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Neck Lift And Jowl Lifting Turkey

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    Neck Lift And Jowl Lifting

    Because everything has little bit of another in subjects of face aesthetics, although it is a very different surgery, it is not possible to separate neck lifting from face lift completely. For this reason, I recommend you read the face lift section of my website before this article. 

    As I mentioned before, aging happens in distinct stages, and there are different approaches to these different stages. These are:

    First, visible skin quality goes away with the start of face aging. Skin uses its exuberance, pink colors leave their place to yellow-brown matte. There are fat islets that give the face its volume, and these loose volume with aging. Ligaments that hold these fat islets get stretched by time, and have a lesser ability to hold them in place. With early stages of the aging, fat tissue under the eyes and cheeks begin to separate.

    Both have different types of ligaments and fat tissue on the cheeks is heavier than the ones under the eyes. This creates what are known as under eye halos. Although most call this fat accumulation under the eyes, this is not correct.

    What happens is fast migration of the cheek fat tissue, leaving fats under the eyes alone. Of course the membrane that holds the fat tissue under the eye is also stretched but this is basically how it happens. We can call this Stage 1. While aging commences, cheek fat tissue gets further down, crevices around the nose begin to appear, and this is called the stage 2. While this goes on, sagging around the chin starts.

    He we are, at stage 3. At the same time, eyelids and eyebrows begin to drop and sag, beginning at different stages. When the neck starts to join in on this anarchy, stage 4. will be reached. 

    If you’re on the stages 3 and 4, face lift won’t be enough to lift the sagging tissues by itself. Besides, the way the tissues should be lifted is not 90 degrees at these stages, but towards the ears. Because of this, an incision that starts from the front of the ears and goes to the back of it is used to release the cheek tissues to lift them. Of course the only thing lifted is not just the skin but the tissue called SMAS, which is very important. But what can be done on the lower parts of sagging, namely neck?

    Before an intervention on the neck, it is best to talk about the special anatomy of the neck. As I said, on the cheek area it is important to lift the SMAS tissue along with the skin. Also on the neck, SMAS tissue gets thinner, and thin muscles called platysma keeps going. With aging, platysma gets stretched, and sagging starts on the skin too. With facelift, going down to the neck, neck skin is lifted and with excess skin removed, gets lifted towards the ears. There are other techniques while lifting platysma muscles, but I’m not sure if they should be lifted. 

    Operation will be done under general anesthesia. The surgery is done under general anesthesia. It takes 2 ½ hours for midface, 4 hours if the cheeks are operated. 30 minutes are added for the eyelids, for eyebrow or temporal lift, 1 hour is added. After the surgery, there will be paper bandages that will stay for 5 days under the eyes.

    If cheek lift is performed, there will be elastic bandages on them. We don’t usually use drainage. There might be temporary bruises and swelling. You shouldn’t worry yourself with them, they will go away after 2-3 weeks. 10 days after the surgery, you can easily camouflage them. 

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