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Mommy Makeover

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    What is maternity makeover (mommy makeover)?

    Maternity aesthetics is a set of combined surgeries that aim to restore the pre-pregnancy appearance of the changes that occur in the body during pregnancy and childbirth. The generally applied methods are breast liposuction and tummy tuck surgeries. The procedures to be applied to these areas vary according to the body structure of the person. Because every woman’s body is damaged differently and personalized methods are preferred.

    With pregnancy there are some changes in the female body; growth in the breasts, expansion and cracking of the abdomen, excess weight and fat increase occurs in the back and waist area of the legs. It is aimed to transform the permanent damages that occur during the motherhood process into the pre-pregnancy state.

    it is common for the expectant mother to gain weight during a healthy pregnancy. Although sometimes it takes time to lose these weights, it has become easier with the possibilities offered by technology. Although personalized diets are prepared by dietitians, it is not always possible to return to its former form. Body deformations that cannot be overcome with sports can become nightmares over time. Mommy makeover surgery is preferred in this process.

    After the ‘breast lift, breast enlargement, breast reduction, liposuction and tummy tuck’ procedures, which are included in the maternity aesthetics applied for postpartum deformations, you can get the body you miss.

    How is maternity makeover (Mommy Makeover) applied?

    While many people are wondering how this application is done, we have prepared the clearest information about the subject. Deformations during pregnancy may vary individually. Therefore, the necessary examination and planning are carried out by the doctor before the methods to be applied.

    While performing the maternity aesthetics operation, general anesthesia is applied for the patients and is performed in the operating room environment. The surgical process and the operations to be performed vary.

    The operation takes an average of 5-6 hours. Beforehand, the patient’s tests are performed and the necessary evaluations are made by the anesthesiologist. Before the surgery, a picture of the deformed body areas of the patient is taken and planning is carried out according to this data.

    During the operation, the priority of the procedure begins with liposuction. After thinning these areas, they are continued with the tummy tuck operation. Finally, the operation is completed with breast surgery. During the operation, drains are placed in the areas where breast areas, tummy tuck areas and liposuction are applied. In this way, it is helped to drain blood and fluids that are likely to accumulate in these areas after surgery and to eliminate edema. After the operation, the necessary dressings are made and the patient is put on a corset. He is taken to his room when the patient comes to him.

    What operations does maternity makeover (mommy makeover) include?

    The following procedures are applied:

    • Arm leg stretching.
    • Breast reduction procedure.
    • Breast lift procedure.
    • Liposuction surgery procedure.
    • Abdominal stretching.
    • Breast augmentation procedure.
    • Oil injection process.
    • cesarean section scar revision

    What are the advantages of maternity aesthetics?

    The changes in the body of women after the surgery are a younger and smoother appearance. Clothes and swimsuits can now be worn more freely and confidently. It provides a thin and shaped body after surgery. Women who are at peace with themselves after childbirth also feel good psychologically. It allows every woman who is in the realm of being liked and looking beautiful to reach conclusions that she will be pleased with.

    Those who have this aesthetic make positive comments with the self-confidence and aesthetic-looking body structure they gain. Psychological breakdowns that occur after childbirth and being at war with their own body are soon removed. For this reason, most women who have been given milk after childbirth 1 year after the birth receive support from specialists in having motherhood aesthetics.

    For whom is maternity makeover (Mommy Makeover) applied?

    This combined plastic surgery is performed at the end of 1 year after giving birth. The most important point at this stage is; the baby is weaned. It should be 1 year after the lactation period.

    Performing breast surgery earlier prevents the evaluation of breast volume due to the activeness of the milk ducts. In addition, it carries the risk that the breast tissue is susceptible to infection.

    To summarize, maternity aesthetic surgery is performed on mothers who completed their milk production 1 year ago and reached their ideal weight.

    At what age is maternity aesthetics preferred?

