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Mesotherapy Prices Turkey

Ask the Doctor

    What Mesotherapy is actually?

    A true federal regime dominates our body. form groups to compose tissues, tissues form groups to compose organs, organs form groups to compose systems and then body organism is formed. Management is actually fair in terms of requirements, performance and mission distribution. For good or ill, we take our nourishment. Digestive system classifies nourishment. Then they go to vascular system for logistics, and are distributed to other systems and organs by multiple lane highways. And even though our skin with its 1.7 m2 surface for an average person is the biggest organ of the body, it gets only its share from this distribution.

    Then before it is taken by other , an anarchist (this is actually us) steps in and gives preferential treatment to the skin to make it use nourishment abundantly for stronger and more successful self-renewal process. Even if it doesn’t seem fair, as we don’t steal anything from other organs we feel comfortable because skin is our most precious outfit. And this practice is called “mesotherapy”. Platelet rich plasma, which will be explained later in another article, is also a mesotherapy. The only difference of Platelet rich plasma is that material used is not a medicine but it is made with your blood.

    I will get to that later. When we say mesotherapy we are talking about injection products utilized for various purposes such as wrinkles, strias, scar marks, blemish, under eye dark circles, acne, and . While not approving some of them, I practice it for others. My objection has separate reasons for each product. Suitable product should be used for suitable patient by injecting it into the skin with tiny needles. Injection region is the middle layer of the skin. Already, “meso” means middle.

    How should mesotherapy be practiced?

    Mesotherapy practices are performed in successive sessions. After first couple of sessions, you start realizing the difference. Depending on your present problem, it can be applied either alone or combined with a perfect skin care. Instead of taking minerals, vitamins, and some other constitutive units renewing skin and supporting elastin and collagen orally or through veins, giving them directly by mesotherapy to the skin where aging impacts are more visible will increase the impact of the medicines in the needy area and prevent other organs to get exhausted for nothing.

    If you have a different questions regarding Mesotherapy, please fill in the form. Wish you a healthy life.