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Eyelid Blepharoplasty Aesthetic

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    Eyelid Aesthetic

    More commonly known as eyelid aesthetics blepharoplasty is a surgery that impacts in our lives are unquestinable. When we communicate, we either look at a person’s eyes, or lips. This is a sign of its importance in communications. Also, signs of aging start to show themselves first on eyelids. 

    Like all facial structures of the face, eyelids get old, sag, and wrinkle too. Social results of these are a tired and sad look other than an aged look. 

    Lower eyelids are a different subject. With light of contemporary medical approach, it shows that approaching eyelids problems solely based on lower ones leads to lack of complete treatment. Halos and bags under the eyes are not really eyelid problems but midface ones. Almost all who have problems with their lower eyelids need to get a midface lift surgery. Although it is a lifting, this shouldn’t be attributed solely to aging. These problems can sometimes be structural. You can read my midface lift article regarding this issue. 

    Concepts of Eyelid and Look Aesthetics

    In my own practice, I mean upper eyelid when I talk about eyelid aesthetics. Let’s talk about what we do regarding this area. First thing that’s noticed is the residue on the upper side. This residue is removed with a surgical approach. Depending on the needs, fats that give more than enough volume can be removed, or if there’s more need, fat injections can be used.

    In fact, when problems regarding this area are discussed, it’s better to call it look aesthetics rather than eyelid aesthetics. Eyelids are not the only thing that makes a look alluring. Angles of the cantus inside and outside of the eyes, state of forehead and eyebrows, protrusion of cheeks based on the face ovality should all be considered when talking about look aesthetic. 

    Eyelid surgery is done on the residue that the upper eyelid makes when opened. Stitch line will be in this area too. Because this area has the thinnest layer of dermis in the body, scar marks will be barely visible. Eyelid surgery can be done under either local or general anesthesia.

    Surgery takes 20-30 minutes for individual eyelids. It is normal to have some bruising and swelling after the operation. These will go away in 5-6 days depending on the patient’s skin properties. Eyelid aesthetic is an operation that is combined with other face lifting operations. You can get more information through this link:

    Especially considering this is look aesthetics, cheekbones, eyebrows, and forehead areas can