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    Face Lift What is Face Lift?

    Seconds on a clock pass by carelessly. Nothing bothers them. No matter what, they will continue to pass by. A similar clock runs in our and is aided by the ruthless force of gravity that pulls all of our body down. First sign of their victory over our boy: AGING.

    First casualty is the elasticity capabilities of the skin, then the natural fabric of our body starts to lose its collagen support. Fabric gets thinner. These are the building stones of our structure. Body needs to replenish the ones that are lost, but production facilities start getting tired over time and are not as productive as they once were. If you are eating irregularly, or have a habit of smoking, these facilities are even more exhausting.

    If you’re overexposed to sunlight, or committed unthinkable sin of solarium use, your production cycle has been stretched even more and elastin destruction has been increased, and your body has become a ground for oxidan waste. When you add gravity on top of all these factors, you can better imagine the process.

    Up until now we mentioned general aging, and although these factors affect the whole body, you’ve read them in relation to your face, whereas this happens on your whole body, including but not limited to breast, abdominal skin, buttocks, genitals. But, aging is often affiliated with the face. For this reason, I will focus on facial aging in this article.

    On face, first visible skin quality is lost. Skin loses lusteri, pink hue leaves its place to yellow-brownish dullness. There are fat islets that give face its repletion, and usually these are lost with aging too. The ligaments that hold these fat islets in place get stretched over time and become powerless to hold them in place. With early aging, under-eye fat islets and cheek fat islets begin to separate from each other. Because they each have different kinds of ligaments and cheek islets are heavier and are more prone to gravity pull.

    This can show itself as halo shaped sags on under the eyes. Although people describe it as fat accumulation in lower eyelid, this is not usually the case. What happens in reality is that cheek fat migrades downwards quicker and leaves under eye islets by themselves. Of course skin that encapsulates the fat on the under eye area is also stretched but not as drastically.

    This can be called stage 1. With the continuation of aging, cheek fats continue to migrate downwards and increase the depth of grooves around the nose. This can be called stage 2. While this continues, sagging starts to show up on the jawline. This is the manifestation of stage 3. Simultaneously, sagging of eyelids and eyebrows will join in at different stages. With the addition and start of sagging on the neck, stage 4 has been reached.

    As if these were not enough, erosion on the face bone structure starts. Bone erosion is mentioned with older people, but face is often ignored in this regard. I hope you had a good life until now, after all it’s not the longevity of life that matters but quality.

    There are several surgical approaches to treatments of these situations. For stages 1 and 2 i mentioned, the approach should be of midface lift. I have and separate article that focuses on midface lift:

    But where is midface? Midface is described as the area between grooves around the nose, vertical alignment lips’ edges, and outer edge of the eyes. This operation can be done with various techniques. With an incision on the scalp, the midface can be reached endoscopically or with an incision on the lower eyelid, or there might be a need for both at the same time.

    Some surgeons combine both with an incision inside the mouth. If there is excess skin under the eye, eyelid incision is inevitable. If the incision will be made through the scalp, an endoscopic approach is inevitable. Otherwise, it’s impossible to reach the midface and see it.

    If the stages 3 and 4 have been reached, midface lift won’t be effective. The manipulation I described will not be enough to repair the sagging on jawline and chin areas. Nevertheless, these areas don’t need to be lifted ninety degrees vertically. For this reason an incision starting from the front of the ears and going back is needed to release the tissue on the cheeks and perform cheek lift. Neck area is also fixed with these incisions. Of course, upper eyelid and eyebrow lift should accompany the face lift. Because leaving eyelids and eyebrows sagged while lifting the face will break the harmony.

    I mentioned there can be facial volume loss due to bone erosion too. There are even patients that don’t have the required amount of fat to lift the face with a midface lift operation. Of course operation still makes a difference with these patients too, but if bone structure is given more volume, after operation look will be more anatomical. To this end, the malar area can be supported with fat transfer or implants.

    Malar implants can be put in during midface operations. Fat transfer can be done too, but erosion of fat tissue shouldn’t be ignored. In addition to this, cheekbone implants or fat transfer on this area can also be used to give more volume and formity to the face even if there aren’t aging effects.


    What is the Correct Age for Face Lift?

    First, we need to mention that some sagging can be related to a person’s anatomy, rather than aging. For midface we can say middle age period, and for stages 3 and 4 we can say old ages, but they all depend on a person’s conditions.

    Can Face Lift be Combined with Other Operations?

    Patients usually see one or more areas that they are not happy about when they look at the mirror. But the problem is usually wholesome. Especially in the face area all structures affect each other directly. For this reason, face structures should be considered as a whole operated according to their conditions. Face Lift operation can be combined with midface, eyelid, eyebrow, rhinoplasty, and ear operations. Other body contouring operations can be combined too, as long as you don’t have a medical condition that prevents longer operation durations. With Face Lift, because we move bichat fats upwards, we also have Hollywood Cheek operation too. For more information about Hollywood Cheek you can visit: Hollywood Cheeks

    What Awaits Me Before And After The Face Lift Operation?

    Operation is done under general anesthesia. It takes 2.5 hours for midface, and 4 hours if combined with face lift. There will be paper bandages under the eyes for 5 days. If cheek lift has been added, there will be elastic bandages on these areas too. Drain isn’t usually used. Swelling and bruises are in this operation’s nature. These usually stay for 2 weeks. You can return to normal life 1 week after the operation and apply makeup.

    Can’t I Get Results by Fat Transfer?

    Fat fillers can be used for many cases and can yield good results depending on the situation. If the patient acknowledges that it will erode, and there might be a need for multiple applications, it can be done. Fat tissues’ high concentration of improves the tissue quality of the areas they are applied. And give volume to the applied area. This enables us to have a more lively and youthful look.

    What Can I Do Without Face Lift?

    Non-surgical solutions can be recommended on two conditions. First is being in the early stages, and second refusal of a patient for a surgery. But what are the options? Laser treatments, injections, radiofrequency, silhouette soft, mesolift,  can be used to improve skin quality and tighten it. These can be also used for surgery patients to improve their condition after the operation.

    What Do You Suggest For The Skin?

    Surgical approaches I mentioned before repair your bone structure and its cover. Freshness and vividness of skin can be attained by a surgery. For the outer level of the skin, fractional lasers, chemical peelings, Q-Switch lasers, radiofrequency treatments, dermastamp, dermal therapies, fillers, btox, mesotherapy and many other treatments can be used. These minor treatments can improve skin quality.

    How Much Will I Rejuvenate and How Long Will This Stay?

    It’s hard to give a scientific answer to this question. Whatever age didn’t include the problems mentioned before on your face, you will return to that age. With this surgery, time can be reversed for you (not metabolically of course), but will continue to pass. With a healthy diet, keeping away from smoking, with skin care, you can maintain the results for a long time.

    Face Lift Prices 2024

    Face lift operations can be divided between themselves. While midface lift is included with all of my face lift operations, there might be no need for cheek lift. Or there might be a need for implants on the cheekbones or chin. All these factors affect face lift prices. For correct pricing for face lift surgeries, please contact us.