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Rhinoplasty in Turkey

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    Rhinoplasty in Turkey, istanbul

    Rhinoplasty, also simply known as a nose job, is one of today’s most popular plastic surgery procedures. The success and safety of your rhinoplasty procedure largely depend on the skill and expertise of the surgeon you choose. If you want to find the best medical professional for your nose reshaping procedure in Istanbul, it’s essential that you get educated on all aspects of rhinoplasty in Turkey before making any decisions. Here, we will take an in-depth look at the role your chosen surgeon plays during nasal reconstruction surgery and guide how to make sure you select a qualified provider with the skill level necessary to ensure successful results.

    What is Rhinoplasty?

    Rhinoplasty, otherwise known as a “nose job,” is a surgical process that can be administered for either aesthetic or functional reasons. Whether it’s to adjust your nose’s shape and size or improve its functionality – including correcting breathing difficulties caused by an injury – rhinoplasty offers numerous benefits.

    To perform rhinoplasty, the surgeon may make incisions inside your nose or across the skin between the nostrils (commonly called open rhinoplasty). Depending on what you desire to achieve with this procedure, they could remove or add tissue and reshape either your bones or cartilage. Additionally, other modifications may be made for them to create a nose that meets your specifications.

    To ensure patient comfort and safety, rhinoplasty in Istanbul is generally completed under general anesthesia. The process may take anywhere from a few hours to several, depending on the complexity of the operation. Post-operative recovery usually takes one to two weeks when patients can resume their daily activities such as work or school.

    Why Have a Nose Job?

    Individuals opt for a rhinoplasty in Turkey or a nose job for several reasons, such as:

    Cosmetic reasons:

    Whether it be to decrease the size of a big nose, fix an uneven or crooked one, or even iron out an obtrusive bump on its bridge – countless people desire to modify their noses’ look in some way. With various surgeries and procedures available today, this dream can now become a reality for those who want to improve their facial aesthetics.

    Breathing problems:

    Struggling to breathe through your nose? Issues like a deviated septum, enlarged turbinates, or other structural issues can create difficulty for nasal respiration. Rhinoplasty is an available solution that rectifies these problems and increases airflow through the nostrils for improved breathing.

    Trauma or injury:

    After a traumatic injury has caused damage to the nose, rhinoplasty Turkey may be used to restore its aesthetics and functionality.

    Congenital disabilities:

    For those born with congenital irregularities in their nose, such as a cleft or deviated septum, rhinoplasty can help improve both its form and functionality. By undergoing this procedure, you’ll regain your confidence and enjoy the aesthetic outcome of having a perfect nose.

    Rhinoplasty in Turkey can work wonders for one’s confidence, correct breathing issues, and improve the aesthetic and functional characteristics of the nose. To ensure this is your best option, it’s essential to avoid inflated expectations and seek advice from a talented and experienced plastic surgeon. 

    Before & After Rhinoplasty Photos

    Types of Rhinoplasty in Turkey

    When considering a nose job, there are generally two options: open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty.

    Open Rhinoplasty

    During open rhinoplasty, an incision is made across the columella – that thin strip of tissue between your nostrils. This permits the surgeon to gain access and lift both skin and soft tissues on your nose so they can have better visibility while making adjustments with greater precision than ever before. Ultimately, open rhinoplasty results in more accurate outcomes than other surgical methods available today!

    Closed Rhinoplasty in Turkey

    Endonasal rhinoplasty, or closed rhinoplasty, is a less invasive approach compared to traditional rhinoplasty. Incisions are made inside the nose, and no external incision occurs in this procedure. The nasal skin is lifted so the surgeon can access underlying structures of bone and cartilage that need reshaping for desired results. This technique has many advantages, such as minimal swelling, scarring, and short recovery time – it’s often preferred when complex deformities aren’t present.

    Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of both open and closed rhinoplasty techniques is critical in helping you make the right choice, as this decision should be based on your specific concerns, nasal anatomy, and a plastic surgeon’s preference. To ensure that you get satisfactory results from your procedure, choose an experienced specialist who can advise which technique will deliver optimal outcomes for you. 

    How is Cosmetic Rhinoplasty in Turkey Performed?

