You have Decided on the Surgery, Now It’s Time to Choose The Surgeon

Like one of my professors said: “Rhinoplasty is an extremely personal surgery.” Everybody can use the same pen and paper but everybody has a different signature. Nobody performs rhinoplasty like another one. Because of this, choosing a surgeon is in a way choosing your nose. 

Take a pen and draw a picture. How does it look? Did you like it? You know you can always do better by doing it more. If there is some talent and insight in time you can create masterpieces. There is a motto in martial arts: “If you perform a technique 1000 times you become better, but if you perform it 10000 times it becomes yours.” This is also true for surgery. In short, experience is a valuable commodity. You already might know that all surgeons have different experiences, talents and imaginations. This knowledge can guide you to the right nose. 

In order to perform a rhinoplasty surgery with acceptable levels of beauty, even an ordinary surgeon must spend 12 years in medical school, make unbelievable amounts of neuron activities (I’m not even talking about the prior education). By the way, neurons are used in the brain in order to perform the task of thinking. 

But you can still easily beat these capable surgeons. While they put all their experience and the knowledge on one scale, you can put your questions about whether your nose will remain swollen , or try to make him say that there are no risks involved in though it is one of the most complicated surgeries that işs done under general anesthesia, or haggle on the price just like buying a carpet from the bazaar. You can make your surgeon speechless and think you have won the argument against them. Ones with experience will cover this with a smile. 

As I said, choosing a surgeon is choosing your nose.