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Dhi Hair Transplantation

Dhi Hair Transplant
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    Dhi Hair Transplantation

    Dhi hair transplantation is one of the most demanded methods by those who have recently faced hair loss and potential hair transplantation patients.

    The scalp of a healthy individual has an average of 100,000 hairs. Depending on combing and washing, hair loss of 100-150 TL per day is considered normal for adults. While the new hairs that are shed in the natural process are replaced, some patients may face the problem of remaining bald.

    Although it is known for shedding due to genetic factors, today hair loss can occur due to intense stress, illness, hormonal changes and different medical reasons. Hair loss, regardless of the amount, can be annoying today, where the external appearance is at the forefront. However, overcoming this situation is both easier and more natural with
    Dhi hair transplantation.

    Whatever reason it falls out, in order to regain your hair and regain the lost self-confidence, you should definitely talk to a plastic surgeon who is an expert in the field of hair transplantation and your hair should be delivered to safe hands. Otherwise, irreversible situations may occur.

    What is DHi hair transplantation?

    Dhi hair transplantation is the process of collecting healthy hair follicles from the predetermined donor

    area with the Micro FUE method and then transplanting them into the hair with the help of a special device called an implanter pen.

    This technique, which stands for “direct hair implantation”, means “direct hair transplantation” in Turkish and is among the most advanced methods.

    The grafts collected from the donor area by the plastic surgeon, who are experts in the field, are placed in the pen called “choi” and planted directly on the scalp. Thus, grooving and grafting are performed simultaneously. Since no incisions or channels are opened on the skin during this procedure, comfort and convenience are provided to the patient.

    What are the features of the pens (implanter pen) used in DHI?

    The pens used in DHI application are hollow and have a spring mechanism. When pressed after stretching, this spring-loaded mechanism pushes the tip and pierces the skin, leaving the graft inside the skin. These pens, which were produced for fine hair in the first place, have been designed to be suitable for thick hair over time.

    The grafts collected by Fut or FUE method are placed in DHI pens and transplanted.

    DHI hair transplantation, also known as “Pen Technique”, is a special equipment that transfers directly to the skin when the grafts are inserted one by one and pressed, thanks to these specially designed pens.

    For this operation, which is performed under local anesthesia, a specialist team should be employed in order to achieve the most efficient result in a short time.

    How is Dhi hair transplant applied?

    Before the operation, the area is anesthetized with local anesthesia. With the FUE technique, the grafts are collected and placed in the implanter pen, which is the special pen used for DHI hair transplantation. It is transferred to the scalp to be transplanted.

    In other hair transplantation techniques, after the grafts are collected, an incision is made on the scalp and the channels are opened. However, with the DHI pen method, the skin is pierced with the pen tip, which contains the germs in the opening of the canal, and the transplantation process is completed in a short time and without incision.

    During hair transplantation, hair follicles are planted at 40-45 degree angles by the physician. At this stage, attention is paid to planting in accordance with the direction of the patient’s previous hair.

    During the operation, the hair follicles placed in the Choi needle are planted with the pushing feature of the needle by determining the angle and direction. Between 15 and 16 nibs of these special pens are used. The pen tips are in different sizes so that the most suitable one for the hair root and thickness structure is preferred.

    After Dhi hair transplantation

    After the successful completion of the hair transplant operation, the hair follicles are checked on the first day. If no problems are observed within the scope of the controls made by the physician, the hair can be washed on the second day. After the washing process is done for a week and ten days, the person can switch to his normal life.

    The points to be considered after DHI hair transplantation are reported by the doctor who will perform the operation. If these issues are paid attention to, faster recovery and more successful results will be achieved.

    After hair transplantation, the transplantation area must be protected. In order to get successful results, the roots should not be searched. Therefore, resting at home for 3 days is very important. This area should be protected against impacts. Comfortable clothes should be preferred to protect against friction. On the other hand, it is necessary to protect the hair follicles against possible damage by paying attention to the sleeping position.

