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Rhinoplasty Turkey

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    Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) in Istanbul, Turkey Surgery

    In this article, we will give you answers to frequently asked questions about rhinoplasty Turkey as you know, the demand for aesthetic operations has increased considerably in recent years. We see social media as the biggest reason for this. Because with the increase in the use of social media, people started to access everything beautiful in a much easier way.

    In addition, the awareness of the society increased. In this way, many people started to have aesthetic operations in a way that they would feel more comfortable. Of course, the most demanded aesthetic operation in the world is not rhinoplasty. Nose aesthetics is an operation that makes a positive difference to people’s appearance. Turkey is the country with the best health services in the world. This is exactly why everyone who wants to have an aesthetic operation has their eyes on Turkey. Let us start our article and inform you. 

    What is Rhinoplasty?

    Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery. The targeted area in this aesthetic surgery procedure is the nose. In this operation, several procedures are performed to achieve the nose as desired by the patient. Although this may come to mind as reducing the nose at first, sometimes even implants can be used in the nose to achieve the goal.

    Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure performed not only for aesthetic concerns but also for health problems. Rhinoplasty is suitable for many patients who have difficulty in breathing to reach comfort.

    Who is Nose Aesthetic Surgery Applied To?

    Since rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure, there are of course some conditions for its application. And these conditions are wondered by many people. First, the development must be completed to have rhinoplasty. This surgery, which we usually prefer to do to people aged 18 and over, can also be performed to individuals aged 16 years with the approval of the family. To have this operation, you should not have any health condition that prevents anesthesia. Because this operation is performed under general anesthesia. At the same time, it is inconvenient to perform rhinoplasty again for people who have had a certain number of rhinoplasty.

    Types of Rhinoplasty

    It is possible to perform rhinoplasty in more than one way. Because there is more than one rhinoplasty technique. Here, the plastic surgeon will prefer the intervention that the patient needs. Closed nose surgery, open nose surgery, endoscopic nose surgery, dynamic nose surgery, three-dimensional and unbuffered nose surgery are the first types of nose surgery that come to mind.

    As a person who has already researched rhinoplasty Turkey, we understand that you want to entrust yourself to the best surgeons. Therefore, it would be best for you to leave the choice to your doctor in this regard. In general, the most preferred types of rhinoplasty are open and closed rhinoplasty applications. Especially if the area to be intervened is the tip of the nose, closed rhinoplasty is our first choice.

    Open Rhinoplasty

    Now, let us give you information about open nose surgery. Open nose surgery is one of the oldest nose surgery techniques. It is also possible to say that it is a very reliable technique. In this type, both nose wings of the patient are cut. And full access to the nasal tissues is provided. This makes it much easier to achieve the desired result in this technique. When you do the rhinoplasty Turkey research, this technique will also appear. All rhinoplasty techniques are applied in the best way in Turkey anyway.

    Closed Rhinoplasty

    When you research rhinoplasty Turkey, you must have encountered the term closed rhinoplasty. Closed rhinoplasty is a frequently preferred rhinoplasty technique. In this technique, the nose wings are not cut completely. Instead, the operation is performed with incisions made from the tip of the nose. This operation is one of the most attractive rhinoplasty techniques with its advantages. Normally, edema and bruises that occur after rhinoplasty operations scare people. But when it comes to closed rhinoplasty, there is no need for such worries. Because the incisions are not large in closed rhinoplasty, edema and bruising are also very less.

    How is Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Performed?

    Cosmetic rhinoplasty is a term that has emerged in recent years. So, what is cosmetic rhinoplasty? This is a pretty good type of nose surgery. It is generally a preferred technique for the correction of deformities. Disorders in the outer part of the nose disturb the person. Cosmetic rhinoplasty aims to eliminate these disorders and create a more pleasant-looking nose. To apply this technique, which has just started to show itself in the literature, you should choose competent doctors. Of course, this is possible with rhinoplasty Turkey doctors.

    Rhinoplasty Before Nose Aesthetic Surgery

    Things to do before rhinoplasty are not very much of interest to the patient. The actual process for rhinoplasty will begin for the patient after the operation. Before the rhinoplasty operation, your doctor will tell you what you need to do. These will be more related to cutting back on eating and drinking. Other than that, the main things you need to do will be after the operation.

    After Rhinoplasty Surgery

    After the rhinoplasty operation, there are important things that the patient should do. As you know, the formation of edema and bruises after rhinoplasty is quite common. Minimizing these edema and bruises is possible with the things that the patient will do. It is very important to apply ice compresses regularly. Especially in the first 4 days, it will be beneficial for you to apply it for 10 minutes per hour.

