too many things until that moment, she can even enter a depression phase.

    To begin with, it is necessary to mention a couple of precautions that can be taken before pregnancy. The average weight gained in a normal pregnancy is expected to be around 11-13 kg. After 5.month because of fast uterus enlargement and placenta, abdomen and leg skin extremely stretches already. Skin has a very remarkable level of extension capacity which it accomplishes by increasing collagen and elastin synthesis. However, when weight gain is beyond the capacity that skin can adapt to, dermis layer of the skin starts laceration and stretching. Another practice that can increase collagen and elastin synthesis of the skin is intense massaging. You don’t even need to use special oil for this massage, and you can simply get benefit of cacao and almond oil. To prevent breast sagging, you should not leave already swollen and heavier breasts to the mercy of gravity. Otherwise sagging is inevitable. You should use bras which support the breasts under during pregnancy and until breast milk gets lesser.

    Well you took precautions or not, let’s talk about what kind of esthetic interventions can be applied to you after pregnancy. Here I will not talk about exercising and balanced diet. First of all, our body needs to stop being prone to hormonal fluctuations, which is usually 1 year after breast feeding. Until this time excess weight than can be lost by a healthy diet is lost, mammary glands enters into resting phase, and extreme skin pigmentation (skin blemish) reaches to the last stage. At this phase liposuction (fat removal) operations for excessive fat gain, abdomen lifting for stretches on abdomen, and breast lifting for sagging breasts can be performed on the patient. It is good that stretch marks on abdomen are under belly button since this regions is the part which will already be removed in abdomen lifting operation. Sometimes with some women enlarged breasts during pregnancy don’t get smaller back to the shape it was before pregnancy, and left bigger after childbirth. In these cases, it is possible to reduce breast tissues and lift breasts. Besides, in this surgery it is more likely to protect a part of mammary glands enabling them breastfeed in the future again. It is also possible to tighten vagina in genital region, or to correct sagging look of labium by fat fillers, or repair it by removing extra skin.

    None of those operations we have talked about so far is an obstacle against getting pregnant and giving birth to healthy kids again. In the light of above mention information, you just raise healthy kids and left the rest to us.

    If you have a different questions regarding Post-Pregnancy Plastic Surgery, please fill in the form. Wish you a healthy life.