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Tummy Tuck Turkey

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    What is Tummy Tuck?

    Tummy tuck Turkey is an operation in which the abdominal wall muscle is tightened and the excess skin and fat tissue are removed from the abdomen. A tummy tuck can get rid of fat and loose, excess skin while also strengthening weak fascia. With a stomach tuck, stretch marks and excess skin in the lower stomach beneath the lower abdomen may also be removed. Stretch marks that don’t exist in this area will also not be removed by a tummy tuck. 

    Tummy Tuck in Turkey

    tummy tuck turkey

    One of the best medical systems on earth is found in Turkey. In Istanbul, a tummy tuck Turkey can be performed. Pricing varies. Patients may have access to several options at clinics and hospitals. For this procedure, the majority of clinics have created a complete package.

    This package includes travel, lodging, business expenses, and other charges. You will be able to have stomach surgery in Turkey in an even more advantageous and economical manner in this approach.

    How is Tummy Tightening Procedure Performed?

    The length of the operation might range from one to five hours, depending on how extensive it is. The patient is given general anesthesia and might spend the night in the hospital. After tummy tuck Turkey surgery, it is typical to have some pain and edema for a few days. Weeks or months may pass before pain stops. 

    Who Can Have A Tummy Tuck & Why?

    Those who have a BMI of 30 or below make suitable candidates for an tummy tuck Turkey. Complications develop along with an increase in body mass index. With an increase in body mass index, complications such fluid collection or seromas, wound infections, wound dehiscence, poor scar, blood clots, and unhappiness tend to become more common. 

    When Can an Abdominoplasty Be Performed?

    Abdominoplasty is preferred by most patients in autumn or winter. Because after the operation, it is necessary to wear a compression bandage. Performing this application in summer months is uncomfortable for patients. It may also be easier to hide the binder under heavier clothing. When the surgery is performed in autumn or winter, the patient’s recovery progresses better. Depending on vacation days or interest in winter activities, other patients may believe that the optimal time for a belly tuck is in the spring or summer. 

    tummy tuck

    Why a Tummy Tuck Turkey Could Be ideal For You?

    It is ideal to perform tummy tuck Turkey operation to correct abdominal hernia discomfort, to reduce stress urinary incontinence, to reduce back pain and to improve posture. Blood pressure, high cholesterol, or other impacts of obesity are not improved by a belly tuck. 

    Best Tummy Tuck Surgeons in Turkey

    Ozan Balık began his medical studies at the School of Medicine of Ukurova University in 1993. He used all of his spare time to hone his surgical and medical talents in operating rooms. Since 2010, Dr. Ozan Balik has continued to provide his services and pursue his studies at his own clinic in Istanbul. It continues its operations using computer-based 3D modeling. He is one of the best plastic surgeons in Turkey. His patients are extremely satisfied with his procedures using the latest technology. 

    What Should You Know Before Undergoing Tummy Tuck

    Before deciding on this operation, you should consult the doctor and get information about which tummy tuck Turkey surgery will be performed, whether the necessary conditions for the operation are met, the risks and the healing process. The extent of sag and the quantity of fat around the patient’s belly are assessed prior to the abdominoplasty procedure. The abdominal region analysis informs the plastic surgeon’s planning of the procedure.

    Operation times range from two to three hours. Surgery is used to remove the lipoidosis and sagging skin that give the abdomen region a “bagel” appearance. Patients usually ask for this approach to have less tissue trauma by smalling the scale of the operation, but be sure there’s little difference between mini and full tummy tuck in regards to you. Correct approach should be chosen after a  medical evaluation. 

    Top Surgeons

    Turkey is a country that has advanced its possibilities in terms of health. However, the best surgeons are still in Turkey. Ozan Balık is one of the most reliable names among the well-equipped, experienced and specialized doctors. Ozan Balık’s operations for the tummy tuck Turkey procedure are also appreciated by his clients and are followed with pleasure. 

    What I can guarantee is that when your bandages are removed, you will agree with me that your stitches were made carefully. Of course your healing metabolism can change this situation by its nature. During this process we will use some moisturizers, silicone sheets, and laser treatments to better the quality of these marks. 

    Top Facilities

    Ozan Balık’s clinic is the number one clinic to recommend for those who are looking for the Best Facility for aesthetic operations in Turkey. In Ozan Balık’s clinic, patients will have the opportunity to experience the highest quality of medical services. They have the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of one of the best plastic surgeons in the world. It is ensured that the treatment process that will be experienced with all-inclusive packages is the best. 

