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Silhouette Soft Treatment Turkey

Ask the Doctor

    Silhouette soft (youth thread) is a suspension technique which is the most effective one among non-surgical solutions at present against tissue sagging in middle face area. I don’t sympathize suspension techniques in general because it is not logical to think that one thread going through one place will be enough to resist gravity. On the other side; in silhouette soft technique through the path it goes thread suspends 6-10 points of tissue by hooking them thanks to conic shaped holders on it. Besides clearly removing aging effects on your face, silhouette soft gives energetic and fresh appearance to it. What else, constituents are natural and completely absorbable.

    With Silhouette Soft (Youth Thread) treatment you can get rid of wrinkles and sagging on your face, your cheeks looks voluminous, and your eyebrows can be lifted in a natural way. Results are very satisfying especially on mid-face, neck and brows. In around 18 months your face oval returns back to the previous shape without any tissue loss or damage.

    In our clinic Silhouette Soft is combined with a number of treatments depending on the needs of the patient to extend its impact and to enhance skin quality. Moreover, you can get fast results in Silhouette Soft compared to classical thread suspending methods.

    Constituents of Silhouette Soft (Youth Thread) are natural and completely absorbable. These materials used in Silhouette Soft are certified and utilized in surgery for long years. They passed allergic tests and no allergic reaction observed.

    If you are not ready for surgery, or if your sagging problem is not at the level of surgical intervention, Silhouette Soft is exactly for you.

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    If you have a different questions regarding Silhouette Soft, please fill in the form. Wish you a healthy life.