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Arm and Thigh Stretching Surgery Turkey

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    What are Thigh Lift, Arm Lift, And Leg Lift? Why Do We Need Them?

    Aging and gravity don’t grant any privileges to any individual area of our body. Elastic properties of our dermis gets disrupted. Especially with weight gain/loss sagging amount increases. Also, without sagging there might be fat accumulation on thighs, arms, and legs. In case of this, liposuction should be used to support lifting surgeries. With arm lift and thigh lift, incisions are hidden in the body folds and with aesthetic stitches, acceptable scar marks are achieved. 

    Where are the Scar Marks on Arm Lift and Thigh Lift?

    Incisions on arm lift are on the insides of the arms, and with thigh lift they are located on the thigh’s meeting point with the upper body. Although if the sagging on the thigh area is related to immense weight loss, there might be another vertical incision on the inner areas of the legs. We can describe it as a “reverse T” incision. With all incisions, we use fraxional laser and silicone applications. While incisions on thigh lift are very easily hidden, they might be more visible with arm lift. 

    What are The Differences Between Thigh Lift And Leg Lift?

    Legs are tubular structures. Weakest part of this structure is the inner part close to thighs. If you didn’t have drastic weight loss, or at the early stages of aging, only an incision that can be hidden on the thigh area will be enough, meaning it will be a thigh lift. But if you had a drastic weight loss and have sagging all around the legs, thigh lift by itself won’t be enough. A vertical incision starting from the back of the kneecap going up to thigh is needed. Because in this case, there is a need to remove fat and tissue from the leg too. A tight and lifted leg can be achieved this way. 

    How is Arm, Thigh and Leg Lift Done?

    It is best to do arm liftthigh lift and leg lift under general anesthesia. Right after the operation, you need to wear a special corset. It is best to spend a night at the hospital. In case of the leg lift you need to spend 2 nights at the hospital. Because dissolvable threads are used, there is no need to remove them. Your return to regular life is related to the size of the application. You need to move your legs and arms slowly in the first week after the operation. Your movements get faster and faster until the first month where your movements can be free. 

    Arm lift surgery that’s applied to fix arm sagging is done under general anesthesia. It takes approximately 2 hours. Patients can spend the night at the hospital. Sagging on the arms are both vertical and horizontal throughout the skin. Because of this, both horizontal and vertical incisions need to be made in order to remove excess tissue. You can think of it like the leg lift. Only incisions made on the armpits doesn’t help in the cases of pelican-like skin sagging. There is little to no pain after the surgery. In case of pain, simple painkillers will suffice. 

    Return to regular life can be done within a few days. In the first two weeks, you can do the activities that don’t require you to lift your arms, you can start exercises like running that don’t require arm activity after 3 weeks, and start activities like tennis that demand high arm activity after 8 weeks. Although it will be red and swollen at the early stages, scar marks inside your arm will get thinner over time and be less noticeable by fading. 

    What is Toraco-Brakio-Lift?

    With some cases of drastic weight loss, arm sagging extends to the sides of the torso. While the excess tissue from the arm is removed, the body needs to be touched too. Yes, there is a quite extensive incision, but patients accept this when pros and cons compared. If you ever saw a sagging like the one I described, you understand what I mean. A carefully made incision is always preferable to the sagging. 

    Can Arm, Thigh, and Leg Lifting be Combined With Other Surgeries?

    Because we see these operations as post-bariatric surgeries, they’re automatically part of a collection of surgeries. With that being said, if there are no special obstacles to it, other plastic surgery operations can be done with them. 

    Pricing for arm, leg, and thigh lift surgeries are extremely patient dependent. Correct surgery pricing can only be made through patient examination. For more detailed information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.