After reading this title, it makes you want to read it again doesn’t it? 🙂 But you didn’t misread it. There are two reasons I do nose enlargement. And yes, this is a cosmetic surgery.

Reason that nose enlargement  is a lesser known procedure is related to the alignment of our facial structures. But while some people can have smaller noses compared to their facial structures, sometimes it can be that the nasal tip is heightened or the width-length of the nose is out of proportion. These patients might have an expectation for a more pronounced bridge to better fit their proportions.

Most common cause of nose enlargement surgeries is of course the unsuccessful rhinoplasty operations. Subject of this article is the case where the nasal bridge is too low although the width-length of the nose is correct. Or with its more commonly seen case, with excessive removal of nasal bridge, or excessive hightening of nasal tip proportions get lost.

So, how is the enlargement achieved on a nose? Enlargement of a nose is in fact harder than making it smaller. We need to stretch the current nasal skin so it can cover the new bigger structure. If the problem is more advanced than most, there might be a need to take cartilage from the ribs in order to craft the new structure and support it. If there is only need for some volume but not in a big scale that needs higher support, then this cartilage can be taken from the ear. We might also use different tissues like skin and fat to support and better craft the new nose. We can also use synthetic filler for the nose, but not all cases are suitable for this. I generally use synthetic fillers to make small adjustments.

Although it is very rare, this operation can also be used for patients that aren’t happy with their post-rhinoplasty nose and want their bridged nose back.

In short, when the subject of rhinoplasty is discussed, it shouldn’t only be seen as making smaller, sometimes bigger is better looking :).

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