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    What is Labiaplasty?

    Labiaplasty is the plastic surgery’s most unstandardized approach. 


    Unlike a nose, genitalia doesn’t have much exposure and doesn’t get much discussion regarding its aesthetic aspects. And a genital aesthetic culture hasn’t been developed because of this. Breast aesthetics are much more lucky in this regard. 

    An already taboo subject like sexuality is critiqued by male preferences, but alas, men are really shallow in this regard. And this causes women’s motives to be shallow too.

    Although women are more lucky biologically on sexual encounters, mens shortcomings have been attributed to women.

    In short, because this criterias are mainly set by men, and most of them get it from pronography, women might request color changes, narrowness, or less vaginal lips. In fact, most can’t even touch their genitalia. 

    This is a long subject. I want to only talk about labias and labiaplasty in this article. 

    Labia Majora Operations

    Fat and ligaments are dominant inside labia majora’s structure. Because of this, most deformities occur due to weight gain/loss and hormonal effects of pregnancy. If a patient is overweight, both vulva and labia majora can get embonpoint.

    This can be fixed with fat removal. But it should be noted that, if there is a risk of sagging after fat removal, an incision should be made to remove excess skin during the operation. Atrophies are the most common type of labia majora problems. This is caused by volume lost and creates a hollow and saggy look on labia majora. In this case, it should be first determined if there is any excess skin. If there is, excess skin is removed with fat injections, if there isn’t only fat injections will be enough. This way we can prevent old and wrinkled looks. 

    Labia Minora Operations

    Labia minora is a flat structure that has a modified thin epithelium on its surface. Its size and color changes not because of weight but by hormonal changes. Women have two hormonal revolutions. One is puberty, and the other is pregnancy. During menopause it decreases. This can be called a third stage. 

    Before puberty, labia minoras are usually hidden behind labia majoras. With hormonal changes during puberty, their length gets increased and their color darkens especially on the outer parts. While some patients apply for operations due to the size, sagginessi and color of their labia minora, these are usually normal anatomical states for them. There are truly no measurements for size, shape or color of labia minora that are standard. Most of the candidate patients are not suited for labiaplasty

    Because only a small percentage of patients have aesthetic problems that can justify a surgical operation. When other patients are asked about their expectations, some say, “I want labia minora completely hidden”. But this can only be seen before puberty. 

    But why would a mature woman want a labia that looks like the way it did before puberty? Societal norms regarding vaginal looks give this wrong idea. Also dissatisfaction with the color of the labia minora stems from the same point. These colored areas have a huge part in vaginal sensitivity, and they should be preserved even with labiaplasty operations. At least some. Pain while wearing underwear is not in the medical literature. Because it doesn’t happen. Feeling pain is related to societal conditioning and wrong mindset. Have you ever heard of a man who has pain because of a large penis? 

    Labiaplasty surgeries are very easy and have a high rate of successful results, but the important part is to choose a patient that really needs it. Discovering your body and making peace with it as women is the most important thing. 

    For more information and examination, please book an appointment. 

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