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    Liposuction Turkey, Istanbul

    Vaser liposuction Turkey, Fats within our body are energy deposits, and during illnesses, hard times, or situations that require extra effort, we use these deposits. In a way, they are shock absorbers for our bodies. They decrease the shock of impacts. For joints and tendons they’re a safety level for function.

    But as with almost everything, they are bad for health when they are more than enough. Aesthetically, the worst. Before talking about removal of these fats, we must first talk about the environment that they’re in. Fats are located between our muscles and skin throughout the body. We also have veins that slim when going from muscles to skin. When observed from outside, they look like fields of wheat. These veins and nerves feed surrounding tissue in addition to the skin. Fat tissue is one of these tissues

    What is Liposuction?

    It can be described as suction of fat from the body. But why isn’t it named as lipo removal instead of suction?

    Reason for this name choice is that it’s done though 5-6mm wide micro incisions. And because removal of fat is done through a straw-like cannula, it is called suction throughout the world. Of course we can’t use this method on every fat tissue. As plastic surgeons, our field of operation regarding this issue focuses only on the fat tissue that is situated between muscles and the skin. But with overweight patients there is a considerable amount of fat surrounding the internal organs. We can’t operate on those fat tissues, please keep this in mind while reading this entire article.

    Idea of liposuction gains popularity globally because people think this can be a way to lose weight. If you don’t have this false understanding about liposuction, know that it can be an answer to a lot of your aesthetic problems. Also don’t think you won’t gain weight after this operation.

    Fat tissue in your body is a deposit, as I mentioned before. And it is a dedicated tissue. If you don’t care for your eating habits after the operation, the rest of the fat tissue in your body will think as a soldier that has been assigned a new mission and begin accumulating again. Please don’t have any misconceptions about liposuction.

    Why Do I Prefer Vaser Liposuction?

    It is not possible for classical liposuction to determine between fat tissue, veins, and nerves while breaking up the fat tissue via it’s grater-like blades. This situation causes bleeding under the skin, over-bruising, overt pain after the operation, and permanent damage on nerves. These consequences are true both theoretically and practically. Until I discovered Vaser, I used classical liposuction for a long time, and while our results were still good, there were always problems with permanent nerve damage. These problems are normal for classical liposuction. Also, liposuction is the only operation that is done without a clear vision of the area that’s being operated. Because of this handicap, we need a technology that helps us distinguish between fat tissue, weins, and nerves.

    I decided on Vaser after comparing a lot of technologies such as Laser Liposuction, Plasma Liposuction, Lipomatic, Microair, etc. But why? Rest of this article is focused on this subject.

    How is Vaser Liposuction Done?

    With Vaser Liposuction, most of these issues are behind us nowadays. This is the working principle: First a thin ultrasonic probe is moved around inside the fat tissue. There are no sharp parts on this probe. It moves as sound waves open the way. After this stage is done, fats melt out through a 3-4mm incision by themselves.

    In addition to this a straw-like cannula is used to suck out these melted fats. In classical liposuction, while you could operate on buttocks, lower and upper back, tummy, legs, and thighs easily, the neck area was a nightmare scenario. With Vaser Liposuction, we can safely operate on the neck area too. Why? Because it doesn’t harm nerve tissue. Hip area is also a fearful area for vein thrombosis and fat embolism. But because Vaser protects the muscles too, we can now safely operate on this area too.

    Liposuction for Males

    Men are involved with plastic surgery like never before. They also don’t want to miss on any opportunity in this one lifetime.

    In addition to the same areas as females, male patients also get fat removal around the penis and breast reduction applications (Gynecomastia). Reason is simple: wtih a fat removal around the penis, it can be made to look bigger without operating on the penis itself. In my opinion this is one of the reasons for a shorter penis. In the past, we had patients who had their penis buried under a fat tissue. I will further talk about this in another article. Other than this, Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia) is also a Vaser liposelection application.

    What is Vaser Liposelection?

    Liposelection and Liposuction are close definitions. Only difference is because VASER technology differentiates between fat and other tissues it is called liposelection.

    How Does VASER Liposuction Tighten the Skin?

    With Vaser Liposuction V mode, the ultrasonic probe is moved around under the skin while heating it, thus tightening it and preventing sagging. Because veins are not harmed, bleeding and bruising are at minimal levels. Because also nerves are not harmed, pain in the short term, and numbness in the long term will be minimal or non existent.

    What is the Fat Removal Process in Our Clinic?

    First, we need to come into terms with the fact that fat removal is a body contouring procedure at our first meeting. We need to explain what we can, and more importantly can’t offer you with this operation so you can be happy with the results. I sometimes suggest to my patients for bariatric surgery because they can’t achieve the results they’re seeking for through liposuction Turkey. Bariatric surgery is the general name of the procedures from stomach reduction to intestinal diversion and aims to lose weight. This of course is a separate issue and I will talk more about it in the future.

    We need to decide on which areas fat can be transferred, if there’ll be sagging, and if so what type of tucking we can apply to prevent this.

    After this, we need to decide on the date of the operation. We usually do a day of stay at the hospital. Only lipedema patients stay for two days, because lipedema has a very different pathology and there’s a lot of fat removal. Because of these, the patient’s metabolism needs to get acclimated. Lipedema is also examined under a different cap. Because this is a new definition, we can see most patients suffering from lipedema unknowingly.

    Pricing for Fat Removal is another issue that needs to be discussed before the operation.

    After these we bid you farewell until we meet again on the operation day.

    Liposuction Turkey Prices 2023

    Here comes the most asked question of this subject. We often see some patients have the idea that the operation is priced in tandem with the amount of fat that will be transferred. This is indeed an interesting way of looking at it. This is a surgical operation and it is weird how people don’t comprehend it fully.

    Have you ever heard someone saying “my stone is very small, charge me according to this” before a gallstone surgery? Pricing for Fat Removal (liposuction) operation is based on the area of the body that fat will be transferred from. In addition to this, pricing is also about how much effort your surgeon will spend to prevent sagging on a specific region. In order to prevent saggy, hollow, etc appearance, an area needs to be scanned from multiple angles. All this factors affect the pricing for liposuction fat removal operations.

    Because of all it’s advantages, I use and recommend Vaser Liposuction for all Fat Removal (Liposuction) operations. For more information about body contouring operations, visit:

    For more information about Prices for Vaser Liposuction and Fat Removal (Liposuction) and if you’re fit for this operation or not fill in the form below! Ozan BALIK 2023 Istanbul.