Rhinoplasty Turkey, Nose Job Turkey

What is Rhinoplasty?

A nose job operations, or with it’s more professional name rhinoplasty turkey is this: art of creating better perception fo ir a nose.


Because of their elasticity membranes called perichondrium over the cartilage tissue tend to return to their old form. For this reason, rhinoplastyis an operation that requires knowledge, skill and experience. Actually, “complications are a matter of time” and regardless of your experience on it, rhinoplasty istanbul can always present you with surprises.

What’s a nose to do?

What’s the function of the nose? I can hear you say “of course to breath”. Of course it’s purpose is to breathe but other than that a nose has functions that are very important but ignored until something is wrong. Sense of taste is one of these functions.

Another function of our nose is related to the tone of our voice. Changes in the nasal volume, acceleration of development of paranasal sinuses after seven years of age, larynx which can be called back opening of our nose all factor on color and timbre of our voice.

Main Proponents of Nose Anatomy

We call these rhinoplasty sub-sections. These are:

  • Radix: Nose root
  • Dorsum: Nose bridge
  • Tip: Nasal tip
  • Lateral wall: Nose side front
  • Columella: The middle part that divides the nostrils
  • Alar wing: Nose wings.
  • Other than these sections, there’s bony cartilage, mucosa, and skin tissues that form the nose and connect to each other with a very delicate harmony.

When and How Did Rhinoplasty Start?

Rhinoplasty’s history is approximately tied to the history of plastic surgery as a whole. Around 3.000 B.C. sex workers’ noses were cut to mark them in India. They were treated by a healer named Sushurata Samita by getting skin tissue from their forehead. After Roe has made the definition of closed rhinoplasty to the scientific community in 1887, people learned they can get their nose operated on for aesthetic purposes too, not only for breathing problems.

Who Should Get A Rhinoplasty?

I mentioned the functional purpose of our nose above. Anyone who has a problem with these functional properties can have the surgery. Or you might have a perfectly functional nose but don’t like it’s look. Both cases are perfectly valid for rhinoplasty. Of course there’s always the fore rule of appropriate age and health conditions :).

Arched Nose

Arched architecture is especially tied to Seljuks and later continued by Ottomans. If you have an upward arch that protrudes from your nose, you have an arched nose. Most northern Europeans and Anglo-Saxons suffer from this problem. An arched nose doesn’t make a rhinoplasty operation harder.

What is Septum Deviation

We have two walls on each side of our nose. And one that’s right in the middle of them. This middle wall is called septum. It’s original latin name is close to this name too. This structure we call septum is made of cartilage on the lower part and a thin bone on the upper side. Depending on the level of deviation this can cause breathing problems. The direction can be decided with a simple examination.

Thick Skinned Nose

What we mean;

  • A thick skinned nose might have orange peel surface quality to it.
  • It’s harder to feel the cartilage on a thick skinned nose.
  • Lower half of the nose looks a bit bulbous on a thick skinned nose.
  • A thick skinned nose gets a lot more oily.

Crooked Nose

We all have a level of asymmetry on our nose, even if small. During our development, both sides of our face developed separately and merged in the middle. Because our nose rises above these both plates there might be a difference between two sides.

To sum up, two sides of our nose have different anatomies, even if it’s on miniscule levels. If the asymmetry level on mid-face is high, it will be high on our nose too. Of course some traumas might contribute to this situation too. Level of crookedness on the nose affects the success of nose correction operation.

What is Concha Growth?

One of our nose’s functions is air heating and humidification as I mentioned before. Our nose uses a six layered shelf-like structure to effectively accomplish this function. This shelf-like structure have bone on the center and mucosa around it. They look like hornes inside the nose.

Sometimes organically and sometimes from allergic reactions conchas can overextend.  Of course this can be done with a rhinoplasty operation too.

Can Snoring be Fixed with a Rhinoplasty?

This flow can be disrupted by concha enlargement, septum deviation or nose crookedness. If the cause of snoring is disruption of air flow, snoring can be fixed alongside rhinoplasty.

What is Nasal Tip Rhinoplasty? Who is Eligible?