    Affordable Prices 2024

    In comparison to other countries, Turkey is a reasonably affordable country. The cost can vary according on the clinic’s location, the surgeon’s level of experience, and the procedure used. The cost of a tummy tuck Turkey is less expensive in Turkey due to cheaper prices for the operating room, medical supplies, and the surgeon’s fee. Also, due to the currency rate, medical tourists can now afford this surgery much more easily. 

    Abdominoplasty Procedure

    According on the patient’s expectations and condition, various liposuction and lipolysis techniques are employed during the abdominal stretching process. This technique involves removing abdominal fat. After childbirth, in people who gain and lose significant amounts of weight, or as people get older, the abdomen might develop cellulite, sagging, cambering, and cracking. During an Tummy Tuck Turkey procedure, extra skin is removed after weak diaphragm muscles are tightened. Excessive fat tissues are also removed. This results in a flatter stomach and the desired abdominal tension. 

    Full Tummy Tuck

    The abdominoplasty procedure (also known as a “ Tummy Tuck Turkey“) is appropriate for people who often lose and eat healthy as well as those seeking to get rid of the saggy appearance associated with pregnancy. In an abdominoplasty, extra skin from the abdomen is removed, localized fat is eliminated, and internal muscle deformity is fixed. The procedure results in a flat stomach appearance. Effective and long-lasting outcomes are produced in the abdomen region by this procedure. 

    Mini Tummy Tuck

    This tummy tuck Turkey treatment is used when the area that needs to be operated on is below the belly button. Once the superfluous skin is removed, the skin is raised up to the abdomen, the fatty tissue is eliminated, the muscular tissue is tightened, and the cut is finally closed. Under general anesthesia, the procedure takes one to two hours.

    360 Tummy Tuck

    Traditional stomach tucks involve re-tightening abdominal muscles and removing skin and extra fat that lies beneath the belly button. Moreover, the tummy tuck Turkey 360 performs this. Together with the normal abdominal tightening, SAFElipo is used during this operation to eliminate extra body fat from the whole trunk. Treatment is also given for back fat, flanks, and bra rolls. After they have completed having children, moms express a strong desire for this treatment. 

    What is The Difference Between Classical Tummy Tuck And Mini Tummy Tuck?

    The classic tummy tuck Turkey targets the entire abdomen, thus it’s more suitable for people who have previously struggled with obesity, have given birth more than once, or have significant skin laxity.

    Patients who are in good shape but are having trouble losing some of the fat cells, have some modest skin laxity in the abdominal area, and want to have body contouring done as part of their micro tummy tuck surgery are better candidates for the procedure. The mommy-makeover procedure, which may also include boob job, breast lift, or breast reduction, may include both the micro and full tummy tucks. 

    Best Tummy Tuck Turkey

    Ozan Balık is one of the best doctors who stand out with a reliable medical staff and the use of advanced medical equipment. Thanks to the cutting-edge applications used, it ensures the best outcomes and complete patient satisfaction. Ozan Balık provides its clients with a quality health service at affordable prices. It also builds satisfied relationships. 

    Tummy Tuck Turkey Cost 2024

    For this procedure, the majority of clinics have created a complete package. This package includes travel, lodging, business expenses, and other charges. You will be able to have Tummy Tuck Turkey surgery in Turkey in a more advantageous and economical manner in this approach.

    Tummy TuckTummy Tuck Cost TurkeyTummy Tuck Cost UKTummy Tuck Cost EuropeTummy Tuck Cost US
    Tummy Tuck Costs£3,100 – £4,300£5,300 – £6,500€6,200 – €7,000$7,000 – $9,000

    Tummy Tuck Turkey Clinic

    In Turkey and around the world, clinics are regarded as trustworthy and respectable medical institutions, preferred by people of all ages and genders. Many clinics uphold ethical ideals and actively monitor technological advancements in order to give patients the most precise and high-quality care possible. Customers are satisfied with the services they receive from clinics that provide great care at reasonable costs.

    Why Ozan Balık is The Best Place For a Tummy Tuck in Turkey?

    Ozan Balık can be stated as the best place for a tummy tuck Turkey operation in terms of the price tariffs it defines, the service quality it offers and the all-inclusive packages it provides compared to its competitors. In the medical sense, he is a doctor who has achieved success in all the jobs he is involved in with his doctor and his team. He establishes healthy relationships with his patients at the point of understanding their needs. It takes action to enhance the standard of living for its customers. 