    After hair transplantation, heavy exercises should be avoided for a while. The first four weeks are important in this regard, and light exercises and short walks can be done.

    Alcohol and smoking should be stopped after DHI hair transplantation. Medications given by the physician should be used regularly and recommended shampoos should be preferred.

    It is also recommended by specialist physicians to stay away from direct sunlight after hair transplantation.

    How long is the Dhi hair transplant recovery period?

    Compared to other hair transplantation techniques, the recovery period of DHI hair transplantation is very short. The patient is discharged on the same day after the operation. It is possible to return to daily life after 2 days of rest recommended by the physician.

    Generally, a 2-week period is required for the recovery process. This period can be shortened if the hair transplant area is properly protected by taking into account the advice of the experts. After the dhi hair transplantation operation, shedding occurs on the crusted skin within 5-6 days. After the 15th and 21st days, the shedding slows down. Compliance with the recommendations given by the physician during this period will allow to complete the healing process in the most comfortable way.

    Who is Dhi hair transplant operation applied to?

    This operation can be applied to anyone who wants to have a hair transplant. Especially those who want to have their hair transplanted without shaving can choose DHI hair transplant.

    When deciding on the hair transplant technique, the necessary examinations and evaluations should be made by the specialist doctor and a decision should be made together. After a comprehensive examination by the doctor, information will be given about whether it is suitable for the DHI technique and the patient’s current scale is determined. In this context, the thickness of the hair will be the determining factor in whether the depth of the hair follicle is suitable for DHI hair transplantation.

    For DHI hair transplantation, the general health condition must be suitable for the operation and the patient must have completed the age of 18.

    What are the advantages of DHI hair transplantation?

    DHI hair transplantation is among the techniques that are the center of attention with the advantages it provides. If we list these advantages:

    • DHI hair transplantation causes less bleeding than the methods performed by opening the canal.
    • It does not cause anxiety in terms of cosmetic appearance.
    • Since there is no shaving obligation in DHI hair transplantation, there is no compromise in terms of aesthetics.
    • Especially women can prefer this method, which does not require shaving.
    • After the completion of the hair transplantation process, the wound healing is earlier.
    • Angling and directing the hair is easier during DHI hair transplantation.
    • Since grooving and hair follicle placement are done at the same time, the process is performed without waiting for a long time.
    • It allows hair transplantation to be done more frequently and to obtain a more natural appearance.
    • Since the roots are not kept long during hair transplantation with its special pen, the risk of root loss during the procedure is minimized.
    • It can also be applied to patients whose hair loss has not been completed.
    • Existing hair is not damaged during the operation.
    • The patient recovers quickly and returns to his social life.

    Best Dhi Hair Transplant Centers

    Anyone who cares about the health of their hair as much as their appearance should search for the best center for DHI hair transplantation. However, the issue is not only the hair transplant center, but also how professional the physician who will perform the operation is. For this reason, when the decision is made for hair transplantation, the background of the physician who will perform the procedure should be investigated as well as the hair transplantation center.

    It should be ensured that the team that will perform the procedure during DHI hair transplantation is large and expert in the field.

    If the necessary information has been obtained about the physician and the team that will take part in the operation, the patient’s comments should also be examined and acted accordingly.

    Patient comments about the clinic and physician determine the quality of the service provided in this regard.

     Dhi Hair Transplant Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the causes of hair loss?

    Although there are many reasons for hair loss, one of the most important causes of hair loss is genetic factors. Advancing age, traumatic injuries, and different medical conditions are among the causes of hair loss.

    In addition, vitamin deficiency, malnutrition, hormonal problems, birth and chemotherapy process, skin problems, cosmetic factors also cause hair loss.

    Regardless of the cause of hair loss, which is an annoying situation for every person, permanent solutions are provided. Dhi hair transplantation is successfully applied for every individual with sufficient hair follicles in the body.

    Is there an age limit?

    Hair shedding at a very young age causes the person to lose self-confidence about their appearance, causing them to prefer hair transplantation in order to achieve the fastest result. However, hair transplant operations performed at a very early age can cause problems in later ages.