We mentioned the tip while talking about nose anatomy. Tip area is another sub-section of rhinoplasty operations. In fact, if you don’t have other problems on your nose, you can only have a nasal tip rhinoplasty. But, be aware of the “if you don’t have other problems on your nose” part.

What are Nose Fillers?

Usually patients with a bridged nose aim to apply fillers on the root area to make the nose more even rather than get the bridge fixed. Although I get a lot of requests of this type, enlarging noses via fillers doesn’t fit my idea of aesthetics. I prefer to use nose fillers after the operation to make minimal changes of the final results or fix minor deformities.

How Can You Know If You’re Ready for Rhinoplasty?

In my opinion, the hardest part of the whole post is this paragraph. Because the question “How can a person know if they’re ready for rhinoplasty” is hard to answer. Based on my observations, I can tell you this, in plastic surgery when you see results of nose, breast, buttock, etc. imagine the on your body and like with yourself in mind.

What is The Optimal Age For Rhinoplasty?

Minimum age for women is 17, and for men 18 years of age. This one year gap is based on differences in female and male bone formation.

How Many Types of Rhinoplasty are There?

Although there are a lot of articles regarding different types of rhinoplasty, there are in fact two main types of rhinoplasty: open and closed.

Although there are a lot of techniques that are talked about rhinoplasty, all of these techniques fall under umbrellas of either closed rhinoplasty or open rhinoplasty. These techniques are either named:

  •  Open Rhinoplasty
  •  Closed Rhinoplasty
  •  Septo Rhinoplasty
  •  Letdown Rhinoplasty
  •  Preservation Rhinoplasty
  •  Ultrasonic Piezo Rhinoplasty
  •  Laser assisted Rhinoplasty
  •  Micromotor Rhinoplasty

What is Open Rhinoplasty?

Open rhinoplasty is a technique that’s been defined fifty years after the definition of closed rhinoplasty. In principle, with a cut on the base of columella, nose skin is separated from cartilage and bone and reshaped, at the end of the operatio skin is fitted to the new bone structure, concluding the operation.

It’s not uncommon or rare for a scar to be visible on the columella.

Whereas truth is both techniques can yield good results if performed by a skilled surgeon.

What is Closed Rhinoplasty?

Closed rhinoplasty is done via an incision on the columella but without the stretching on the root of the nose. For this reason it’s more widely known as scarless rhinoplasty, or markless rhinoplasty.

Of course there are still cuts with the closed rhinoplasty, otherwise we can’t reach cartilage and the bone structures. But these cuts are made inside the nostrils. Biggest advantage of the closed rhinoplasty in my opinion is that final results are always visible. Let me explain it this way. Skin has an elasticity to it.

On open rhinoplasty, skin is pulled from the sides of the nose, and after the reshaping is done it’s fitted to the new bone structure. And because the skin is more contracted than before the operation this causes us to be less precise with the final results of the operation.

But in closed rhinoplasty, skin’s elasticity doesn’t change during the operation ve surgeon can operate on the nose while seeing the final results at all times.

What is Septo Rhinoplasty?

I mentioned septum while talking about nose anatomy and functions. In my profession I have rarely seen straight septums. Minimal deviations don’t usually cause serious breathing problems. If the deviation is causing breathing problems, this can be fixed at the same operation with rhinoplasty.

 What is Letdown Rhinoplasty?

Both in open and closed operations, there are always technical problems with removal of cartilage and bone from the nose bridge. Because these structures are both living tissues, after the operation begins the healing process. Although it is very slim, there is always a chance of disarray on the bridge.

By the great works of French surgeon Yves Saban, this problem had an answer in the form of Letdown Rhinoplasty and changed the course of rhinoplasty in the world. With this technique the nasal bridge is preserved. If you’re asking how the hump is removed when the bridge is preserved, let me explain shortly. Height of the hump is reduced by removal on the base of the nose, not the bridge. This technique is still young and continues to evolve fast.

Almost all medical meetings and conventions add a new technique to our literature. You can find a more detailed article on the link:

What is Preservation Rhinoplasty?

