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Vaginal Tightening Surgery

Female Genital Aesthetic
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    Sexual exploration of women is especially hard on conservative and religious societies. Although education levels rise, these conservative ideas take longer to change. With development of sexual identity, comes a lot of questions by women about their genitelia’s structures and functions. With examinations, it can be seen that a lot of women have superstitions about labias and narrowness. It can be said that women judge themselves unnecessarily harshly regarding these issues.

    With that being said, some vaginas can be wider than they should be. This wideness can affect both man and woman’s sexual stimulation during intercourse in addition to urinal problems. In this case, surgery is recommended.

    So what can be done surgically? Vagina is a tubular structure that’s made of muscles. Sometimes genetically, sometimes due to childbirth (even with a cesarean) these tissues can get stretched and widened. In these cases, vaginoplasty can be performed to get these tissues more tighter on both planes. Because G points in on the front plane, I don’t choose operating in this area if there are no urinal problems. 

    This operation can be done by itself or as a part of vaginal rejuvenation. Most common reason for this operation is related to climax problems. If you have this problem, I recommend you read my article focused on climax problems on women here: Treatment for Female Climax Problem

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