    The appropriate age range for this aesthetic is 25 to 40 years. If deformed areas of the body are complained after the diet and weight loss after pregnancy; is preferred for people who are eligible for the specified age range.

    What should be done before maternity aesthetics (Mommy Makeover) surgery?

    Before the surgery, the patient should have lost some of the weight they have gained. Because this surgery is not weight loss, but a body shaping operation.

    Breastfeeding mothers are asked to complete milk production 1 year ago, as we mentioned earlier before the operation for the breast. Patient hormones should be restored after pregnancy.

    For people with additional preoperative diseases, information and support should be obtained from the relevant branch and it is investigated whether they are suitable for this surgery.

    Three weeks before surgery, the intake of blood thinners such as asprin should be stopped. Smoking should also be suspended in this process. Medications in the painkiller group should be taken under the supervision and advice of a doctor.

    Vegetable-heavy portions should be consumed by taking care of nutrition before surgery and avoiding constipation options. When using herbal tea, slimming products such as green tea cherry stalk flaxseed should not be used.

    What is the process after maternity aesthetics?

    After the surgery, the patient is transferred to his room when he regains consciousness and is allowed to eat after a period of about 5 hours. After dinner, he sits on his bed and is brought to a position. His blood pressure is controlled and executed when he reaches normal level.

    Due to the fact that the maternal aesthetics is a combined surgery, the patient is kept under observation in the hospital for 2 nights. During this time, blood pressure and blood values are monitored by specialists.

    After leaving the hospital, the patient is checked every 2 days. Drains placed for breast surgery are removed after 2 days.

    After 5-6 years of surgery, drains placed in the tummy tuck and liposuction area are removed. It is allowed to bathe 2 days after the removal of the drains by gluing sterile tapes to the surgical areas.

    Is there any pain in the maternity aesthetic operation?

    There is no serious pain during the combined operations for aesthetics. Pain is not felt during the operation due to the application of general anesthesia. The effect of the applied anesthesia continues for approximately 12 hours. In this case, the patient does not feel pain.

    Painful conditions that may occur on the next day of the surgery can be relieved with painkillers. The patient does not need to worry about this. There will be no pain during the operation, and the pain after the operation is mild, which disappears within a few days.

    What should be considered after maternity aesthetics?

    The most important thing to do after the aesthetic operation is to move as much as possible without exhausting the patient himself. Patients who walk too much recover very quickly and accelerate their healing process.

    Salt and sugar intake should be reduced in order to avoid edema after surgery. In addition, it is asked not to lift too heavy things in a period of 6 weeks.

    On the other hand, patients with breast aesthetics should not raise their arms too much for 6 weeks.

    If the patient takes care of himself in this process, it is faster and more trouble-free to return to his/her former state.

    Why use a corset after maternity aesthetics?

    After plastic surgery, mothers are required to use a corset. It is especially important for areas where liposuction and tummy tuck are applied. With the use of corsets, pressure is applied to the skin in these operated areas and possible accumulation of fluid and blood in the surgical areas after the procedure is prevented. At the same time, it is effective in better and faster adaptation to the place of the skin after the adipose tissue removed during the surgery. A corset should be used for up to 6 weeks after the surgery.

    In addition to the corset, patients who have undergone breast surgery should also use sports bras and breast bands during a period of 6 weeks. It is aimed that the breasts will become natural during this time and reach the desired place.

    Is there a need for dressing after maternity aesthetics?

    The marks that occur after the aesthetic operation are covered with tapes called sterile strips. The patient can bathe with these tapes and is removed after 3 weeks.

    There is no need for a continuous dressing for the patient after the surgery. These bands are sufficient for patients who have a normal healing process and do not experience any problems.

    Are the scars after maternity aesthetics permanent?

    This aesthetic application, which ensures that mothers get the body they deserve, is an operation and, like other surgeries, traces will remain in this. However, it is possible to make these traces less visible and wither them. After 3 weeks after the surgery, silicone cover or silicone gel is used for patients.