    How Much is a Tummy Tuck Turkey 2024

    Tummy Tuck Turkey prices in Turkey vary between 1500 and 4000 dollars. There are many factors that affect the price. Within the scope of the operation, the price is determined according to the criteria determined by the doctor about the patient. Hospital procedures, accommodation and transportation during the recovery period after the operation are all included in the price. 

    Tummy Tuck Cost 2024 UK and Turkey

    A tummy tuck in the UK costs around £4,000 and £6,000, including any associated clinic fees. With costs between 60 and 80% less than in the UK, medical tourism, particularly to Turkey, becomes the ideal solution. Each year, more and more people from abroad travel to Turkey. IMTJ estimates that around 850,000 patients yearly select the nation for their medical care. One of the most popular specialties is plastic surgery, which includes stomach tucks. The greatest location for a tummy tuck Turkey, according to thousands of medical tourists, is Turkey. There are causes for this, too.

    Cost Of Tummy Tuck in Turkey

    One of the main factors that influence people’s decisions on Turkey as the ideal location for a belly tuck is its price. The Turkish government invests heavily in healthcare, medical education, and the construction of brand-new, cutting-edge hospitals. That has helped it become quite well-liked among foreigners. Turkish plastic surgery centers provide packages that include the procedure itself, as well as transportation, lodging, and language support. It makes Turkey as one of the finest countries for getting a tummy tuck Turkey because you can also save money there. 

    Tummy Tuck Surgery Aftercare

    Getting lots of rest and according to any post-operative instructions from the surgeon are important during the first week of recovery from a belly tuck. This will maximize the effects of a tummy tuck Turkey in addition to promoting quicker wound healing and edema reduction. It is advised to stay in bed for the first two days following a belly tuck. On day 3, you should be active but keep it to a minimum. Avoid engaging in activities including carrying and lifting objects, driving, working out, smoking, and consuming alcohol.

    What To Do If You Have Problems After Tummy Tuck in Turkey?

    It should be mentioned that a full recovery from surgery often requires six months. A tummy tuck Turkey in Turkey carries dangers, despite being a common treatment, much like any other procedure. It is important to stay in touch with the doctor in all possible risks. It is important to work with doctors who will be trusted in all matters by doing research before the procedure and who will be offered additional treatment under any circumstances. 

    Other Procedures To Have With Tummy Tuck in Turkey

    The most frequent cosmetic procedures done concurrently with a tummy tuck Turkey are breast lifts, breast augmentation, arm lifts, thigh lifts, liposuction of the hips, back, or thighs. Because to the fact that many women have multiple body-contouring surgeries combined to correct the effects of delivery on their figures, this practice is now referred to as a “mother makeover.”

    Recovery & Results Of Tummy Tuck

    In the initial week following tummy tuck Turkey surgery and as frequently as possible for the following 6 to 8 weeks. A day or two following surgery, patients can typically take a shower. To lessen edema, patients should maintain a diet low in sodium and stay hydrated.

    Tummy Tuck Turkey Reviews 2024

    Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure that has had a significant impact in Turkey. As it can be understood from the comments received, patients who had tummy tuck Turkey were satisfied with the process. Referring to a certain surgeon or facility is advised by patients seeking Turkey tummy tuck reviews.

    They provide patients with insightful comments, knowledge, and assurance of the quality. Patients are encouraged to thoroughly check the dependability and standard of their chosen clinic when the tummy tuck abroad reviews for that facility are unfavorable. The before and after photos of a belly tuck procedure demonstrate a surgeon’s ability and provide an idea of the outcomes that can be anticipated. Tummy tuck pictures are another excellent source of information. 

    What is included in The Tummy Tuck Turkey All-inclusive Package?

    A large scope is included in all the expenses that can be paid for tummy tuck in Turkey. In addition to the entire operation process and the updated medical fees at the hospital, there are many other services offered. After the tummy tuck Turkey post-operative care in the hospital has passed, transfer and transportation fees, accommodation and other follow-up control appointments are included in this whole process. All are included in the pricing.

    Best Price Guarantee

    Turkish clinics have established themselves as significant international health facilities thanks to their reasonable costs and superior services. The most important reason for this is seen as the best price guarantee.

    Free Consultation, Check Up And Preoperative Tests

    Turkey is among a select set of nations that medical tourists who are seeking treatment abroad most usually choose. Turkey’s market value is mostly attributed to its alluring location, warm environment, deeply ingrained customs and rich history, cultural variety, and, most crucially, the affordable costs Turkish clinics charge.