I think this name is very self explanatory. But what are we preserving? During the first few months after the development of the letdown rhinoplasty, some surgeons suggested it should be called preservation rhinoplasty because of the aim of the technique. It’s the same technique as Letdown Rhinoplasty.

What is Ultrasonic Piezo Rhinoplasty?

Imagine a very small saw that is used for cutting off the side walls of the nose. Unlike a traditional saw it doesn’t go back and forth but vibrates tens of thousands of times a second to cut the bone like a butter. In order to prevent burn on the lips, a piezo saw always has a water system at the tip. This is not a device that affects the rhinoplastytechnique, it’s just a personal choice for cutting bone structure.

What is Micromotor Rhinoplasty?

Before piezo, there was the micromotor. Basic principle, application area, and technique are all the same. Only difference is that the micromotor works by going back and forth rather than with vibration. Micromotor doesn’t change a technique but it’s another device for cutting the bone.

What is Laser Assisted Rhinoplasty?

As a financial ploy, some people wanted to use lasers on rhinoplasty. But because it doesn’t have proper tissue recognition, this caused an increase in tissue traumas. It’s an application that ended as soon as it started.

What Technologies Do I Use on Rhinoplasty?

In my operations, I mostly use internally classic tools and my own designed ones. I tried both ultrasonic piezo and micromotor but liked neither. I still think the best sculptures are made using old tools and the best paintings are made using classic brushes. I also think there shouldn’t be such a thing as electronic piano :).

What is Natural and Cool Rhinoplasty?

By natural and cool nose what we mean is this:

Natural Nose: It’s not apparent that the nose had an operation done and nobody can guess it was ever something else. Otherwise, isn’t the most natural nose is the one without an operation? :).

Cool Nose: For the nose in question to be a alluring one and patients’ friends to say “wow, you have a cool nose”

Rhinoplasty won’t be noticed: This means rhinoplasty won’t be noticed from people around, it’s as if a person was born with it.

Digital 3D Simulated Nose

I used to make simulations using 3D Vectra in my clinic but I don’t think neither 2D or 3D nor masks prepared before the operation can ready you for the real operation. Neither can show your real results effectively. Because none of them is a living thing.

Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Of course you want to have this operation only once and get done with it. This is easily understandable. And now you want to find the best rhinoplasty surgeon. Who else are you going to entrust the middle of your face? But this part of the article can’t give you an address for them.

All plastic surgeons get more or less the same education, read the same books. Of course each of us have different aesthetic views and leanings. Let me give you a secret: “ Best rhinoplasty surgeon for you is the one who has the same aesthetic view as you, who can feel your energy”. Because rhinoplasty is a serious surgical procedure. During this process, you can have some surprises, hardships. Never say never.

Rhinoplasty Process in Ozan Balik M.D. Clinic

  • Our purpose in our first meeting is to get to know each other, to show our technique, explain our view on rhinoplasty so we can see the world from the same window. I call this surgical trust. First we must have trust.
  • If this is your first rhinoplasty case, you will see a simulation of the final results.
  • After consultation if you decide to go ahead with the operation, my assistants will help you choose a suitable date, and a hospital for the operation.
  • Getting your before pictures are an essential part of every operation. Don’t worry they won’t be shared on any platform without your consent. They’re kept on encrypted discs.
  • Getting agreed upon on the options for payment.
  • You’ll be bid farewell until we meet two hours before the operation in the hospital.
  • Last thing before the operation, you’ll be examined by the Anesthesiologist.
  • After I meet you in your room you will be put under anesthesia and taken to the operating room.
  • Approximate time for a primer rhinoplasty case is 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
  • Your first check-up after the operation will be to remove your cast on the seventh day that was put on after the operation. After the removal of the cast, a bandage will be put on, which will stay for another 7 days.

For our international patients, we usually see them on cast removal and follow up with photos until the 12th month.

Will My Nose be Natural?

Current aim in rhinoplastyis to have natural looking and functional noses. Let me underscore it, nowadays, noone one wants noses that look like sledges and have nostrils that are purtriding like tractor lights. Cases we see this way are mostly from bad operations, or miscommunication with the surgeons.

Will the Tip of My Nose Drop?