    Our patients should continue their silicone gel or covers for at least 3 months. These traces, which will come to a better appearance as time passes, will turn into lighter scars after 1 year.

    So, what is needed to close the traces of maternity aesthetics? Of course there is a solution to this too. For patients who want to get rid of scars completely, the same color tattoo, called powdering method, can be made for scars, provided that one year has passed. Thus, it is possible to achieve a natural appearance as if there are no traces.

    When can I start sports after maternity aesthetics?

    Although it is a combined operation, after this operation, patients can start exercises such as non-challenging walking after 4-5 weeks. However, patients who have a certain order in sports and go to the gym should wait 6-7 weeks for this.

    Is lymphatic massage recommended after maternity aesthetics?

    Lymphatic massage is recommended in maternal aesthetics especially after liposuction. In fact, the immediate start and application of the surgery ensures positive results. Thanks to the lymphatic massage applied to the abdomen and waist area, it is possible to have a more curvy waist area.

    Who can’t have a motherhood aesthetic?

    This operation, which has combined aesthetic surgery, is very detailed. People who are not older and who are likely to become pregnant again can have a motherhood aesthetic if they are not diabetic and are not overweight. When it comes to weight, it is necessary to lose weight first and become suitable for surgery. They fall into the risk group because overweight people may develop blood pressure and heart problems.

    What is the recovery process like after surgery?

    The most important element necessary to recover immediately after surgery is that the patient walks too much. They may have difficulty walking for the first few days after surgery, and this is very normal. Because the drains placed during the operation cause difficulty moving. However, when the drains are removed after 1 week, the patient can walk more comfortably and the restriction on their movement is removed.

    After the aesthetics applied for the abdomen, the tension will decrease when the patients stand by bending from the waist for 1 week while walking. In the following periods, patients will be able to move more easily.

    After motherhood aesthetics, patients return to their daily life after 2 weeks. Patients should not lift heavy things and extend their arms up for 6 weeks after surgery.

    Is it possible to get pregnant again after motherhood aesthetics?

    This is a frequently asked question by our patients who are considering becoming a mother again and opting for tummy tuck surgery. It is possible to become a mother again after tummy tuck surgery performed with maternity aesthetics.

    If the patient who has performed motherhood surgery becomes pregnant again; revision surgery will be required as new deformations will occur in the body after pregnancy.

    Therefore, people who decide not to give birth are advised to have this aesthetic. Thus, the newly formed body will maintain its appearance for many years.

    Is there any problem in breastfeeding after maternity aesthetics?

    It does not cause any adverse effects on milk production. Breast reduction aesthetics does not pose a problem for breastfeeding. During the operation, the milk ducts are not disconnected and no damage is caused. Therefore, patients who want to become pregnant and breastfeed in the future do not have any problems.

    What should be done to maintain the results after maternity aesthetics?

    The most important thing for patients to pay attention to after surgery is that they do not gain weight. They need to maintain their form by eating a balanced diet. Especially since alcohol consumption increases fat in the abdomen, it should be preferred in a small amount.

    External support should be provided to maintain the moisture of the skin. For this, moisturizers and lotions should be used. After the abdominal area has an aesthetic appearance, exercise is required to maintain this condition and to make it stronger again.

    Mommy Makeover Cost 2024

    Many factors are evaluated when determining the prices of maternity aesthetics. Although patients want to know this price directly online, this varies.

    Different procedures are applied according to the wishes of the patients who request motherhood aesthetics. This variety also causes prices to change. According to the deformation of the person after childbirth, the prices of maternity surgery may increase or decrease.

    In addition to all this, the materials to be used for the operation, the experience of the surgical technique doctor and the regions included in the operation are among the impressive factors in terms of price.

    You can create radevu by contacting us for more detailed information about maternal aesthetics. If you wish, you can come to our clinic and talk to our doctors.