    For any cosmetic rhinoplasty in istanbul Turkey, general anesthesia is required. The surgery itself may span from one to three hours and will be tailored based on the patient’s desired outcome and individual needs. Generally speaking, the process includes the following:

    1. Anesthesia: Before surgery, the patient is administered general anesthesia to ensure comfort and complete freedom from pain during the procedure.
    2. Incisions: To gain access to the nasal structure, a surgeon will decide to make a small incision inside the nose (closed rhinoplasty) or an extra cut across the columella (open rhinoplasty), depending on which technique is used.
    3. Reshaping the nose: To achieve the desired aesthetic, your surgeon will adjust and reshape the underlying bone and cartilage structures. This may require removing or adding tissue, correcting any misalignments in your nasal septum, or altering the angle of the tip of your nose.
    4. Closing the incisions: After the desired alterations have been finished, the doctor will seal up any incisions using sutures or tissue glue.
    5. Placement of a splint: A splint or cast will be provided to maintain the nose’s new shape and protect it during its initial healing phase.
    6. Recovery: After the operation, the patient will be assigned a recovery space until they no longer feel the anesthesia’s effects. And then, with instructions for post-surgery care and pain management, they can return home.

    Although some swelling may persist in the area for a few weeks or months, an experienced plastic surgeon can provide more information regarding cosmetic rhinoplasty in Turkey, specific steps taken during surgery, and the estimated time required for recovery.

    What Are The Advantages of Rhinoplasty Surgery?

    Rhinoplasty surgery in turkey is a beneficial procedure with many advantageous outcomes, including:

    Improved appearance

    Rhinoplasty in Turkey can help you craft an aesthetically pleasing nose that harmoniously complements your facial features. By refining the size, shape, and proportion of your nose, you will achieve a more balanced look.

    Increased self-confidence

    Rhinoplasty has been known to bolster one’s confidence and self-esteem, making it a powerful tool for personal and professional growth. People who have undergone the procedure often report feeling more empowered in their lives due to this transformation.

    Improved breathing

    Rhinoplasty offers more than just aesthetic benefits; it can also correct structural issues in the nose that could impede your breathing, ultimately leading to increased quality of life and the ability to participate in physical activities.

    Customizable results

    Rhinoplasty in Turkey offers the possibility to design a unique plan catering to each patient’s needs and objectives. The surgeon works in close consultation with you to ensure all of your worries are alleviated, and expectations met.

    Long-lasting results

    Rhinoplasty in istanbul can provide permanent and often dramatic enhancement of both the look and function of one’s nose. While slight alterations may occur in time, these results are generally long-lasting.

    It’s important to note that while rhinoplasty can have many advantages, it is still a surgical procedure that carries some risks and potential complications. Patients should carefully consider the potential benefits and risks of the surgery and work with a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon to create a treatment plan that is safe and effective for their individual needs.

    Nose Job Surgery Aftercare

    The post-surgery aftercare for rhinoplasty is essential, and the instructions may differ based on the individual’s needs and type of operation. Here are some general tips for taking care after a nose job:

    • Rest and recovery: To ensure a successful recovery after surgery, patients should make sure to rest for at least one week following the procedure. This will give their body ample time to heal and greatly reduce the chance of complications arising.
    • Pain management: After the surgery, patients should expect some level of discomfort; fortunately, this can be managed with medication prescribed by the doctor.
    • Swelling and bruising: It is not unusual to experience swelling and bruising following nose job surgery, which may take a few days or weeks before subsiding. To lessen the soreness and reduce any inflammation, apply cold compresses over the area for relief.
    • Follow-up appointments: After surgery, it is essential for patients to return for routine follow-up visits with their surgeon to guarantee efficient healing and recovery.
    • Avoid strenuous activity: To ensure optimum healing, patients should forgo any physical exertion or exercise for a minimum of two to three weeks after the operation.
    • Avoiding certain foods and drinks: To ensure a successful recovery after surgery, it is essential for patients to abstain from foods and beverages that can raise blood pressure levels, like spicy cuisine and alcohol, for at least seven days.
    • Proper wound care: To ensure optimal well-being and recovery, patients must adhere to their surgeon’s directions for wound care. Strictly implementing these instructions will help prevent bacterial infections as well as facilitate healing.
    • Taking care of the nose: Following surgery, patients should be gentle when washing their face or putting on makeup for a minimum of seven days. Also, sneezing and blowing your nose in the aftermath must be avoided to prevent any disruption of the surgical site.

