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Secondary Revision Rhinoplasty Prices Turkey

Ask The Doctor

    Revision Rhinoplasty What is Revision Rhinoplasty?

    If there is an unsatisfactory result after the rhinoplasty operation and need for a secondary operation, then we need to talk about revision rhinoplasty. Although it is a somewhat bothersome situation, this is a reality of plastic surgery. Look at the bright side: There is a solution. But what causes the need for a revision? Some fault belongs to the surgical mistakes, some to the patient’s mistakes, and some can be caused by unpredictable complications. Whatever the reason, wrongfully removed nose cartilage or bones, non aesthetic angles, asymmetrical problems beyond natural acceptable limits, or beautiful but functionally faulty (breathing problems) noses are candidates for revision rhinoplasty.

    What Should Be the Timing for Revision Rhinoplasty?

    There’s a period and mechanism of healing that’s applicable for all parts of our body. Almost a year is needed for the operated tissues to gain their former softness. In this period, even if it’s for revision purposes, tissues are not suitable for surgical interventions. 

    How’s Revision Rhinoplasty Done?

    If the problem is over-removed or lost tissues, there are a few ways to repair this. But how? Nasal skeletal structure is made up of both cartilage and bones and the main skeletal system is supported by a sturdy structure. With easier cases, the problem can be fixed with cartilage taken from the ear, but with worse cases, rib cartilage and bone might be needed for the repair. Also some temporal muscle fascia can be used in order to support the repair process. To repair the soft tissues of the nose, inner layers of skin or fat transfer can be used.

    With asymmetrical noses, the nose skeletal system needs to be exposed to make changes. Dropped nose tips can be moved upwards to get their proper positions. Cause for breathing problems emanates from overlooking the preexisting minor breathing problems on the channel. Because most surgeons often don’t use endoscopic nasal examination before the operation, operations might be done without proper knowledge of the breathing problems. If a proper functional examination of the nasal parts are done, breathing problems can be fixed with a closed rhinoplasty surgery. 

    Can Revision Rhinoplasty Be Done Closed?

    It very well can be. I prefer the closed rhinoplasty approach in almost all of the revision rhinoplasty surgeries too. All spreader and strut graftings can be applied without outside incions on the nose too. It is possible in even the worst cases to get cartilage from 2 cm incisions and implant them using the nostrils, thus fixing the structural problems. Recovery process is not too different from primer rhinoplasty operations. Only thing is that swelling might be more. In case you had a bad experience with your first operation, I suggest you plan for the revision rhinoplasty rather than getting upset over it.