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Premature Ejeculation Surgical Treatment

Male Genital Aesthetic
Ask The Doctor

    Sometimes it is better to be late! Yes gentlemen. Now I want to talk about my thoughts on our creation and sex, then talk about most important problems of this process: premature ejeculation and it’s surgical solution.
    Let me give you the basic information regarding our creation. Core purpose in nature is reproduction. If women were to reach climax before men, most sexual intercourses would’ve been cut short without fertilization of the eggs. Because of this, nature designed men to climax before women to ensure the fertilization of the eggs. But, in modern times, the desire to give pleasure equally to each other has gotten more important in sexual intercourses. With the handicap of their creation, men tend to make this a bigger problem and add psychological effects to this equation. Especially with societies that circumcision is widely performed, sensitivy in penis’s nerves are improved for the worst. Because of the reasons I mentioned, early climax compared to women is normal, but fastening of this situation due to pressure is a medical problem. In fact some progress can be made with sexual psychotherapy. In addition to this, sexual arousal that is tied to our creation can be changed with surgical interventions. Or micronoromas that are caused by circumcision which worsen this situation by causing extra sensitivity can be fixed surgically to extend the ejeculation time. To determine if you can benefit from this approach, we need to make a few examinations and mapping practices before the surgery. After these, if you’re fit to have it surgery can be planned. If you’re a candidate for this operation, premature ejeculation surgery has a high rate of success. For a solution for premature ejeculation and more information don’t hesitate to make contact. You can get more information about premature ejeculation treatment here: If you have a question regarding premature ejeculation, please don’t hesitate to contact us!