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Nasal Tip Plasty Turkey

Ask The Doctor

    Tip Plasty What is Tip Plasty?

    There are a lot of factors that make a nose look beautiful or ugly. Because a nose is examined with a number of factors including sides,  nose bridge, and wing and maybe more importantly tip. In my personal opinion, all of these sections are equally important, but tip is more important among the general population. Imaging having a perfect nose in all aspects but in wideness. It looks like a boxer’s nose. Disaster… Everyone sees the most problematic parts on their noses. If we speak statistically, tip is in the forefront of these areas. But, why is the nasal tip so important, how can we reshape it?

    What are Tip and Dome?

    We need to talk about the tip first. Tip is a structure that rises above the nasal skeletal structure. Alar cartilage starts from  the insides of the nose wings, leading an elliptic curve, and ends at the inside of the columella. Inside the nose wings, there is lateral crus, inside the columella, there is medical crus, and foot plate. With the increase of concavity on these structures, tip is perceived as more oval. Intermediate crus, which is the passing point from medical crus to lateral crus , is also very important on the tip structure. The area that is created by the turning point of this crus is called the dome. Naturally, there are two domes, one on the left and one on the right. İntermediate crus being wider means a more wider prolate nose tip. Interdomal distance should be adjusted properly depending on the patient’s gender. 

    How Is Tip Plasty Done?

    Priority on tip plasty is fixing the skeletal structure according to the correct architectural properties. What I wrote right until now might be confusing because of their technical nature but this is only the opening stages of the subject of tip plasty. that being said, it is important to mention the headliners of the subject. 

    What Does The Patients Who Ask for a Tip Plasty Need In Reality?

    Patients usually ask for a tip plasty because it’s a minor intervention and think this can fix their problems and ignore the other problematic parts of their noses. Main reason for the want for the tip plasty is the fear of surgery. Let’s say we fixed your nasal tip. After this operation, you will start to notice other problematic parts of your nose that you didn’t before. In reality all you need might be a tip plasty, but you need to be honest to yourself first, and then give yourself up to a plastic surgeon you trust. 

    In short, respect the opinion and expertise of your surgeon that creates a roadmap for you so you don’t get your minor problems expanded. 

    Before closing: As a surgeon I also want to fix the problems with minor interventions. And this is the exact reason for the development of letdown rhinoplasty. It’s a different subject but in case it interests you, you can read more about it at:

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