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Nano-Fat Injections on Face Turkey

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    Face Fat Injections Nano-Fat Injections on Face

    If we were to remove the heart and transfer it to somewhere else, we would need to preserve its wonderful four roomed design. What about kidneys, or lungs? No matter what organ we use, we can only get full function by preserving it. A lung splintered down to its can’t breathe or a kidney in the same condition can’t filter blood. But fat tissue can do its purpose in these conditions too.

    If we think of its metabolism related functions, we can consider fat tissue as an endocrine organ. Fat tissue is like a bunch of grapes. Fat first merge with each other, then these branches come together to create the bunch. No matter how much you tear it to pieces, fat tissue preserves its function. Even down to its levels.

    But why is it important to tear the fat tissue down? Nowadays, we can use fat tissue to make bbl turkey for clarification of cheekbones, increase the ovality of the forehead, make fuller lips, in genital rejuvenation, and hand rejuvenation. To fill the hollows under the eyes, if the fat tissue is used as big particles, this can create issues with the delicate blood circulation of the lymphs under the eyes. But we have the nano-fat injections now. This concept refers to the fat tissues going through multiple sieving processes to make an almost liquid fat tissue. After this process, fat tissue can be used both under the eyes and on the upper eyelid area as a filler material.

    It is a nice approach to have your own fat used as filler material where more volume is needed.

    Because fat tissue consists of high levels of it helps heal the problematic areas of the injection area too. This brings rejuvenation with it.

    Everyday we learn a new thing about fat tissues, and seems it will continue to be a popular choice in the future too.

    P.S.: Although we use fat injections very widely on almost all areas of the body, I don’t use and recommend them being used on breast augmentation.