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Hollywood Cheek (Bichectomy) Turkey

Face Aesthetic
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    What is Hollywood Cheeks Newton’s Favourite Aesthetic Operation: Hollywood Cheek (Bichat Fat Pad Removal)

    When he sleeps under a three, an apple falls on his head and makes him ask “why?”. Why did this apple fall down when separated from the tree? And why does everything heavier than air always fall down? Since that day, there have been a lot of falling in both our and Newton’s lives. When there is gravity, everything that has weight falls down. Our cheeks included :).

    We all now cheeks sag with aging. But some are more unfortunate, even before aging, cheeks sag. Half part of our face looks wider than the cheekbones. This look sometimes creates a look that’s saggy or loose appearance on the face, even if there’s no sagging. To solve this problem, midface lift can be used to lift this segment up and strengthen the cheekbones, or bichat fat pads can be removed from the cheeks. 

    Hollywood cheek operation is done under local anesthesia to remove these fat pads, and it takes 15 minutes to perform. 

    Of course not every patient is suitable for Hollywood cheek. Especially if their cheekbones are weak and they might be useful to be used for midface lift in their later years. Correct patient should be chosen based on the age and expectations. 

    Return to regular life after bichat removal is immediate. Antiseptic mouthwashes should be used in the first week. Also, the amount of bichat removed is based on the patient’s anatomy. Meaning the percentage of the fat pad removed can be different for different patients. This is an important issue that should be discussed with your surgeon before the operation. 

    Patients interested in bichat fat removal might also want to look at jawline fillers. You can read about it here: