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Fue Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant
Ask the Doctor?

    What is FUE Hair Transplantation?

    The process of regaining hair by using their own hair for the problem area in people who have hair loss is called Fue Hair Transplantation. It is the process of collecting grafts / follicular units one by one from the selected donor area using a micromotor. During the fue hair transplant method, which is widely used in the world, no incisions or piercings are made on the scalp.

    During the application, hair follicles are collected from the area selected as the donor area and transferred to areas with no or sparse hair. With this method, which is very practical, hair follicle transfer is done when needed. Compared to other hair transplantation methods, 4500-5000 or more grafts are collected during the Micro Fue method, and hair transplantation is performed for those who experience hair loss in a larger area.

    How is Fue hair transplant applied?

    Fue hair transplantation, which does not involve incisions and stitches, is performed under local anesthesia and patients do not feel pain. First of all, a preliminary interview is made for the operation, all examinations are evaluated and planning is made. Then proceed according to the order of operations.


    • The area determined as the donor area is anesthetized with local anesthesia.
    • First of all, hair follicles from the donor area are collected one by one by micromotor.
    • These collected roots are grouped in a special solution and put on hold.
    • The second stage starts with the collection of sufficient roots within the planning.


    • The area to be transplanted is numbed with local anesthesia.
    • After anesthesia, the channel is opened in the direction of the person’s hair. Grooving is a job that requires professionalism and is important for density and natural appearance.
    • The shape of the hairline is determined and made suitable for the direction of the hair.


    • The hair follicles collected in the opened channels are placed with the help of special forceps.
    • After FUE hair transplantation is completed, the patient’s health values such as pulse and blood pressure are checked.
    • The patient is taken to rest and fruit juice is given.
    • Necessary information is given after the operation.
    • Medications and information guide are given.

    What are Fue hair transplant techniques?

    Different techniques are applied in hair transplantation to replace the lost hair with new ones. Which technique should be applied for the lost hair should be decided by your plastic surgery doctor. The decided technique will be applied together with the general condition of the patient, the amount of hair needed and the availability of the donor area.

    If we examine the FUE hair transplantation techniques:

    Sapphire FUE hair transplant

    It is the hair transplantation process by opening micro chambers in the skin by means of equipment with sapphire tips. Faster recovery and being healthier are among the most prominent features.

    Micro FUE Hair Transplant Technique

    Mikro uçlara sahip ekipmanlar ile saç köklerinin toplandığı yöntemdir. Mikromotor kullanılan bu teknikte 0.9 mm lik delikler açılarak saç ekimi gerçekleştirilir.

    Soft FUE Hair Transplant

    It is a method in which hair follicles are collected with equipment with micro-tips. In this technique, where a micromotor is used, hair transplantation is performed by opening 0.9 mm holes.

    In which cases fue hair transplantation is preferred?

    FUE Hair Transplantation, which offers many innovations and advantages together, has been widely preferred recently. The fact that the scalp is not cut and its rapid healing feature is the most decisive factor in this regard. Sapphire hair transplantation can be applied to all patients diagnosed with male hair loss. Hair removal seen in this way occurs when the male hormone kills the responsible for producing hair. The hair first becomes thinner and stops growing over time. Then it starts to pour. In such cases, hair transplantation is the most permanent and effective solution.

    How long is the Fue hair transplant procedure?

    If the hair follicles called grafts are around 4000-4500, the time required for the procedure is 6-7 hours. Again, depending on the number of grafts, the process time can be up to 9 hours. The grafts are taken for 2-4 hours and then a short break is taken after they are taken. In short, the duration of the process varies according to personal needs.

    Factors determining the duration of FUE hair transplantation

    • The size of the area to be transplanted
    • Number of grafts to be collected by area
    • Experience of the surgeon who will perform the procedure
    • The number and duration of sessions determined for the procedure
    • The suitability of the scalp for processing

    FUE Hair Transplantation performed by hair transplant surgery is a one-day procedure. In this application, which is performed by applying local anesthesia, it is not necessary to stay in the hospital. After the completion of the hair transplantation process, the doctor is discharged on the same day after the necessary controls are provided.