    Millions of people choose plastic surgery every year in Turkey since it is 3–4 times less expensive than in the UK. The inexpensive cost of abdominoplasty in Turkey is not the only reason why people opt to have tummy tucks there. Turkey offers exceptionally high-quality tummy tuck Turkey surgery since its private hospitals and clinics adhere to the strictest safety and medical standards. 

    Special Discount For Group Bookings

    All clients who have decided to have the operations get a price according to the requirements of their own body. It is a decision left to the doctor to direct different price tariffs for the clients who come as a group applying for these procedures at the same time. The surgeon can calculate the workload and pricing and make discounts for some client groups.

    2 Night Hospital Stay

    General anesthesia is used during outpatient tummy tuck Turkey procedures. As a result, spending one or two night in the hospital following surgery is usual. Yet, this process cannot be dragged out. The anesthetic medication takes a while to wear off. 


    The entire tummy tuck Turkey transfer process proceeds in conjunction with the clinic. Getting from the airport, the hospital process, transfers to the hotel are the services offered within the fees.

    Is it Safe To Have A Tummy Tuck in Turkey?

    Traveling to Turkey is very safe, and there are no concerns regarding the standard of the healthcare system or getting around the nation. Turkey adopts the policies of the European Union in terms of safety rules across the board and the protection of locals and visitors. Patients can get in touch with one of the many medical tourism businesses in Turkey if they want to feel even safer and better taken care of. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions (S.S.S)

    On the day of your procedure, you should plan to spend at least 3 1/2 hours at the surgical facility. The procedure itself lasts about two and a half hours, with the remaining time being used to provide anesthesia and get you ready to go. While recovery times for stomach tucks vary from person to person, most patients are prepared to resume their regular activities between three and six months after their original treatment. While everyone's recovery from a tummy tuck Turkey happens at a somewhat different pace, it is crucial for each patient to continue with a good diet and exercise program to keep in shape.

    Ozan Balık is a doctor who is competent, equipped and has the right to process all documents in full. He has received all the necessary certifications and training. However, he works with the latest technology in his clinic.

    The outcomes of stomach tucks, also referred to as abdominoplasty, and liposuction are their main distinctions. It is crucial to comprehend all of this as you choose which of these tummy tuck Turkey operations is best for you because this is the most often question we are asked about them. Liposuction serves to remove body fat from issue spots, which are typically the chest, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, lower and upper abdomen, and inner and outer thighs. Similar to liposuction, abdominal plasty eliminates extra belly fat. Yet it also gets rid of extra skin.

    Your lower abdomen will have a horizontal scar from the incision needed for a tummy tuck Turkey. In the months after surgery, the scar will start to lighten, but it will never go entirely. Your scar's degree of severity may vary slightly depending on the following elements:

    • Your types of skin and susceptibility to obtrusive scarring.
    • The procedure used in surgery.
    • How closely you adhere to your surgeon's post-operative instructions.
    • Whether you encounter any issues following surgery.

    There are techniques (such steroid injection or laser treatments) that can lessen the size, color, and structure of your scar, but they won't get rid of it entirely.

    The effects of an abdominoplasty can continue for decades in both men and women who maintain a healthy lifestyle, consume a balanced diet, and exercise frequently. Optimal candidates for a tummy tuck Turkey are already at or close to their target weight, and keeping your weight constant can help you keep the result of this well-liked body sculpting procedure. These muscles can be strengthened and healed while the skin is stretched taut during the tummy tuck treatment, giving the stomach a flat, more toned appearance.

    The belly button serves as the site for one incision, which is placed on the lower abdomen right above the pubic hairline. The scars near the belly button can be hidden by the wrinkles and folds of the skin, and the abdominal incision is positioned so that it can be hidden beneath undergarments and bathing suit bottoms. Over time, a belly tuck scar diminishes. The scar appears at its worst just after tummy tuck Turkey surgery. Yet over the coming years, it will continue to look better. Yet, some individuals are more prone to visible scarring than others. A person's smoking habits, skin tone, and genetics all have an impact.

    Women must give themselves sufficient time to recover after pregnancy and childbirth prior having surgery, especially a procedure as substantial as a 3D tummy tuck Turkey, which could make it challenging to care for your new child. Most of the time, women are advised to wait at least six to twelve months after giving child before having a belly tuck.