Experienced surgeons plan for this process, or at least they should be. Nose tip drop is lost on the tip after this swelling is gone and shouldn’t happen after a successful rhinoplasty. Although, if there’s an infection on the cartilage after the operation, or an impact to the nose, or effects of aging on thick skinned noses, or noses with rhinophyma might experience drops on the tip. Other than this case there won’t be a drop on the nose tip.

Will You Break My Nasal Bones?

Breaking is a very rude explanation, and it doesn’t fit the poemlike nature of rhinoplasty. In rhinoplasty, every maneuver is measured by millimeters and excess parts of your cartilage or bone (if there’s any) will be cut by measurements.

Will You Use Buffers?

If there’s no intervention on septum or chonca there usually isn’t a need for a buffer or a splint.

Will My Breathing Problems Be Fixed?

If We’re to list breathing problems, these are:

  • Septum Deviations
  • Concha hypertrophy
  • Nasal skeletal deviations
  • Nasal wall narrowness
  • Paralyzed nose
  • Empty Nose Syndrome
  • Body Dysmorphic Disorders

Other than the last 3 reasons mentioned above, all the problems can be fixed on a rhinoplasty.

Will My Nose Wings Be Smaller?

If necessary, yes. In the end the nose is a three dimensional structure. If I make ensmallment on other parts there is usually a need for smaller wings too. In my practice, I make wings smaller for almost 95% of the patients.

What is Different About Male Rhinoplasty?

There are some differences between male rhinoplasty and female rhinoplasty in both terms of surgical process and aesthetical approach that needs mentioning.  These are:

In general male nose is thicker, and for this reason there is more swelling and it takes longer to go down.

Male noses are more oily, therefore after surgery care is harder. If the black spots that are called comedones are allowed to accumulate, wing ensmallment cuts could be more visible. More caution needs to be taken.

Because male bone structure is thicker, more caution needs to be taken about bruises and swelling.

What is Going To Happen After Discharge From the Hospital?

  • Don’t forget your prescription at the hospital. Because you will be using your medications right after leaving the hospital, make sure you understand everything you need to know about how to use them.
  • Don’t use anything without our knowledge thinking it would be good for you.
  • Don’t forget that you had an operation and might see some blood. This is perfectly normal.
  • Never, never, never get any impact on your nose. If you do immediately inform your doctor about it so we can know what can happen.
  • Your doctor is on your side, please don’t hide any information. I want to especially emphasize this point because this is the worst mistake a patient can make.
  • Don’t turn to your sides while sleeping, use your special pillow.
  • Come for your check-ups regularly.
  • Don’t stress necessarily because your operation is over. You may cause your blood pressure to rise and increase bleeding, swelling, and bruising.

Can You Talk About Worst Case Scenarios?

My personal average is 6%. About half of these can be fixed in my clinic without much problem. My revision operation average is around 2-3%. There’s a saying in medical circles: “Surgeon who doesn’t do surgeries doesn’t have complications”. Don’t forget this.

Final Results After Rhinoplasty

Of course, it’s a boring thing to wait for a year to see your new nose. But with correct evaluations, while keeping in mind it’s not the final form, you will like your nose after the removal of the cast.

Can Rhinoplasty Be Reversed?

There’s a chance to reverse rhinoplasty, albeit it’s limited. But we should define what we mean by reversing. Did the patient have an unsuccessful rhinoplasty and want to correct it or did they find their old nose more characteristic and want it back? We have admissions from both sides.

If the patient doesn’t have a problem with the primer surgery but just wants their old nose, we can plan how much of the old form can be regained using the same principles. We have patients who gained their old bridged nose through this operation. To further read on this subject visit:

Rhinoplasty Pricing

I write this part on the insistence of my friend who helps me on digital platforms. He advised me that by using keywords like rhinoplasty prices istanbul 2022 I can drive more traffic for my website. I personally don’t find this strategy useful. Rhinoplasty, whether it’s endless education, or the level of experience it requires is not the same as buying a new dress.

Final word…

When the subject is rhinoplasty, there’s no such thing as a final word. We continue to study, learn, and teach. I hope this detailed article has helped you as much as possible. For more, I always appreciate more questions. I hope you have a fast recovery :).