    You can also prevent blood clots and breathing difficulties by using nasal sprays that your doctor will recommend to you. It is not recommended to exercise for 2 weeks after surgery. You can even increase this period to a month or two. There is no problem in washing your face if you do not wet your dressings.

    In addition, you should not wear glasses after the operation. You must be very careful while sleeping. Because you can damage your nose with a sudden movement. In addition, you should not consume very hard foods, especially in the first week. Because with the chewing reflex, your stitches may be damaged.

    Don’t let the post-operative process cause you to worry about rhinoplasty Turkey process. Because even if you return to your country immediately after this operation, be sure that your doctor will follow you closely. In fact, you can be sure that you will be taken care of even better than a doctor close to your home.

    Rhinoplasty Recovery Time

    Let’s talk about the rhinoplasty recovery process. Swelling and edema that will occur after nose surgery largely disappears within 5 to 7 days. However, it will take longer for the edema in the nose to go down completely. If you are a thin-skinned person, it is possible for the nose to take its final shape within 6 to 12 months. But if you have thick nasal skin, this period will be between 1 and 2 years. The first area to be restored in the process of not disappearing the swelling in the nose is around the eyes. Then the swelling around the nose will start to go down.

    If you want to have rhinoplasty, you should take the time to wait. Because you need to be patient to wait for recovery. After this operation, your first control will take place after a week. If you have had tamponade rhinoplasty, your tampons will be removed during this control. In addition, you should avoid the use of glasses for the first 2 months in order not to cause any defect in the shape of your nose.

    Apart from that, the most important thing we can say about rhinoplasty is to be patient. You may not like your nose when your nose wraps first come off. This is quite normal. But over time, your eyes will get used to it and your nose will get a better shape.

    What Happens During and After Surgery?

    This question is one of the most frequently asked questions from people who do rhinoplasty Turkey research. Let us give you the answer to this question. First, let’s start by saying that the rhinoplasty operation is performed under general anesthesia. In other words, you will not feel any pain during the operation. The process in operation will vary from technique to technique. However, the process to be followed the operation is generally the same. We have told you about the post-operation process in a previous topic. One of the things to do when you first wake up will be an ice pack. Then you can eat meals prepared in accordance with you.

    Nose Reshaping Surgery Results

    We often see that patients are not satisfied with their current nose shape after operations such as rhinoplasty. To prevent this, of course, you need to choose a doctor by doing good research. Because the process that the patient will experience in two or three repetitions of operations after rhinoplasty will be much more troublesome. Therefore, if you are going to have rhinoplasty for the first time, you should consider this. Our expert plastic surgeons in our clinic are highly specialized in revision rhinoplasty. That is why you can trust rhinoplasty Turkey doctors; you can contact us.

    The Benefits of Choosing Rhinoplasty Clinics in Turkey

    You should pay attention to the clinic and doctor you prefer, especially for aesthetic operations. As one of the best clinics in Turkey for years, we are quite confident in this regard. Because Turkey is a country that has already proven itself to the whole world in terms of health services. Doctors in Turkey are at a level that can be considered the best doctors in the world, regardless of their field.

    We also perform operations in many different areas that you can think of in our clinic. We also maintain our claim that we are one of the best clinics in Turkey. But this claim is strictly based on the results of the operations we have carried out. In other words, as a team that works to achieve better every day, we continue this claim for valid reasons. If you want to entrust yourself to reliable hands and are currently doing rhinoplasty Turkey research, you can contact us. Rest assured; you will never regret your choice.

    How to Choose the Right Rhinoplasty Surgeon?

    If you want to choose the best rhinoplasty surgeon for yourself, you should look at the surgeon’s past studies. Thus, you can reach a conclusion by examining the photographs of the noses that the doctor intervened. You can also contact the doctor’s past patients, if possible. You know, thanks to social media, such things are much easier now.

    Rhinoplasty Cost 2023

    Couldn’t you have the nose job that you wanted to have for years in 2022? If so, of course, it is quite normal to wonder how the prices of rhinoplasty will be in 2023. It is not possible to give clear information on this subject here. However, if you contact us via the contact numbers on our website, our team members will inform you about this.

    But you don’t need to worry that the prices will be expensive. As you know, the issue of rhinoplasty Turkey is not a subject that the eyes of the whole world are on for nothing. You will get the best service at the most affordable price in Turkey.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    In this article, we said that we will answer the most frequently asked questions about rhinoplasty Turkey. But let us remind you in the middle of our article. If you cannot find the question and answer you are looking for in the article, please contact us via the contact numbers on our website. Our team is ready to answer all your questions and inform you.

