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Underarm Sweating Treatment Turkey

Ask the Doctor

    VASER solution to underarm sweating

    Excessive sweating of armpits (axillary hyperhidrosis) is a serious social problem. Among nonsurgical treatment methods of underarm sweating there are topically practiced products, oral medications, electroporation (even if it is difficult to apply), and botulinum toxin.

    Among those options the most advantageous one is botulinum toxin in terms of the relationship between its practice and its result. Varying from person to person, sweating amount will dramatically decrease between 4-11 months. Naturally results of those methods are not long lasting.

    There are also surgical methods for underarm sweating problem. The most classical method is cleaning sweat glands on upper layers of dermis beneath the skin through an incision on armpits.

    After a while this method started to be performed with liposuction cannulas. The closer to the skin they were performed, the more successful results both operation obtained.

    However, as they get closer to success, possibility of skin complications increases. Later, another method was developed. It was tying (putting clips on) nerves, which trigger sweat glands, in the places they come out of spine.

    Even though this method was more successful than others, this time it brought surgical risks together as chest cavity was entered. Besides, it had 15% risk of more sweating (rebound) than in the past.

    But, nowadays underarm sweating can be treated easily with 3. generation ultrasonic liposuction apparatus VASER. As underarm sweating glands are physically similar to fat glands, even if they are too close to the skin they are differentiated from other tissues, and removed out of the body by VASER without damaging other tissues and skin like performing liposuction. This way armpit sweating can dramatically be decreased.

    If you have a different questions regarding armpit sweating treatment, please fill in the form. Wish you a healthy life.