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Sex Change Operation Turkey

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    Sex Change Operation

    While transsexality was still illegal and a taboo subject in the middle of the 20th century, some surgeons have been working to develop these surgeries, still trying to overcome disapproval of their colleagues. As with all surgical procedures, sex change also had a hard time in the early stages of development. Because most transsexual individuals have a distain for their birth given genetalia, although it wasn’t a complete transformation, just losing their current genetalia was seen as an achievement. 

    I want to explain this operation based on its most common type : Male to Female Transition. Starting from the moment they discover their true sexuality, these individuals want to get their sexual organs removed. Because of this desire, although new genitalia wasn’t created, these operations were still satisfactory because at least the penis was removed. Because it was still a taboo subject in society, these unsuccessful operations have been accepted by the trans individuals.

    What Changes About Sex Change Operations Since Then?

    With time, approaches have changed immensely. From tissue transplantation with microsurgery to mesh grafting, to tubular bowel transpositioning, a lot of approaches have been developed. These techniques have a lot of advantages and disadvantages and all can be subjects of their own individual articles. Among all techniques, one that is developed by Suporn Watanyusakul M.D. show a clear superiority. With this technique, orgasms are possible through clitoris creation, and urethral mucosa can be used to achieve self moisturizing. This technique is best applied with patients who weren’t circumcised, but don’t worry circumsized patients are still eligible with a few changes. 

    Maintenance After Sex Change Operations

    No matter what technique is used, patients should follow instructions to preserve vaginal depth and width. Patients also must be very careful with hygiene. If a patient wishes to have kids at later ages, this should be discussed and preparations for sperm preservation. 

    What is the Legal Side of Sex Change Operations?

    These operations can only be done with patients that have passed certain biochemical and psychological evaluations. Because although it is not impossible, this operation is very hard to reverse.

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