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Liposuction Turkey

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    What is Liposuction?

    Liposuction is a fat removal operation. There are many parts of the body where fat can be removed. Fat tissue in the body is a warehouse. It was assigned to collect oil. When appropriate nutrients are not consumed during the post-operative care process, adipose tissue may begin to store fat again. In order to prevent this, a healthy diet and plenty of water consumption are recommended. 

    What is The Aim Of Liposuction?

    Cosmetic surgery includes liposuction. The Liposuction operation’s main goal is to correct the body’s form. Body contouring is another name for the surgery. 

    How is Liposuction Performed?

    Special instruments called cannula are used in the surgery. Local or general anesthesia is applied. The type of anesthesia is determined by the healthcare team according to the patient’s condition. A special liquid is injected into the patient. Suction is carried out from the body through large syringes. If the area where the fat is to be taken is wide, different procedures and different tools are also used.

    Drainage tubes are used to prevent blood accumulation in the body after the fat removal process is performed. The liposuction Turkey operation process is completed with the necessary compression dressing in the recommendation of the doctor.

    Who is A Good Candidate For Liposuction?


    Liposuction candidates include:

    • Adults with strong muscular tone and skin that is firm and elastic that are within 30% of its optimal weight,
    • Healthy people without a serious illness or ailment that could prevent them from recovering,
    • Nonsmokers, those with a cheerful perspective, and people with special body-contouring objectives. 

    Liposuction Before And After

    The parts to be changed in the body before Liposuction are generally the parts that distort the body shape. The beginning of correction in an overweight area of ​​the body is achieved by removing the fat in the area. This is the biggest change before and after surgery. Preparatively overweight, drooping or cellulite parts appear smoother and leaner after surgery. 

    Liposuction Surgery Aftercare

    In order to obtain a satisfactory result, the postoperative care is as important as the Liposuction Turkey process. If the points to be considered are not followed, the expected result from the surgery cannot be fully obtained. At this stage, the doctor’s recommendations should definitely be taken into account.

    First, a healthy and nutritious diet should be made. Water consumption is very important at this stage. Plenty of water should be consumed. It is important to keep the wounds clean. Wounds should not be exposed to sunlight. It is important to have lymphatic drainage massage to reduce swelling. 

    What Are The Liposuction Areas?

    This operation can be applied if the patient has too much body fat at certain points. Fat can be removed from parts of the body such as the chest, hips, abdomen, arms, legs and chin. Wrists and neck are also parts of Liposuction that can be applied.

    Liposuction (Fat Removal) Techniques in Turkey

    Ultrasound liposuction (UAL): Combining standard Liposuction with this kind of liposuction is occasionally done. The doctor injects a metal spike that produces ultrasonic energy beneath the skin during UAL. Liposuction with laser assistance (LAL): High-intensity laser light is used in this method to remove fat by breaking it down. 

    Traditional Liposuction

    Traditional liposuction is the type of Liposuction Turkey in the described and commonly practiced procedure. Other types of operations result in different results compared to traditional liposuction. Therefore, aftercare applications may differ. For traditional Liposuction Turkey, a hospital stay of one night is necessary. 

    Vaser Liposuction

    “Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance” is referred to as VASER. It is a kind of liposuction where ultrasonic waves are used to fragment and soften fat cells, rendering them simpler to remove.

    vaser liposuction

    Vaser Hi-Def (High Definition) Liposuction

    A sophisticated method called Vaser Hi-Def improves the definition of the muscles in particular places. Vaser is a tool that many surgeons use to extract fat cells from different parts of body, but only a select few liposuction surgeons with specialized training can produce Hi-Def outcomes.

    What is High-Definition Vaser?

    With a sophisticated form of Liposuction Turkey known as High-Definition Vaser, fat is carefully removed from body parts like the stomach, flanks, male chest, legs, and arms while a thin layer of fat is left over muscle to emphasize and define a much more athletic image.

    Liposuction Surgery All Inclusive Packages

    The entire treatment process is covered within the scope of Liposuction Turkey surgery all-inclusive packages. This scope includes surgery, hospital and discharge process, accommodation and transportation. If a decision is made, the packages to which the process will be applied can be selected.

    Why Have Liposuction in Turkey?

    Specialized doctors and their teams work in liposuction Turkey. Many patients who benefit from the services provided are satisfied with the quality and results of these services. The number of risky or unfavorable operations is very low. Liposuction Turkey is widely preferred as pricing and service quality are very different compared to other European countries.

    What is The Cost 2024 Of Liposuction in Turkey?

    The cost of the Liposuction Turkey process varies based on the number and size of the areas that need to be treated, whether it is done during local or total anesthesia, and whether it is done in conjunction with other enables managers. The healthiest approach to learning about Liposuction Turkey costs is to see a surgeon for a thorough assessment and planning. 

    Best Fat Removal Surgeons in Turkey

    Ozan Balık is one of the doctors with the most satisfactory results for best fat removal surgeons in Turkey. Dr. Ozan Balık advances the management of the process in the best way by establishing healthy and safe communication with its clients throughout the entire Liposuction Turkey operation process. Dr. Ozan Balık conducts interviews with his patients, especially on many issues. It enables clients to have information about which areas they can lose fat, whether there will be sagging, and if there will be sagging, which stretching procedures will be added.