    To guarantee a successful and worry-free recuperation from nose job surgery patients need to adhere to their surgeon’s post-operative instructions. 

    What Are the Differences Between Female and Male Rhinoplasty Surgery?

    Despite having the same fundamental concepts, rhinoplasty for men and women possesses critical disparities.

    Facial anatomy

    The underlying facial structure of men and women is not the same, with male features traditionally being more pronounced than those found on a female’s face. This means that when it comes to rhinoplasty surgery, men may require more remarkable structural alteration to their noses, while women usually focus on refining their shape and contour.

    Aesthetic goals

    While both men and women may opt to have rhinoplasty surgery, their individual aesthetic goals tend to be different. Men are typically keen on preserving a powerful and masculine look in the nose area, while women prefer creating an elegant and feminine look – further highlighting their unique features!

    Nose size and shape

    Generally speaking, males tend to have more prominent noses than females. As a result, male rhinoplasty often requires reducing the size of the nose compared to female rhinoplasty, which is typically focused on refining and reshaping its appearance. Male noses usually also possess a more pronounced dorsal hump or bridge, while in contrast, women’s features are characterized by having a softer hump or delicately shaped tip.

    Skin thickness

    Men typically have thicker skin on the nose than women, making it difficult to achieve specific changes in nasal shape. As such, male rhinoplasty necessitates more thorough sculpting of underlying bone and cartilage for successful outcome expectations.

    To summarize, although the fundamentals of rhinoplasty in Turkey are similar for both males and females, a skilled cosmetic surgeon will factor in nuanced variations regarding approach and techniques. This is so that they can provide their patients with the best possible outcome. 

    How to Choose the Right Rhinoplasty Surgeon?

    Selecting the right surgeon for rhinoplasty in Turkey is essential for obtaining exceptional outcomes. Here are a few points to take into account when selecting your doctor:

    • Board certification: When selecting a plastic or facial surgeon, make sure to go with one who is board certified. Board certification verifies that the doctor has successfully gone through training and passed tests proving their expertise in this area of practice.
    • Experience: As you search for the right rhinoplasty surgeon, look for someone who is well-versed in the procedure and can provide evidence of their success. Ask your potential surgeon how many operations they have performed, and request to see before-and-after images of other individuals who have had this surgery through them.
    • Specialization: Rather than settling for a general plastic surgeon who performs numerous treatments, be sure to select an experienced specialist in rhinoplasty or facial plastic surgery.
    • Communication: When selecting your surgeon, ensure that they listen to you attentively and explain the procedure succinctly yet comprehensively. Additionally, make sure they answer any queries you may have so that you are fully informed before proceeding with the surgery.
    • Personal connection: When selecting a surgeon, it’s essential to feel comfortable and have an excellent rapport with them. This way, you will be sure that the doctor understands your expectations from the surgery and keeps you feeling secure throughout the entire process.
    • Reputation: Make sure to look for a skilled surgeon with an excellent reputation and positive feedback from past patients. You can search online reviews or ask your family, friends, or acquaintances who have previously received the same procedure you seek.
    • Facility: When selecting a surgeon, be sure to research the facility they work in. Look for one that is modern, with cutting-edge technology and equipment, and adheres to rigorous safety standards from an accredited body. That way, you can rest assured knowing you receive top-notch care in a safe environment. 

    Rhinoplasty in Turkey for Men & Women

    People from all over the globe seek out rhinoplasty in Turkey for aesthetic and medical reasons, though men and women may have different goals and expectations when it comes to this procedure. The approach taken by surgeons must also be tailored depending on each individual’s anatomy as well as their desired results.

    Rhinoplasty in Turkey is frequently used to provide women with a more delicate, feminine nose. This may entail reducing the nostrils’ size or width, sharpening their nasal tip, and giving them a clearly defined bridge. The intent behind this procedure is to give them an aesthetically pleasing face that complements their unique beauty and makes them look even better than they already do!

    Rhinoplasty for men is usually done to craft a nose that exudes masculinity and symmetry. This might involve enlarging or broadening the size of the nose, rectifying a deviated nasal bridge, and constructing an even stronger nasal ridge. The end goal? A result that looks natural with facial features and accentuates their manliness.

