Aesthetic is like dressing. It represents you, your style. Also, isn’t our skin our most precious dress? And aren’t rhinoplasty, face, and breasts its accessories? Whatever you do, it should look natural. It should be suitable for the skin that covers it and the personality under it. It should blend in with the eyebrows, eyes, cheeks that surround it. It should mirror your style and have your signature on it. Of course you can’t change your nose according to the day’s fashion or change breast sizes daily to get a sexier look. For this reason you show a personality that is suitable for all times. Your average mood also represents what you are. Just like how a dress on a model doesn’t always look good on you, it is not wise to ask for an aesthetic design that you saw on somebody else. 

It would be a better adventure to explore the unique features of your face before asking for someone else’s nose or eyebrows. Everybody can talk about a beautiful nose, but why doesn’t anybody want a noble nose? Is it possible for a nose to be both beautiful and noble? Focus on the “you” that you want to be, not the one you’ve born as. Think about its effects on your professional and social life. Aren’t everything for a happier, more charismatic you? We are doing what all of nature does: exist in our visible form. Although our multi millenia cultures have tried to condition us otherwise, we are as we are seen. How we will live between our birth and death is dependent on our choices. It’s up to you to choose harmony, aesthetic, and “you”.