    The subject of prices is also the subject that patients should consult about Ozan Balik. Dr. Ozan Balık conducts private meetings with his clients on this issue. Ozan Balık, who is interested in the entire process of Liposuction Turkey, evaluates the conditions of his patients regarding hospital stay and discharge procedures. In cases where it observes different conditions, it advances the post-operative processes of the patients uniquely to them.

    Liposuction istanbul

    Depending on the extent of the treatment and the operation area, Liposuction Turkey might take anywhere from one to three hours. All-inclusive packages are provided in Liposuction operations performed in Istanbul. Transportation, accommodation and hospital service contribute to the surgical process. After the Liposuction, will stay in the hospital for 1 or at most 2 days. Istanbul is a highly preferred location in health tourism. After discharge, if the patient feels well, he can even create a trip plan for Istanbul.

    How Much Does Liposuction Surgery Cost 2024?

    There are many factors that vary for Liposuction Turkey surgery cost. Prices are quite variable. Considering the patient’s condition, it is understood at the point of providing the best service. Although the service quality is high in Turkey, more affordable prices are given than in all European countries.

    Liposuction Cost Turkey 2024

    Liposuction pricing for Liposuction Turkey is made according to the region where the fat will be taken. In addition, it is calculated how much VASER will be applied to the skin in order to prevent skin sagging.

    Since this affects the price, prices specific to the clients may occur. Ripple formation in the skin, pit formation in the skin are important conditions that the doctor is interested in and that affect the price. Other factors affecting the price in the whole Liposuction Turkey process are discharge procedures, accommodation and transportation services.

    Liposuction Surgery FAQ’s

    Local anesthesia is taken and pain is felt during the Liposuction, the doctor is informed. This is controlled by medication. If general anesthesia is taken, wake up in a recovery room. The patient is kept under observation for several hours in the hospital for the medical staff to observe. You may stay overnight in the hospital to avoid dehydration or loss of fluids.

    How Much Liposuction Surgery Treatment Will I Need?

    It is normal to have pain, swelling and bruising after the procedure. The surgeon administers medication to control. The surgeon may keep the incisions open after the treatment and insert temporary drains to encourage fluid drainage. For several weeks, it is frequently required to wear restrictive compression clothing that helps reduce swelling. Although the leftover oil settles, it’s still common to see minor irregularities in the contours.

    How Long Does The Liposuction Surgery Take?

    Liposuction surgery usually takes between 1 and 3 hours. The duration of the operation varies according to the patient’s condition and how many areas the procedure will be performed. The type of liposuction chosen is another factor that affects the duration. Again, this is decided between the doctor and the patient before the operation.

    Will I Have To Have More Liposuction Surgery in The Future?

    The body’s fat cells expand if the patient experiences even a slight weight gain following the surgery. A Liposuction improves the general form of the body. As the treated parts of the body have less fat cells than the surrounding portions, they will still be visible.

    New fat cells can form in any part of the body, including that of the treated areas, in situations of severe weight increase. Yet, as the body typically forms new fat cells uniformly throughout, fat typically builds up less in treatment area compared to untreated places.

    Are There Any Scars After Liposuction Surgery?

    Conventional abdominal liposuction typically only necessitates one or two very small incisions on the lower and upper stomach region. These Liposuction scars recover quite quickly and easily match the color of your skin. The majority of plastic surgeons will attempt to conceal the incisions as much as possible.

    How Long is The Post-Op Recovery Time For Liposuction?

    Recovery after Liposuction happens in stages. Most people can get back to their normal routines in a week or two or return to work in two to six weeks. A complete recovery from a liposuction, though, can take about six months.

    What Should Be Done After Surgery?

    Swelling normally goes away a few weeks after liposuction. The treated region ought should appear less bulky at this point. After Liposuction Turkey, weight tissue may shift if put on weight. In general, attempts are made to return to normal routine as soon as possible. Eating well, exercising to stay fit and quitting smoking are recommended at this stage. If there is a dressing in the operated area, the nurses give instructions for dressing the wounds at home. Their implementation is important.

    Does Liposuction Leave Scars That Are Permanent?

    The patient’s genetic propensity for scarring and the surgeon’s approach both influence the extent of scarring. Liposuction scars will be noticeable in patients who are susceptible to scarring following Liposuction, but they will fade in time, which can take 6 months to a year.

    Is Surgery Scar Left After Liposuction?

    Making small incisions is a common step in the various Liposuction treatments in order to loosen fat cells using a cannula and remove them. While liposuction incisions are typically small and about an inch long, significant scarring is unusual. But, as they heal, these incisions may crust up, which may leave some scarring.

    Is There Any Limit Of The Treatment Areas?

    It’s a flexible dermal fillers tool that may polish your figure and make you look thinner and more toned. And all these corrections are of course valid for certain regions. This procedure cannot be performed on any desired part of the body. It is applied to certain areas where oil can be collected. 