    When performing a plastic surgery procedure, it is vital that the surgeon considers all aspects of the patient’s facial anatomy, such as their skin thickness and nasal structure, for successful outcomes. With this insight into each individual’s unique features, doctors can create organic results and look balanced with respect to the other parts of the patient’s face.

    When considering rhinoplasty in Istanbul, Turkey, it is essential to select a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon who can guide you through the whole process and help you reach your desired result. With its competitive prices as well as exceptional medical providers, Turkey has become increasingly popular for this kind of surgery. 

    Techniques Used for Nose Reshaping in Istanbul Clinics

    When it comes to rhinoplasty in istanbul, there are various techniques that can be used depending on the patient’s individual requirements and the desired results. Here is an overview of some of the most popular approaches:

    1. Closed rhinoplasty: To perform closed rhinoplasty, incisions are made within the nostrils, allowing for minor adjustments to the nasal structure without resorting to more invasive methods. This technique is perfect if you want a subtle change in your nose’s appearance and don’t want surgery that requires larger cuts or stitches.
    2. Open rhinoplasty: By creating a small incision across the columella (the thin strip of tissue between the nostrils) in addition to internal cuts, surgeons are granted improved access to the nasal architecture, thus granting them greater ability and flexibility when making more extensive modifications.
    3. Cartilage grafting: Cartilage grafting takes cartilage from other areas, like the ear or rib, to reshape and reinforce the nose. This technique can be used to amend deformities or structural issues in the nose itself.
    4. Tip refinement: Tip refinement sculpts the nasal tip to create a more defined and elegant look. This may include shrinking the size, refining its shape, or changing its angle of it for an optimized result.
    5. Dorsal hump reduction: With this process, a plastic surgeon carefully sculps the dorsal hump — or “bump” on the bridge of your nose– to create a sleeker and more aesthetically pleasing look.
    6. Septoplasty: Septoplasty is a corrective procedure that typically takes place alongside rhinoplasty to realign the septum and enhance both your breathing capabilities and facial symmetry. The surgeon will skillfully adjust the position of this structure, allowing you to move forward with significantly improved function in the nose area.

    With rhinoplasty in istanbul clinics, there are various techniques to choose from. To get a clearer idea of which one is ideal for you and the results that can be achieved, it’s best to consult with an experienced plastic surgeon who will inform you about available options tailored specifically to your needs. 

    The Benefits of Choosing Rhinoplasty in Turkey

    When selecting a clinic for rhinoplasty in istanbul, Turkey, you can enjoy numerous advantages. These are:

    1. High-quality care: Clinics that provide rhinoplasty in Turkey have earned a reputation for delivering excellent care and offering access to knowledgeable and proficient cosmetic surgeons specializing in nose reshaping procedures.
    2. Affordability: Rhinoplasty in Turkey is a fantastic option due to its cost-effective approach with the lower expense of living and medical clinic running costs. You can take advantage of advanced treatments at budget prices!
    3. State-of-the-art facilities: Turkey boasts top-notch clinics for rhinoplasty in Istanbul, boasting cutting-edge technology and the highest quality tools for performing this transformative procedure.
    4. Multilingual staff: For medical tourism, Turkey is an ideal destination. Plus, many of clinics that provides rhinoplasty in Turkey have multilingual staff members to facilitate communication between surgeons and international patients.
    5. Easy accessibility: Istanbul serves as a primary destination for travelers from around the world, with direct air travel to and from numerous countries. This makes it an ideal place for patients needing medical treatment, making their journey convenient and uncomplicated.
    6. Cultural experience: Combining a rhinoplasty procedure with an exciting trip to Istanbul is becoming increasingly popular! Widely praised for its rich culture and extensive attractions, this vibrant city has much to offer visitors.
    7. Privacy: Turkey’s robust privacy regulations ensure complete confidentiality of patient data, granting patients the tranquility that their information is safe and discreet.

    Rhinoplasty in Turkey is both affordable and high-quality. Patients are provided with the finest care from experts who utilize cutting-edge technology within their state-of-the-art facilities. Furthermore, international patients can take advantage of the multicultural experience, aided by multilingual staff, to guarantee a comfortable stay during their journey abroad.

