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    Breast Lift Surgery

    There has been a lot of meaning that has been imposed on breasts. In Renaissance Europe,  large and plump breasts were a symbol of fertility. They must’ve been large so the milk would be abundant. They were a sign of a healthy woman, alas women life expectancy at the time was very low. For this reason, women with small breasts would use corsets to make them appear bigger. Before and after, it has always been a symbol of motherhood. But no matter what, they have always been in the center of attraction of women. 

    There are a lot of approaches to doing breast surgeries that are harmonious with a woman’s height while protecting milk ducts. Sometimes it’s augmentation, sometimes reduction, sometimes corrections of sagging. With loss of breasts for different reasons (cancer, burns) we can effectuate new breasts. 

    Afterall, results are more than just beautiful breasts: self confidence of a woman.

    So what we’ll be doing to empower self confidence. We need to be problem focused. If the problem is with size being too small, breast augmentation is the name of the game. For more information, you can visit:  But if the problem is with sagging whether it is combined with smallness or largeness, breast lift is needed. If the breasts are both small and sagging, then breast lifting with implants, also known as mastopexy is needed. 

    Before we can discuss breast lift we need to apprehend a few concepts. 

    What are Sagging Breasts?

    Although there are varying definitions, let me give you the most practical definition. Do you know the pen test? Where the pen is put under the breast fold. You can measure the distance between the breast fold and nipple. If your nipple is below this breast fold, it means your breasts have sagged. And if the breasts are saggy, they should be lifted either with implants or without. Of course less frequently we see saggy breasts while big. In these cases, breasts needs both reduction and lift. 

    Why Do Breasts Sag?

    Most common cause of breast sagging is hormonal drop after birth which causes breast atrophy. Breasts get bigger during pregnancy due to estrogen and although it is expected for them to get to their former size, this drop in hormones causes volume loss and sagging. 

    Milk reflux also causes breasts to look hollowed out.

    Because breasts are partly of fat, drastic weight loss might cause sagging too. 

    Some hormone treatment medicines might cause breasts to shrink. 

    How Can Breast Sagging Be Prevented?

    If you can keep two reasons I mentioned above under control breast sagging might be prevented. 

    You must keep your weight consistent as much as possible. Because breasts are partly of fat, drastic weight loss can cause sagging. 

    It is very important to use appropriate bras. Especially if you leave your breast to the mercy of gravity, you might lose their old shapes. 

    If you’re using hormonal medicines, this might cause edemas and pain which stretches breast skin.

    If your breast looks cracked after weight loss/gain, this probably means your skin’s carry capabilities are low; they will sag at some point in the future. You can keep breast skin maintained with moisturizers. 

    Is There a Non-Surgical Breast Lift?

    This question gets asked by our patients with great hope and belief. But just as there’s no non-surgical solution for breast augmentation, neither is there one for breast lift. Also just as I don’t recommend fillers or fat transfer with breast augmentation, I don’t recommend them for breast lift too.

    Don’t forget, you have an emptied-out bag, Trying to plan for lift by filling and stretching this bag is a mistake. Best solution is to fix carry problems that cause this sagging in the first place. In short, there is no possibility for non-surgical breast lift.

    What Are Breast Suspenders?

    I talked about breast anatomy in my breast augmentation article. There are about 20 cooper ligaments. At some points, some surgeons used hook-like suspenders to lift the breast without a surgery. 

    There were even ones who tried these on buttocks. But as can be suspected, both breasts and buttocks are heavy structures for gravity. Thus, these suspenders were abandoned for their lack of long term use. Suspender applications have been limited to face for this reason. 

    How Breast Lift Surgery Is Done?

    In breast lift operations, criteria is the level at which the nipples stand. If nipples are below the level of breast fold, then they can be considered sagged. This is sometimes caused by genetics and sometimes by breast feeding after birth. Sometimes breasts are severely affected by weight loss. Whatever the reasons, these problems can be fixed with a breast lift operation. Breasts can be raised to their ideal levels and have perpendicular form.

    In breast lift operations, there are several approaches. These approaches are applied depending on the breast shape and volume. While it is possible to make a single incision around the nipple on suitable patients, some patients require an incision we call “reverse T”. Of course there are other incisions in between. You can think of it by comparing the level of sagging. The reverse T incision won’t disappear completely of course, but it will fade out over time. Incision visibility can be reduced with a lot of skin care applications. Minimal incision around the nipples can only be used if the level of sagging is minimal.

    Another important issue is that if the patient will be satisfied with breast volume after the breast lift operation. If the lift operation will not provide a satisfying volume, it should be supported with implants. If this thought has passed your mind once, it’s probably needed. be forthcoming about your thoughts when you speak with your doctor.

    I usually prefer general anesthesia in surgeries. Of course it should be done in a hospital too. Breast augmentation patients can leave the hospital in the same day but I think breast lift patients should spend the night at the hospital.

    Which Operations Can Breast Lift Be Combined?

    Just like breast augmentation, breast lift operations can be done at the same operation with rhinoplasty, body contouring operations, genital operations, etc.

    What Are The Complications Of Breast Lift?

    Breast lift is a type of operation with a high success rate and safety. With that being said, there might be classic surgical complications such as, scar healing problems, bleeding, infections, and tissue nourishment problems. Even though these risks are very low probability, breast lift operations need to be planned and executed very carefully. Of course you can help matters by not sleeping face down, not squeezing breast, avoiding alcohol and smoking after the operation. 

    I tried to summarize a complicated surgical procedure in this article. For more detailed information and examination, you can book an appointment. If you have any additional questions regarding breast lift please send them our way. 

    By the way, breast augmentation can be done with a breast lift too. For more detailed information about this subject, please visit: