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Lip Filling and Turkey

Ask the Doctor?

    Give volume to your beauty!

    Sometimes due to the aging process, and sometimes because of an unfortunate anatomy, our body needs support for volume. This support might be done on buttocks, breast or this article’s focus: lips!

    Almost immediately after entering middle age, collagen and elastin under the skin begins to go away, and skin starts to sag while losing fat tissue. These changes can be seen as shrinking on our faces as a whole. Of course in order to see this change caused by time, a person’s weight should be stable.

    In addition to this, some might not have enough volume on their cheeks, have thin lips, deep crevices around their nose, or halos under their eyes due to their anatomy.

    In all of these situations, if the volume is not too low, synthetics fillers can be used to improve them. Although there are a lot of substances developed for this purpose, hyaluronic acid based fillers are the most suitable for the body and are used around the globe. More pure the fillers are produced, appliances can be that much healthier. Because of this, choosing quality products that fit the international standards is extremely important. These fillers usually don’t even require anesthesia. And of course they will be expelled from the body after a certain amount of time.

    If a temporary filler is needed, then the patient’s fat should be used instead of synthetic ones. Because in case of an unwanted side effect, big volumes of filler is hard to remove from the body.

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