    Regardless of the reason, DHI hair transplantation, which is applied for those who want to find a permanent solution to their hair loss, can be applied to people who have completed the age of 18.

    However, the best decision in this regard should be given by the plastic surgeon who is an expert in his field. Considering the necessary examinations and requirements, the suitability of the patient’s age for hair transplantation will be decided.

    How long is the Dhi hair transplant?

    The time required during the transplant is generally three or five hours. However, this situation also varies according to the area where the patient needs DHI hair transplantation. This period may be shorter in forehead reduction operations.

    On the other hand, the exact duration of the operation for sowing to be applied in female patients becomes clear after the operation is planned.

    Necessary information will be given by the physician who will perform the hair transplantation, taking into account all the details before the operation.

    How long does it take to get new hair?

    With the completion of the DHI hair transplant operation, red crusts are seen on the scalp. This situation can be prevented if the hair is washed once a day with the advice of the physician. In a period of 1 week and 10 days, the crusts fall off and the planting area begins to heal.

    With the shedding of the crusts in the hair transplant area, the hair also falls out. It returns to its pre-sowing appearance within 1 month. In the next period, no changes occur in the scalp for 3 months. This is perfectly normal and there is no need to panic. New hair starts to grow slowly after 3 months and continues to grow at a certain rate every month. After DHI hair transplantation, 90 percent of the transplanted hair starts to grow in the 9th month. The time to get all of the new hair is 1 year.

    Can DHI hair transplantation be done several times?

    With this technique, DHI hair transplantation can be performed for the hair transplanted. Depending on the size of the planting area, multiple sessions may be determined by the physician and a new planting may be required.

    If necessary, DHI hair transplantation can be done a second time. However, some points should be noted. It is considered appropriate to pass a period of 6 months after the first application.

    Anyone who has had a hair transplant with this technique before, if they want more effective results, can report the issue to their plastic surgeon and have it done again in the most appropriate time frame.

    How long does hair grow in DHI hair transplantation?

    Most of the patients who have hair transplantation dream of getting their new hair as soon as possible. Although they are quite impatient about this, DHI hair transplantation is a long-term process. And after a certain period of time, the desired result is achieved.

    In the first 3 months following the completion of hair transplantation, a process called shock shedding begins. It’s a natural process where there’s no need to panic. After this process, the hair will start to grow slowly.

    On average, in 4-5 months, new hair will grow by 2 cm. However, in order for the physicians and the patient to achieve the most successful result, 1 year must pass after DHI hair transplantation.

    Is DHI Hair Transplant Suitable For Everyone?

    There is an opinion that the Choi pen used during the DHI hair transplant procedure, which was applied for the first time in Korea Kyungpook University, is not suitable for every patient. It was observed that the fine-wire and curled hair follicles were damaged as a result of placing them in the pen. However, later on, implanter pens suitable for general hair types were produced.

    In order to make the right decision in this regard, the plastic surgeon who will perform the hair transplant will decide. For patients who apply with a hair transplant request, various blood tests and tests are performed to determine whether they are suitable for DHI hair transplant.

    How does the new hair look, can it be controlled?

    One of the most curious issues for hair transplantation is how they will look after the procedure. This is completely related to the technique used. If DHI hair transplantation has been performed by a specialist in the field, successful results will be obtained if the grafts are placed in the appropriate size in accordance with the natural growth of the hair.

    Dhi hair transplant prices 2024

    Prices are among the topics that are curious as well as hair transplantation techniques. In order to give clear information about the price for DHI hair transplantation, the patient must undergo a physician examination.

    Other factors such as the number of grafts to be used during DHI hair transplantation and the size of the area to be applied also cause prices to change.

    The level of expertise of the physician who will perform the application is also effective in determining the DHI hair transplant prices. In addition, details such as the equipment and quality of the clinic where the operation will be performed are among the factors that are reflected in the prices.

    In that case, we can say that in order to get the most accurate information about DHI hair transplant prices, you can contact the specialist physician and get the most accurate price information after the examination.