    What should be done before FUE hair transplant operation?

    As before every surgical procedure, there are some points to be considered before fue hair transplantation. These issues should be taken into account in order for the hair transplantation period to proceed and complete smoothly. If we list these issues:

    • The hair in the donor area is shortened to 1 mm
    • Before hair transplantation, the hair should be clean and oily.
    • Hair should not contain chemicals such as foam and jelly.
    • Alcohol should not be consumed before the operation.
    • Smoking should be abandoned one week before
    • One week before the operation, the body should not get too tired.
    • On the day of the operation, breakfast should be made adequately, and light foods should be taken at lunch. It is necessary to be satiated during the operation.
    • Comfortable clothes should be preferred during the operation.

    What is the recovery process like after FUE hair transplant?

    The most important part after the completion of the operation is the protection of this area. It is necessary to stay away from the factors that can corrode the scalp for a while. Hair should not be washed for a certain period of time. Hair that should not get wet should also be protected from weather conditions such as rain.

    Information on when to wash the hair will be given by the specialist physician who performs FUE Hair Transplantation. After washing permission, it should be washed sensitively just in case. It is recommended that the first washing process be done in the center where the operation is performed. In general, it is allowed to wash the hair 3 days after the operation and the patient returns to his daily life.

    After a week, the small holes opened in the nape area are completely healed and there is no scar. In the area of hair transplantation, itching occurs while crusting continues. When the 10 days after the operation is completed, it will be seen that the crusts are completely cleared and the crusted injured appearance in the transplanted area will completely disappear.

    What are the advantages of FUE hair transplantation method?

    The advantages of the fue hair transplantation technique, which is so preferred, will of course be many. However, in order to fully benefit from these advantages, it should be taken into account that the operation should be performed by a plastic surgeon who is an expert in his field. So, what are these advantages:

    • The procedure is painless due to the use of local anesthesia.
    • After the hair grows, the hair in the donor area can also be used as short.
    • The success rate is very high when performed by specialist physicians.
    • It enables those who have genetic hair loss to have natural and healthy hair.
    • After hair transplantation with this method, the pain is very low. A comfortable process is passed with painkillers.
    • Healing is achieved in a shorter time and it is possible to return to normal life easily.
    • No scars remain after hair transplantation.
    • It is a method that can be easily applied to men and women.
    • Newly grown hair has a natural and intense appearance.
    • The planned density of hair is reached in the area where hair transplantation is performed.
    • If it is planned correctly, the hair follicles taken from the donor area will not be damaged.
    • The transplanted hair follicles grow on the scalp with an efficiency of 98%.
    • Those who have scars or have lost their hair due to different diseases can regain their hair with this technique.
    • It offers permanent solutions against mild or severe hair loss.

    Comments of People Who Have Had FUE Hair Transplantation 2024

    After a comprehensive research after hair loss, the comments of the patients who decided to have FUE hair transplantation are positive and they are happy to have a natural appearance.

    Hair loss, which is encountered in any period of life and for different reasons, negatively affects people physically, causing them to seek different ways to regain their hair. Since the many dermatological supports used do not respond, they have to resort to the easiest and painless method to regain their natural hair.

    Micromotor FUE hair transplantation is the technique that offers the fastest, most natural and permanent solutions to people in this regard. When the before and after photos of the patients who applied to this method and gave advice with their positive comments are examined, the situation is clearly understood.

    What are the things that people who have FUE hair transplantation should pay attention to?