    Who is the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in turkey

    With over a decade and a half of experience in the specialty of rhinoplasty Turkey, Dr. Ozan Balık is one of Turkey’s most respected plastic surgeons. He holds prestigious board certifications from both ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) and ASPS (American Society Of Plastic Surgeons), as well as membership to The Rhinoplasty Society Of Europe—a recognition he has earned through an unwavering commitment to excellence in his craftsmanship.

    Dr. Balık has earned a reputation for producing excellent, natural-looking outcomes and tailoring each intervention to meet the exact needs of his clients. He utilizes some of the most modern techniques available to give maximal results with minimal disruption and scarring.

    Dr. Balık’s private clinic in Istanbul is well-renowned as a place of personalized healthcare, and the doctor himself is lavishly praised by his patients for his expertise, professionalism, and compassionate bedside manner. With countless positive reviews to its name, it’s no surprise that this practice continues to be one of the top places for reliable medical care!

    Dr. Ozan Balık is a tremendously esteemed and experienced specialist for rhinoplasty in Turkey who has been commended by many of his clients. He specializes in providing long-lasting results that look natural to each patient, making him an ideal choice for those wanting a new nose shape from operations done in Turkey. 

    Rhinoplasty istanbul Turkey

    The success of Turkish plastic surgeons went beyond the borders of Turkey many years ago and spread all over the world. For this reason, rhinoplasty in Turkey has become a hot topic in recent years. Thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world visit Turkey for rhinoplasty Turkey.

    When it comes to health tourism, the first country that comes to mind is undoubtedly Turkey. Especially if the subject is aesthetic operations, Turkish plastic surgeons have proven their success in this regard to the whole world. And for this reason, we can say that rhinoplasty istanbul or rhinoplasty Turkey is the dream of everyone who wants to have rhinoplasty.

    If the subject is aesthetic operations, Dr. Ozan Balık, one of the best rhinoplasty Turkey doctors, is the first name that comes to mind. At the same time, in addition to the high service provided, another important point is of course that the prices are very advantageous. For this reason, you should not have any question marks in your mind when choosing our clinic.

    Of course, Dr Ozan Balık is the first name that comes to mind when it comes to rhinoplasty Istanbul. In Turkey, which has its name written in gold letters to world health standards with its success in aesthetic operations, no patient who preferred Dr. Ozan Balık regretted this choice.

    Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that it is the best clinic in Turkey. If you want to get detailed information about prices, all you must do is contact us.

    Rhinoplasty in Turkey Cost 2024

    You can refer to the table below if you want to know Dr. Ozan Balık’s rhinoplasty cost and compare them with the average prices in other countries.

    Rhinoplasty Cost in Turkey1500 €7000 €
    Rhinoplasty Cost in USA5500 €16000 €
    Rhinoplasty Cost in Europa5500 €12000 €
    Rhinoplasty Cost in England655019500 €
    Rhinoplasty Cost in Middle East5600 €11500 €
    Ozan Balik Clinic Rhinoplasty Cost in Turkey4000 €8000 €

    Frequently Asked Questions

    As you know, our main goal in this article is to answer the most frequently asked questions about rhinoplasty. Because we know that the subject of rhinoplasty Istanbul is a highly researched and curious subject due to Turkey’s success in aesthetic operations.

    Is it Safe to Get a Rhinoplasty in Turkey?

    When it comes to cosmetic procedures, safety should always be a top priority. It’s important to thoroughly research any potential risks before undergoing a procedure like a nose job, particularly if you’re considering traveling to another country for the surgery. In recent years, rhinoplasty in Turkey has become quite popular among worldwide patients. However, it’s important to carefully vet any clinic or surgeon you’re considering working with to ensure that they meet your safety standards. Look for a board-certified surgeon with a proven track record of successful surgeries and satisfied patients. 

    Why Are Nose Jobs Cheaper in Turkey?

    Nose jobs, also known as rhinoplasty, are popular cosmetic surgery that involves altering the shape or size of the nose. While this surgery can be quite expensive in many parts of the world, it is notably more affordable in Turkey. There are several reasons for this, including a lower cost of living in Turkey than in other countries, lower wages for medical professionals, and government subsidies for medical tourism. 