    Can Liposuction Help Me To Lose Weight?

    By the use of a cannula, Liposuction Turkey is a minimally invasive treatment that directly removes visceral fat deposits. Liposuction is a type of cosmetic surgery, which means it improves the look rather than addressing underlying health issues. The purpose of this Liposuction is definitely not to lose weight. Although it is not related to the patient’s weight loss, it is an operation related to body appearance.

    Will I Regain Weight After This Fat Removal Method?

    In post-operative care, it is possible to gain weight again if the points that need attention are not taken into account. The person undergoing the surgery should enter the appropriate diet program and carry out a nutrition program in coordination with the doctor. All these are important in order to preserve the body shape obtained with Liposuction Turkey and not to return to its former state.

    Is This Operation Performed in Combination With The Other Plastic Surgery Operations?

    You only need to go under anesthesia once if you have several operations at once. Because the body is under much less stress, this can lower your chance for problems after anesthesia. Combining plastic surgery operations allows for a shorter recovery period and less time away from work and daily activities. Although there isn’t a set time limit, staying unconscious for longer over 6 to 8 hours might damage the body and make recovery more challenging and time-consuming.

    How Does Medical Garment Help During The Healing Process? How Long Will The Patient Wear it?

    Compression garments are essential for a faster healing process. It helps maintain the intended contours created after procedures such as face lift or neck liposuction. After procedures such as Liposuction, a gap may occur between the tissues and the overlying skin. A compression garment helps to gently close this gap. It encourages the tissues to heal in the intended position with a smooth union.

    What To Do if You Have Problems After Liposuction in Turkey?

    It is important to be able to work with clinics that will not victimize the patient when faced with any serious risk. The clinic or hospital that is contacted and treated helps the patient in this regard. Clinics providing Liposuction Turkey are clinics known to have the highest level of patient satisfaction. At this point, any problem faced by the patient does not remain unsolved.

    Does Liposuction Get Rid Of Cellulite?

    A invasive medical technique called Liposuction is effective in removing modest amounts of fat. While liposuction can efficiently remove excess fat, it is not advised for the treatment of cellulite.

    Is Liposuction Permanent?

    As liposuction completely removes fat cells from an area and fat cells do not regrow or reproduce in the region where Liposuction has been performed, the results will last a lifetime. During the process of removing fat, the nerves that run between the inner oblique, organ, and back muscles are vulnerable to puncture damage, including the liver and kidneys.

    Internal injuries or Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), a life-threatening disorder where blood clots form in the veins, organ, brain, and leg, can arise from this. If not treated quickly, DVT can have serious consequences. In this context, Liposuction Turkey is carried out permanently in order not to harm any organ.

    How Long Will I Need To Stay Abroad Before I’m Well Enough To Travel Back To The UK?

    Rest is required after any surgery. Air travel and major surgery increase the risk of blood clots, which can be life-threatening. In this context, air travel is recommended 5 to 7 days after Liposuction Turkey. Air travel after 1 week will be in favor of the patient. These issues must be taken into account in order to avoid discomfort after the operation.

    How Long Does Liposuction Last?

    To get the most out of the Liposuction Turkey procedure, it is necessary to be committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is important to comply with the nutrition and the diet programs determined by the doctor and clinic. Each diet program is determined individually. Eating and drinking patterns are determined by considering the values ​​of the patients.

    Is it Possible To Treat Obesity With Liposuction?

    Liposuction is a technique that uses suction to remove extra fat. Although it doesn’t replace losing weight, it can be used to alter the shape and contour of the body. In this context, it is stated that the treatment of obesity is not liposuction. Obesity treatment and Liposuction are not equivalent.

    When Can I Go Back To Work?

    It is possible to work in the days following Liposuction Turkey surgery. However, this can cause pain. The level of the discomfort and recovery time largely depend on the body area and the amount of liposuction taken. Most patients take three to five days to return to office work or other sedentary work.

    Returning to physically demanding work is healthier after a week. Within three days of surgery, patients can typically resume light physical activity like walking, depending on the process of healing. Throughout the healing Liposuction Turkey process, patients are urged to get out of bed. To avoid blood clots, it’s crucial to walk right after surgery and to take regular breaks after resting.

    Is it Possible To Correct A Bad Liposuction Application?

    It is possible that there are cases where a cosmetic procedure such as liposuction does not go as planned. This is seen when the patient obtains a result with lumps and ridges rather than a smooth and uniform result. It is possible to correct unsatisfactory results from an unsuccessful liposuction procedure. As a result, it can be corrected through clinics and doctors for adverse Liposuction Turkey results.

    When Can I Smoke?

    Skin necrosis or skin death may result from insufficient oxygen and other factors needed for healing. Yet, it is probable that it could trigger a wide range of additional issues. For the patients undergoing Liposuction Turkey, nicotine dramatically raises the risk of a number of problems, including infections, the death of fat cells (fat necrosis), which can cause hard lumps, delay wound healing, thick, noticeable scars, increased discomfort, and incision separation.