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BBL Turkey (Brazilian Butt Lift)

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    Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL Turkey )

    BBL Turkey, There are some criteria for the ideal proportions of the female body in certain areas in the society. For example having eyebrows that protrude out on the edges is considered more alluring (despite many examples on the contrary). Or slightly lifted structure on the nose, or thinner and longer shape of fingers, or a longer neck. We even have tests for breasts, like can it hold a pencil on the fold. Nevertheless, until recently, there weren’t any standards for buttock size and shape. 

    When most women are asked about it, they just want their buttocks to be curved and outgoing. In reality, from the crevice on the meeting point of buttocks, to venus dimples on the sides of the buttocks, to the angle on the point of merging with the legs, to way of contact between both bottocks, to the sides of the buttock being hollow or full, there are many criterias that make a butt what it is, beautiful or otherwise. While creating the ideal butts, removal of excess fat, fat injection to the pressed or hollow areas, implanting silicone implants, sometimes skin removal, and sometimes folding the excess skin on lower back inwards to create the desired look. You might encounter synthetic filler injection or thread suspension approaches in the digital jungle. I don’t recommend these approaches. You can discuss the reason in detail in another article. 


    What is the reason that makes brazilian women queens of the buttocks? Is their genetic heritage that flawless? Or as a friend of mine who lived in Brazil for a long time, is it the tradition of premerriage plastic surgeries that’s really common? 

    Of course, no one can disregard the advantages brought forward by genetic advantages. With that being said, it doesn’t mean that the ones who don’t have this advantage should stop caring and go to their corners. Especially if we know that life is a one time gift. 

    What is So Alluring About Brazilian Butts?

    When brazilian butt is concerned a few points should be taken into consideration.

    First is the oval contour of the buttock that leads to the hips. If there’s not enough fat on a patient, this is relatively the hardest part to fix. Because this area requires curvatures from the hips and there’s no implants invented for this purpose. It can only be contoured with fat transfer from other areas. 

    Second point is the pertrution of the buttocks. We call this projection. We have two options for this area. We can either use fat transfer from others or use implants that’ve been produced for this purpose. Both are equally valid for appropriate patients. I also want to say that implants don’t feel like pillows when you sit. The Implantation area is on the back and upper areas, you will not feel them. 

    Another subject is the waist gully. One of the most important things that will showcase a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is the gully of the waist. It can’t get better than a look that softly rises from waist to buttocks. We achieve this with VASER Lipoplasty. With VASER we can remove the fats on that area while achieving a lifting on the skin. 

    Another important but lesser known point in bbl turkey is the ovality of the point of contact of individual buttocks’ south poles. Meaning not only the outer look of the buttocks should be oval but also their contact points too. When this detail is missed, a perfect butt can’t be achieved. There is a secret parentheses here. One leg of the parentheses is in between L5 vertebrates and trochanter, other is laid between the coccyx and sciatica nerve, and concaves look at eachother. This is also achieved with VASER Lipoplasty. 

    Brazilian Butt Lift used to only mean the butt implants, but nowadays, it means implants, fat transfer and VASER Lipoplasty’s combination. 

    Why are Butt Aesthetic Surgeries so Popular in the Recent Years?

    It’s mostly pop culture, widespread use of the internet and social media of course. No matter how different each country’s culture, the internet will unite everyone in a monotype perception. First surgery to gain traction by this phenomena was the rhinoplasty. Nose is visible to everyone and can’t be hidden. Therefore it’s logical for butts to be ignored for so long because they’re not as visible. 

    Can Everyone Get BBL Surgery?

    Everyone who doesn’t have a condition that prevents surgery can get this operation. 

    What Approaches are Used For Brazilian Butt Lift?

    If what we will do is using implants, this is achieved with incisions made on the sides of the buttocks. Fat transfer is done by removing fat from other parts of the body, and after preparations transferring it to the hollow or pressed parts of the buttocks. Although some surgeons choose to only use fat transfer to fill in the buttocks completely, in my practice, I don’t prefer this. Silicone implants are much more logical. Using fat to only fix local problems is much more preferable. 

    Is Fat Transferred From The Patient’s Body? What If There’s Not Enough Fat?

    Of course, a patient’s own fat is used for fat transfer. Otherwise, complications might occur just like in the organ transfer. If a patient doesn’t have enough fat, fat transfer is ignored for that patient.

    How Are Butt Implants Used? Do They Differ in Size Just Like Breast Ones?

    Just like breast implants butt implants are also in different sizes and shapes. They are used by implanting inside the buttock muscles. But are these implants noticeable? If the implant is put just under the skin, it’s inevitable to be not noticed. Most bad results emanate from the choice of this approach. To prevent this, implants should be put inside the muscles. 

    What Should I Be Careful About After Butt Aesthetic Operation?

    Will there be pain, scar marks? Patients should be careful about sitting and sleeping positions after BBL surgeries. Because the pain goes away and they feel fine after a few weeks, patients usually get careless. Because butt muscles are really strong and coupled with implant’s pressure, although they are very carefully made and multi layered, stitches might open. Because they are hidden under the buttocks, stitches are very unlikely to be seen. 

    Are There Any Risks related To BBL Surgeries?

    All the complications that can occur on other surgeries can happen in this operation too. At the and a freign object is implanted inside the body, is there a possibility for the body rejection? In theory, there is a possibility for rejection of the body in regards to all implanted subjects and silicone is a very inert substance and there is a very low probability of rejection. At worst, capsules might occur around the implants. In my practice I haven’t experienced any body rejections for silicone implants. 

    BBL Turkey (Brazilian Butt Lift) Cost 2023

    Brazilian Butt Lift is one of the hardest operations to be priced. Because the implants, fat transfer, and contouring with VASER Lipoplasty is used, it should be first determined how much each of these approaches will be used individually. Although patients tend to put butt implants and breast implants on the same scale, you should know that butt implants are more expensive. Also, like every other surgery, brazilian butt lift prices are affected by the experience and the approach of the surgeon who will perform this operation. Of course I won’t touch on the subject of your valuation of your butts at all :).