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Under Eye Light Fillers

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    Under Eye Light Fillers

     If you have gotten a consultancy from me regarding problems caused by your aging on your face, what I will talk about will be very familiar. That story about our faces being filled with fat tissue and them moving down in time. With aging, our skin loses its elasticity and becomes unable to carry the weight of this fat tissue. In addition to this, when we factor in the persistent effects of gravity, sagging becomes inevitable on our faces. At first, with the separation of fat tissue under the eyes and cheeks, a crevice emerges.

    This is called undereye bags or halos. In the next stages, with the addition of nose sides, chin, and neck, the situation gets worse. I have explained these in detail in my face lifting article, but I want to focus on the first stage here without going into much detail.

    I strongly advocate intervening where the problem is. If the problem is sagging, then it should be lifted. But as a perfectly normal human reaction, we all fear surgeries. If your problem is being on only the first stage, it can be fixed with light fillers. Just having this problem can even cause the appearance of bagging under the eyes and this too will be fixed with light fillers. If you’re beyond the first stage, a surgical operation is recommended. Trying to fix every problem with fillers will cause a look like a lion’s mane.

    So What Are Under Eye Light Fillers?

    In reality, light fillers are hyaluronic acid. Only, it needs to be no more than 12 mg per cc and should be a highly purified version. There are a few fillers with these qualifications.

    Are Under Eye Light Fillers Painful?

    They are not. Appliance of anesthetic creams is enough to stop the pain. Also, fillers are not done by needles but cannulas, which means lower possibility of pain and bleeding.

    Can Every Crevice Be Filled With Light Fillers?

    Of course not. Eye areas have very special lymphatic circulation. Excessive use of fillers can abrupt this circulation and cause permanent swelling. It’s important to be careful about dosage and mind the limitations.

    Can Light Fillers Really Lighten Up the Under Eyes? Where Does The Name Come From?

    Purple halos under the eyes are mostly caused by thinning of skin and fat on the area, making muscles and veins more visible. In addition to this crevices on these areas cause a shadowy look. Because light fillers fill this crevice, this shadow look is decreased too. Also, hyaluronic acid holds water and makes the skin on those areas look shinier. All these make a shiny, lighter presence.

    What is the Lifespan of Under Eye Light Fillers?

    Light fillers have a lifespan of 9-12 months.

    Are There Permanent Light Fillers?

    There are a lot of permanent fillers, but I don’t recommend any synthetic fillers in that area. In some special patients, nano-fat grafting can be applied for a more permanent solution. This is done with a really thin layer of fat tissue.

    Under eye light fillers of course can be combined with a lot of application. At the top of the list is the Botulinum-Toxin. There is no other application that has more misconception as Botulinum-Toxin while having the same volume of usage.

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