    How to Book a Rhinoplasty in Turkey?

    To obtain a rhinoplasty in Turkey, begin your search on the Internet for a skilled and trustworthy plastic surgeon. Dr. Ozan Balık is an experienced and celebrated plastic doctor in Turkey with his own website,, which contains all of the details you need to know, including qualifications, services offered, and reviews from previous patients!

    To book an appointment with the renowned rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Ozan Balık, simply visit his website and complete the contact form or call his office to arrange a consultation. During your meeting, you can express any hopes, worries, and expectations that you have for the procedure while Doctor Ozan Balık evaluates your nose to suggest what will work best for you! 

    Who is the Best Rhinoplasty in Turkey?

    Rhinoplasty in Turkey is widely known for its high-quality medical services and skilled surgeons. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to find the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Turkey. You’ll want to look for a qualified and experienced surgeon who can understand your aesthetic goals and deliver the results you desire.

    With extensive experience and a long list of satisfied patients, Dr. Ozan Balık is one of the most outstanding plastic surgeons when it comes to rhinoplasty in Istanbul, Turkey. His work has even been recognized by several international media outlets, showcasing his vast expertise in this field. When it comes to such an important treatment as plastic surgery, it’s essential to select a qualified practitioner who can provide you with the results that match your expectations and which makes Dr. Ozan Balık an ideal choice!  

    Is Turkey Good for Rhinoplasty?

    Rhinoplasty is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure worldwide, and Turkey has become a prominent destination for it. Offering state-of-the-art medical facilities and advanced surgical techniques, Turkey has emerged as a dynamic hub for medical tourism, with skilled plastic surgeons transforming the lives of countless patients. One of the main reasons why rhinoplasty in Turkey is so popular is the affordability factor, which makes it easier for patients to access quality healthcare without compromising on the results. With a reputation for delivering natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing results, Turkey has become a prime destination for rhinoplasty, attracting an increasing number of patients from all over the world.  

    Rhinoplasty in Turkey is a Perfect Choice for Many

    Rhinoplasty in Turkey is a great choice for those who want to improve the shape of their nose, and it’s something you should definitely consider if you’re looking to make a positive change. And when it comes to finding the right plastic surgeon for this particular procedure, one name that often comes up is Dr. Ozan Balık, one of the best practitioners in Turkey.

    He and his team have provided world-class care to numerous patients, giving them the results they were longing for while making sure that they were comfortable and safe inside every step of the process. If you are interested in getting rhinoplasty in Turkey with Dr. Ozan Balık and his team, browse through their website or contact their center directly. They will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about it or schedule an appointment on your behalf. Don’t wait any longer, and take control of your appearance! Give us a call and experience life-changing results within minutes! 

    How Long Will Nose Job Surgery Treatment Last?

    The duration of a rhinoplasty Turkey operation can vary from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the complexity of the patient’s nose structure. Patients typically must stay in the clinic for several hours after surgery for observation and monitoring. Even if it is deemed necessary, the patient may need to rest for 1 night in the hospital. After returning to the hotel or accommodation, it is important to rest and follow the aftercare instructions given by the surgeon to ensure a smooth and speedy recovery. Although recovery time can vary from person to person, most patients can expect to see the results of rhinoplasty within 6-12 months after surgery.

    How Old Do You Have to Be Get a Nose Job Turkey?

    To have a rhinoplasty operation, it will be sufficient to have completed your physical development. In other words, there is no clear age limit for this operation.

    Is The Reconstruction of a Broken Nose Possible in Turkey?

    Such questions about rhinoplasty Turkey are usually asked by people who do not know the success of plastic surgeons in Turkey. Rhinoplasty is not an operation that we perform only for aesthetic concerns. As a result of some accidents, people’s noses can be broken, and the nose has a very crooked and bad appearance. Dr. Ozan Balık is the doctor who achieved the most successful results in this type of nose. That’s exactly why when it comes to rhinoplasty in Turkey, the first name that comes to mind is Dr. Ozan Balık. 

    Which Clinic Will They Operate on Me?

    If you want to have a rhinoplasty in Turkey operation, you need to apply to a plastic surgery clinic. Dr. Ozan Balık also performs the most successful aesthetic operations in the world in his clinic. If you want to get more detailed information about this subject, contact us. 