    Is it Safe to Get a Nose Job in Turkey?

    When it comes to health tourism, the first country that comes to mind is Turkey. Because Turkey has created an image based on trust with the experiences of foreign patients. Both the success of Turkish doctors and the interest in Turkish clinics have brought health tourism to its current level in Turkey. Therefore, such question marks will only be a waste of time for you. Because Turkey is the most reliable country in health operations in the world. Rhinoplasty Turkey has not been a subject that much people research for nothing.

    Why are Nose Jobs Cheaper in Turkey?

    The fact that rhinoplasty is cheaper in Turkey may bring negative things to mind for some people. But such thoughts are not necessary. Because there are two reasons why rhinoplasty operations are cheap in Turkey. The first of these is exchange rates. Currency types such as dollars and euros were much more valuable in Turkey due to exchange rates. When you evaluate it in Turkish Lira anyway, operation prices in Turkey are not low as a unit. Also, there are more successful doctors in Turkey than in other countries. This means high competition. Keeping prices low is also essential for competitiveness in all aspects.

    How to Book a Rhinoplasty in Turkey?

    Have you made a final decision to have rhinoplasty in Turkey? Then you can fill out the contact form on our website to make an appointment. This way, our team will reach you. Or you can contact us directly via e-mail or phone. Then our doctors will let you know the best time for you. If you wish, we can also arrange your flight tickets, transportation, and accommodation for you.

    Who Is the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Turkey?

    Turkey is the country with the best plastic surgeons in the world. When people want to entrust themselves to reliable hands, they prefer Turkey. One of the curious things is who is the best plastic surgeon in Turkey, where there are doctors who have made a name for themselves in many fields. Unfortunately, it is not possible to give a definite answer to this question. But all the plastic surgeons in our clinic are among the best plastic surgeons in Turkey.

    Is Turkey Good for Rhinoplasty?

    When it comes to health tourism, the first country that comes to mind is undoubtedly Turkey. The reason for this is the quality of health services in Turkey and the success of doctors. Therefore, Turkey is one of the best options for rhinoplasty. You can have the nose of your dreams as a rhinoplasty operation in Turkey.

    How Old Do You Have to Be Get a Nose Job in Turkey?

    If you want to have rhinoplasty in Turkey, it is enough to have completed your development. Since people over the age of 18 are generally considered adults, they can also perform rhinoplasty operations alone. If you are under 18, however, an older person must have permission to do so.

    Which Clinic Will They Operate on Me?

    We are one of the best clinics in Turkey. The results of the operations we have carried out for years are proof that we are the best clinics in Turkey. It is also obvious that the health clinics in Turkey are the best health clinics in the world. Therefore, if you choose us, you will have performed your aesthetic operations in one of the best clinics in Turkey, that is, in the world.

    Will I Have a Sample Photoshop?

    If you want to have rhinoplasty in our clinic, the doctor will show you a photoshop photo showing the final state of your nose at the first examination. You can exchange ideas with your doctor for your expectations through this photo. Remember that when it comes to rhinoplasty Turkey, you should be comfortable. Because the plastic surgeons in Turkey are the best plastic surgeons in the world. At the same time, the plastic surgeons in our clinic are very experts.

    Is An Intra Nose Pad Used in Nose Aesthetics?

    Intranasal pads are used in many techniques of rhinoplasty. The reason for this is to ensure that the shape of the nose is not distorted in the first post-operative period. For this reason, it will be in your best interest to keep these pads in the nose for the first week or 10 days.

    When Is Nose Aesthetic Patient Discharged?

    The patient with rhinoplasty is usually discharged on the first day. However, if there is an extra situation, it would be more appropriate for the patient to stay in the hospital for one day. If you are a patient who underwent rhinoplasty Turkey research and had surgery in Turkey, it is possible for you to be a guest in our clinic for more than one day.

    Does Nose Aesthetic Patient Have Much Pain? Will There Be Any Bruising or Swelling?

    Since the operation is performed under general anesthesia, you will not feel any pain. If you apply your ice compresses regularly after the operation, it will be very useful for you. Painkillers recommended by your doctor will also reduce your pain after the operation. Ice compresses will ensure that edema and bruising are at a minimum level.

    How Much Does Your Nose Change After an Ethnic Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)?

     There is a beautiful nose perception that exists all over the world. Although the path we follow in ethnic rhinoplasty operations is different, we target the same nose. For this reason, a very beautiful nose will appear in your operation, as in our other patients. For this reason, you can leave your worries aside and trust rhinoplasty Turkey doctors. If you want to contact us, our contact numbers are available on our website.