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Jawline Fillers Turkey

Ask the Doctor

    Jawline Fillers

    Before we can start talking about jawline fillers, we need to make something very clear. In the case of a deformity in the jaw structure, after a cephalometric analysis during early ossification, an orthognathic surgery has to be done by a surgeon that specializes in this area. With aging problem progresses and it takes anywhere between 2 to 3 years.

    Jawline Fillers and Rhinoplasty

    What we mean by jawline fillers is not the correction of teeth overlap, only the applications that are done in order to better the harmony of a patient’s chin and lips. When we talk about facial structure, not a single part of it can be considered separately; be it nose, eyes, or any other part. Even if all the other parts are in harmony even one single structure can break it looks. For more information about relationship of rhinoplasty with  jawline fillers, you can read:

    How is The Placement of Jawline Fillers Decided?

    I pay attention to one detail when I’m planning for jawline fillers in my clinic: If a straight line from the merging point of the lower lip and the skin doesn’t align with the chin, I plan for the jawline fillers. But of course there are exceptions to this rule too. But I want to emphasize again, we’re not trying to fix a teeth alignment deformity or overlapping with jawline fillersWe’re trying to make the jawline more prominent aesthetically.

    How Are Jawline Fillers Done?

    Because they will be done under a thick layer of skin and a dynamic layer of muscles, jawline fillers need to be dense, in another word, though. Depending on the fillers used, their lifespan is between 6 month to 5 years, and use of anesthetic creams help make it a comfortable application. Bruises and swelling are rarely seen.

     Jawline Fillers Cost 2024

    Just like all other filler applications, jawline fillers are priced based on the need for amount of filler substance.

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