    Will I Have a Sample Photoshop?

    We use the latest technology rhinoplasty Turkey methods in our clinic. And therefore, of course, you will be able to see how you will look after the operation with a sample photoshop before the operation. When it comes to rhinoplasty Istanbul, these kinds of things will of course be included in your process.

    Is An Intra Nose Pad Used in Nose Aesthetics?

    Intranasal splints or nasal pillows are what we often use in rhinoplasty in Turkey procedures to help support the new shape of the nose and reduce swelling and protect the sensitive nose. Splints are typically placed in each nostril during surgery and remain in the nose for an average of 7 days after surgery. Although the use of intranasal splints may vary depending on the procedure and surgeon, it is a common technique used in many rhinoplasty Turkey procedures to support healing and optimize results.

    When is Nose Aesthetic Patient Discharged?

    Discharge time is what we hear from our foreign patients when it comes to rhinoplasty Istanbul. Because this is very important for our patients coming from abroad. But don’t worry about it. While it is possible to be discharged on the same day after rhinoplasty, we welcome our patients in our clinic.

    Does Nose Aesthetic Patient Have Much Pain? Will There Be Any Bruising or Swelling?

    You will not feel any pain during this operation, which rhinoplasty in Turkey performed under general anesthesia. We can say the following for the post-operative process. There are some cares that the patient should do after the operation. For example, there are some nasal sprays you should use. In addition, the thing that has the most effect on swelling and bruising is ice compression.

    If you apply ice packs regularly, you will see the benefits. Do not forget that the reason why rhinoplasty Turkey is on the agenda is the interest and importance that we Turkish physicians show to our patients. For this reason, we will always be telling you what you need to do before and after the operation.

    When Will the Scars and Bruises from Nose Job Surgery Go Away?

    Scars and bruising can also be seen after rhinoplasty Turkey surgery, and this is normal. However, the duration and severity of these complications may vary depending on the individual and the specific procedure applied. There is no need to hesitate, as most visible bruising and swelling will subside within a few weeks after surgery. If you follow the before and after processes of our rhinoplasty istanbul patients, you will see this too. There is absolutely no need for you to worry about this.

    How Much Does Your Nose Change After an Ethnic Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)?

    We do not always use the same methods to achieve the desired result in rhinoplasty Turkey. Because while some noses need to be reduced, some noses need different operations. For example, we often use implants in the noses of Asian people to comply with social beauty standards. So instead of making the nose smaller, we do the opposite. And after ethnic rhinoplasty in Turkey, your nose will be exactly as you want it.

    When Will I See the Final Result of Rhinoplasty?

    As one of the first clinics that come to mind when it comes to rhinoplasty in Turkey, we can say that this question is one of the questions we hear the most. After the rhinoplasty operation, you will have a definite result between 6 and 12 months.

    What is The Success Rate for Rhinoplasty in Turkey?

    This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get. The success rate of rhinoplasty Turkey is quite high. You don’t need to worry about this.

    Are There Any Possible Complications Following a Rhinoplasty?

    It is possible to encounter some complications after rhinoplasty operation. Of course, to avoid such problems, the doctor should not have done the necessary examinations. Dr Ozan Balık, one of the best rhinoplasty istanbul doctors, does everything necessary to avoid such complications.

    Is a Nose Job Possible After a Rhinoplasty?

    We usually hear this question from people who have had rhinoplasty before but are not satisfied with the result. Yes, it is possible. If you examine the results of rhinoplasty in Turkey on our website, you will also see the results of the patients we have performed.

    Overview of Rhinoplasty Surgery

    The OperationRhinoplasty (Nose Job)
    Minimum Age17 for women and 18 for men
    Technique UsedUltrasonic Rhinoplasty 
    Operation Time2-4 hours
    AnesthesiaGeneral Anesthesia
    Sensitive Time3 days
    Cast Removal Time7-10 days
    Rest Time10 days
    Length of Hospitalization1 night
    Time to Return to Work and Social Life10 days
    Full Recovery Time6-12 months
    RisksBleeding, Infection, An adverse reaction to the anesthesia
    Persistance of ResultsPermanent
    Cost of OperationSend Your Photos