    There are some points that need to be considered in order to successfully complete the hair transplant process. Your doctor who performed the operation will give the most accurate advice on this matter. In order to have healthy and natural hair as soon as possible, the drugs given with the advice of the doctor should be used regularly. In addition, if we talk about other points to be considered after FUE hair transplantation:

    • Hair should never be washed on the first day. On the second day, it should be bandaged in order to reduce swelling.
    • The 3rd day should be preferred for washing the hair and the first washing should be done by your doctor.
    • After the operation, heavy work such as fatigue, sweating and taking a shower should be avoided. Otherwise, the hair follicles will be damaged and healthy growth cannot occur.
    • It is normal to feel pain and discomfort after the transplantation process. Tension from local anesthesia may also be observed. If the doctor’s recommendations are followed exactly, everything will return to normal in a few days.
    • After hair transplantation, stressful environments should be avoided and stressful sports should not be done.
    • If the transplant is done on the back of the hair, the patient should lie down.
    • It is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol, as there will be antibiotic use after the application. For new hair transplanted to the skin, alcohol is harmful because it mixes with the circulatory system through the blood.
    • Swelling may occur on the skin after hair transplantation. It is useful to wait for these swellings to go down before going out into the community.
    • The next day after hair transplantation, the bandage on the neck is removed and the forehead is bandaged to prevent edema from striking the forehead or eyes.
    • 2 days after sowing, dressing should be applied to the planted area. Medications and care recommendations given by the doctor after dressing should be taken into account.


    • The planting area should not be touched for the first 3 days.
    • Smoking, alcohol, tea, coffee should be avoided. Since they mix with the blood, they will affect the hair follicles negatively by stimulating them.
    • Avoid very cold or very hot environments. Likewise, it should not be washed with very cold or very hot water.
    • Swimming pool, sauna and the sea should be avoided. Since the risk of infection will increase in such places, it will risk the success rate of the surgery.
    • After the 3rd day, it should be washed with a special shampoo. These special shampoos will kill the bacteria on the scalp and allow the roots to grow.
    • Wounds and crusts should not be disturbed because they are a temporary process and will disappear in a short time.

    Correct Determination of the Outflow Direction of Hair Roots

    It is necessary to pay attention to the direction of the roots during FUE hair transplantation, in which the hungry follicles are transferred from the nape to the bald area on the scalp. Hair follicles collected from the nape area should be correctly separated in their direction and length.

    After the separation is completed, the hair follicles should be placed in the bald area in accordance with the exit direction. This is the most important stage of hair transplantation.

    If hair transplantation is performed by a surgeon who is an expert in the field, successful results that look natural are obtained without being obvious. In order to achieve the most natural appearance, the density of the front line of the hair around the forehead and the direction of the hair follicle must be made correctly by a specialist surgeon.

    The reason why the hair follicles to be transplanted are taken from the nape area

    The hormone that causes hair loss is testosterone. And the hairs on the nape are insensitive to the testosterone hormone and do not fall out. For this reason, the roots in this area are preferred in order to avoid hair loss after hair transplantation. In a possible case, if the hair on the nape is clogged or insufficient, the hair follicle on the chest or a different part of the body can be used as an alternative.

    Return to Normal Life After FUE Hair Transplant

    Following the completion of the operation, if the small rules given by the doctor are followed, a return to normal life will occur. The patient is told what to pay attention to in a few days and he is asked to follow the rules. A hat or beret can be worn 3 days after the hair transplant procedure. One week later he can swim in the sea and two weeks later he can enter the pool.

    Patients who work at a desk in their working life can return to work after resting the next day of the hair transplant procedure. However, it is necessary to take a break from work for 3-4 days for those who work in dusty areas such as industry and construction.

    After all the stages are completed and the hair transplantation process is completed, the newly grown hair from the transplanted hair follicles is shed within 1 month. This is a normal process and should not be panicked. New and permanent hair will grow within 5 months after this shedding occurs.

    FUE Hair Transplantation is the hair transplantation method that anyone who does not want to spend the rest of their life as bald due to their hair loss can choose with peace of mind.

    FUE Hair Transplant Cos2024

    The prices of FUE Hair Transplantation, which is the most preferred hair transplant method in the world with the advantages it provides, are also a matter of curiosity. After examining the area where the roots will be obtained from the person to be transplanted and the area where the transplant will be performed by specialist physicians, a road map will be drawn and clear information will be given about Fue hair transplant prices.

    You can learn the price information about the Fue method, which provides a natural appearance after the operation, has a very fast recovery process and allows you to achieve the best result in terms of visuality, from the aesthetic center that will perform the procedure.