    You might be intending to get a stomach tuck soon or have already had the treatment done. Despite your best efforts, unless you're past childbearing age, it is still possible to get pregnant after having a belly tuck. After a tummy tuck, there are no increased risks for pregnancy, but your stomach may feel tighter. After a tummy tuck Turkey, women can become pregnant in good health and to term.

    Pregnancy following a tummy tuck is safe, but the appearance of your results is probably going to change. Pregnancy-related weight changes and abdominal straining may cause drooping skin, loose or divided abdominal muscles, and an excess of belly fat. It would take a second belly tuck to undo these consequences. 

    A beautiful approach to sculpt the physique and form the body is with an abdominoplasty. The medical technique, however, cannot take the place of weight loss. This is crucial since gaining or losing more weight can destroy the sculpted shape that your surgery has given you. Weight fluctuations might stretch the abdominal muscles, necessitating a second surgery to restore the first procedure's advantages. 

    Patients will undoubtedly experience soreness and discomfort while they heal from any type of surgery. This is notably noticeable in the area of the abdomen where the operation was done. Although the pain and suffering are worse in the first few days following surgery, patients should notice increases as they continue to recuperate. Given how the blood vessels are impacted by incisions and changes to the abdomen region, bruises are typical after surgery. The bruising generally becomes more apparent in the first few days following surgery and gradually disappears over the period of three to six weeks. Another typical side effect that typically indicates adequate healing is swelling. 

    Hernia repair can be done concurrently with a tummy tuck Turkey. Hence, just as an abdominoplasty can strengthen and tighten your stomach, it can also treat umbilical or ventral hernias. During surgery, the both upper and lower abdomens are tightened. Around the belly button, an incision is made that continues to both sides of the hip, just below the panty line.

    Your surgeon will fix the hernia after lifting the skin and tissue. The organ that is sticking out will be pushed back behind the abdominal wall. Both extra tissue and the abdominal muscles are tightened. The end effect might help your skin feel less pressured and uncomfortable while addressing your weak abdominal muscles. 

    A tummy tuck Turkey is a very popular surgery used to smooth and shape your stomach. It can tighten your abdominal muscles and get rid of stretch marks, extra fat, and loose skin on your stomach.

    The procedure for tummy tucks is done under general anesthesia. This implies that you won't experience any discomfort because you'll be unconscious throughout the operation. Your lower abdomen is cut extensively by the surgeon, frequently from hip to hip. They also mend and tighten your abdominals and eliminate any extra skin and fat from the area. There are various belly tuck procedures. Some surgeries require more surgery than others. 

    No such request has been made. All criteria are determined when pricing is decided. There are no additional prices to be issued. The determined prices are complied with. 

    Major Turkish cities like Istanbul and Ankara are frequently visited by visitors, including those seeking affordable tummy tuck Turkey procedures. The selection of a city is highly personal and is influenced by interests, expectations, and flight connections. Some people believe that the greatest cities in Turkey to visit are those that are encircled by mountains, while others like Turkish cities that are on the coast. Turkey is a highly diverse region in this regard, so those receiving belly tucks there have the luxury of selecting the preferred scenery and surroundings. 

    After a conventional tummy tuck Turkey, you will first feel bruised, painful, and swollen. After surgery, you can feel exhausted and in moderate pain for a few days to a week. This will get better over time. To treat your discomfort, you can take medications or have an injection. With you, your surgeon will go over your pain management options.

    You could discover that routine actions like getting up from your seat, maintaining a straight posture for extended periods of time, or going upstairs can aggravate your stomach pain. Your body must adjust over time to having a smaller stomach area. You should make arrangements for assistance with domestic duties and child care so that you may concentrate on resting and mending. 

    Abdominoplasty, the medical term for a tummy tuck Turkey, necessitates roughly two weeks of recovery time from work. The average person can resume computer work after four to five days, although plastic surgeons typically advise waiting two weeks to prevent undue stress on the body. In comparison to a full belly tuck with muscle restoration, a little tummy tuck Turkey needs less recovery time at home. By the end of the initial week following the operation, patients can anticipate regaining full mobility.

    Prior to surgery, it's critical for patients to set reasonable goals so they can prepare for a speedy recovery. Plastic surgery recovery time might range from four days to three weeks, depending on the operation. All forms of plastic surgical patients should be able to take care of their basic needs on their own within a few days. There might be no recovery period at all for simple treatments. 

    Local anesthesia combined with oral anesthesia, conscious anesthesia, and general anesthesia are available as anesthetic options. Mini tummy tuck Turkey can almost always be done as an outpatient procedure under conscious sedation and only local anesthetic.