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Breast Reduction Surgery Turkey

Breast Aesthetic
Ask The Doctor

    What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

    As with every aspect of plastic surgery, breast aesthetics have evolved and gained their own standards over time. Although there was once a time where small breasts were more popular, ideal breast size is the one that is in harmony with height-shoulder width, weight, and is with volume.  having beautiful breasts is of course every woman’s dream but nature isn’t fair to some. Even if we ignore development issues, these breasts are still hard to come by.

    Why Do Some Women Have Bigger Breasts?

    As you know, breasts are secondary sexual organs for women. They are a part of womanhood and they are affected by every hormonal change from childhood to menopause. Of course there is another important factor such as genetic makeup from a woman’s mother’s side.  Hormonal increases causes the breasts, which are very susceptible to hormonal changes, to enlarge drastically. At the end this causes colossal breasts. 

    Colossal breasts can be caused by drastic weight gain, pregnancy, and genetic makeup. Whatever the reasons, big breasts bring other medical and social issues with them. Pain felt on arms, neck hernia, nape pain, even fungal infections  and rashes beneath the breasts can be caused by big breasts. Of course dress choice is another issue. If the problem started during teenage years, women might try to hide their breasts by hunched stance and cause medical issues along with psychological ones. 

    Understanding Breast Anatomy

    A breast consists of skin, fat tissue, and mil glands. Depending on the aimed size of the breast reduction surgery, tissue might be taken from all these three components. Taking from skin means there will be an incision, and depending on the type of incision, there will be a scar. 

    The incision size and shape depends on the amount of tissue that will be taken out. You can discuss the type and shape with your doctor before the operation. There are several approaches regarding this issue.

    Can I Breastfeed After Breast Reduction?

    As you know, a portion of the breast consists of milk glands. And some portion of the milk glands might be taken out in this surgery. Because the amount of breast milk is decided by how much mlk gland there is, this means if you plan to give birth in the future, your breastfeeding capabilities will be reduced by this surgery. In short, breastfeeding capabilities after breast reduction are tied to a patient’s own anatomy and milk gland capabilities. But there is no breastfeeding capability loss on breast augmentation and breast lift operations.

    Will My Nipples Be Protected In a Breast Reduction Surgery?

    Although there is an approach that nipples aren’t preserved and used as patches, you should know that nowadays nipples are almost always preserved in breast reduction surgeries. In addition to this, nipples are raised to their appropriate positions, thus performing a breast lift operation. If these aren’t present, that’s a recipe for an unsatisfactory breast reduction result.

    How Much Can Breasts Be Reduced?

    Especially with transitioning operations or cancer operations, breasts can be taken out completely. But with breast reduction operations, the aim is to have breasts that are suitable for a woman’s body and beauty.

    Does Nipple Senses Lessen After Breast Reduction?

    We can never say no to this question. Nerves that are in the nipples come from in between ribs and go through inside the breasts. In the case of a truly colossal breast, some of these nerves might be removed thus reducing nipple senses. To preserve nipple senses, best approach is to preserve breast central pedicles as much as possible. 

    Why Is Breast Reduction Applied?

    If we think of our spine as the center of a scale, if the front of this scale is much heavier than the back, sooner or later this will cause spine flattening and inevitably, neck pains. 

    It is also common for heavy breasts to pressure bras and cause shoulder pain. 

    It is also possible for the rashes and fungal infections on the breast fold during summertime. 

    Being unable to find suitable dressing can be a more important factor than any of the above for some women.

    What Are Breast Reduction Approaches?

    There are several breast reduction approaches. You can discuss which one is more suitable for you with your doctor. Of course the level of reduction you aim is also important for the choice of approach. Breast reduction is a lot like breast lift operation. As with breast lift, incision can be a minimal one around the nipple or a reverse T.

    Will There be Scar Marks After Breast Reduction?

    If you have truly big breasts, this means there will be a lot of tissue removal. This includes the skin, and means incisions and scar marks on the skin. As the reduction scale goes up, scar amounts go up too. No scar marks after an operation goes away completely, but depending on the patient’s healing process, they might fade away by passage of time. Also, of course we will be trying to fasten this process by using lasers, silicone scar covers, special moisturizers. Best solution to get scars less visible immediately after the operation is to choose the correct type of threads for stitching and technique.

    Will There Be Special Tests Before The Operation?

    In addition to standard tests for every operation in preparation for anesthesia, we also ask our patients for any cancer stories on their family, have birads 3 and above mass in their breasts, or over the age of 40 for mammography and USG before the operation. 

    How Is The Process Of Breast Reduction Operation?

    As with all operations, first we must be on the same page on your wishes and possibilities. Especially because it’s a health problem more than it is an aesthetical problem, most patients just want them reduced no matter what. But the need for beautiful breasts in the future should be discussed before the operation and correct size should be decided. 

    After surgical matters have been decided, the operation date will be decided and we will take your photos. Don’t worry, these are kept encrypted. 

    After pricing breast reduction has been decided and handled, we bid you farewell until we meet again on the day of the operation. 

    If you’re over the age of 40, or have breast cancer in the family past, or have a suspicious mass, you should send us your mammography and USG results before the operation. 

    You should arrive at the hospital early in the morning so your tests can be completed. 

    If you have a medical condition, your consultations should be done before the operation. 

    It’s usually enough to stay for a night at the hospital. 

    I would like to see you in periods after the operation, especially in the early stages. 

    Patients who live abroad can travel back 3-4 days after the operation. 

    Breast Reduction Prices With Universal Health Care Coverage 2024

    Because breast size can cause additional health problems, breast reduction is covered and subsidized by universal health care in Turkey. First patients must see a committee of doctors regarding back and spine health issues. On the approval of this committee, breast reduction operations can be done in state owned hospitals. Of course as with every other operation, a patient’s financial power is important in breast reduction operations too.

    In addition to this, don’t forget about the aesthetic importance of breast size in addition to their health importance. Also, don’t forget that every surgeon has a different aesthetic approach, and scale the importance of your breast and budget before deciding. Breast reduction prices vary and change depending on the patient’s situation and time of the operation, so please feel free to contact us for more information. 

    After breast reduction operations all of the patients say the same thing: “I feel like Ihave born again”. You can rebuild your self confidence with breast aesthetic surgeries, which have high patient satisfaction. I tried to sum up a very complicated surgery group in this operation. For more information you can book an appointment.