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Prominent Ear Surgery Turkey

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    Prominent Ear Surgery

    If someone gave you a pen and told you to draw its curves of your ears, you might not be able to do it but they have very formal geometry. We can only see this when there are problems with their folds or angles. When we talk about prominent ears, this means ears that are folded to the front more than usual. There might be cases where the main fold which is called superior helix might not even be there. In this case, the top half of the ear is completely flat. 

    Prominent ears are often perceived as bigger ears, but this is an illusion due to the absence of superior helix. When this problem is fixed surgically, this illusion is fixed too and ears are perceived as normal sized. On prominent ear surgery, cartilage is reshaped by a small incision done on the back of the ears and ideal folds are created with special stitches. There are a lot of stitch techniques. In order to ensure the shape made is permanent, more than one technique is used to stabilize the shape. 

    Most ear development (80%) is finished by the ages 5-6. It is fortunate that this period is before the school ages. Although ears are towards the back of the head and sometimes hidden with hair, this situation creates psychological problems. Especially childhood periods are full of stories of ridicule regarding this issue. For this reason, getting this surgery done before the school age can help improve a child’s development quality. While this operation can be done with local anesthesia, a general anesthesia is needed for a child’s operation. 

    How Long Does Prominent Ear Surgery Take?

    Prominent ear surgery takes 30 minutes for individual ears. Incisions are made on the back of the ears and scar marks are not noticeable. Aim of this operation is to ensure the ears are folded back like they should be. You can go home right after the operation. It is enough to have bandages for 2-3 days on the ears. It is normal to have some bruises and swelling of the ears, this will go away fast. You can take shower after the bandage removal, but I recommend keeping the ears dry for 4-5 days. You should keep ears safe from impacts for 3 months. 

    While prominent ear surgery is first to come to mind when talking about ears aesthetics, there might be a lot of different anomalies. For example, in the microtia cases ears are almost nonexistent only earlobes are present. To create a new ear from scratch, rib cartilage needs to be used to insert inside the skin. 

    Prominent Ear Surgery With Threads

    As with almost all surgeries, patients with surgery fear might want to lean towards non-surgical approaches with prominent ear surgery too. We need to completely understand why prominent ears happen. Because of its shape, cartilage tends to angle towards the front. A thread on the back of the ears can’t fight this urge of the cartilage for a lifetime. Because of the stiffness of this thread, it causes the skin on the back of the ear to get lifted and chronic ear pains. This mistake shouldn’t be made in the name of simplification of an already fairly simple operation. I don’t use or recommend prominent ear surgery with threads. The ones who have it done can apply for a treatment if they have the mentioned symptoms of course. 

    There are a lot of ear defects other than prominent ears of course, and all have different approaches for treatments.

    Prices for Prominent Ear Surgery 2024

    Prominent ear surgery prices depend on whether it will be done with general or local anesthesia and if there are any other ear deformities on the ears or not. As with all plastic surgery operations, you should be health oriented rather than price and shouldn’t forget that an examination is needed when considering prominent ear surgery prices

    Interestingly, prominent ear surgery is mostly combined with rhinoplasty surgeries. This shows that patients who have a high perception of their nose also consider their ears too. For a detailed article regarding rhinoplasty, you can visit: