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abdominal phalloplasty

Gender Change from Female to Male

Female to Male Gender Reassignment Surgery: Abdominofalloplasty Technique

Gender reassignment surgeries aim to align an individual’s physical sex with their gender identity. In this article, we will discuss the abdominofalloplasty technique used in female to male gender reassignment surgeries. This technique aims to modify the body structure to match male gender characteristics.

What is the Abdominofalloplasty Technique?

The abdominofalloplasty technique is a method used in phalloplasty, which involves creating a penis. In this technique, tissues are taken from the abdominal area to construct a new penis. The goal is to create a natural-looking and functional penis.

Surgery Process

Preparation Phase: Before the surgery, the patient’s overall health is assessed. Hormonal treatments and psychological support play a crucial role in this process. The surgeon determines if the patient is suitable for surgery and creates a surgical plan.

Tissue Harvesting from the Abdominal Area: In the abdominofalloplasty surgery, a large tissue piece is taken from the abdominal area. This tissue piece forms the basis of the new penis. The abdominal tissue is preferred because it provides sufficient thickness and flexibility.

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Penis Creation: The harvested tissue is shaped into a penis. At this stage, preserving the blood circulation of the tissue is of utmost importance. Surgeons carefully protect the vessels that will nourish the tissue, thus forming the penis structure. A silicone implant is placed inside the penis.

Urethra Creation: While creating the new penis, it is also necessary to construct the urethra. This allows the patient to urinate while standing. Successfully creating the urethra is one of the most critical stages of the surgery.

Scrotum Creation and Implants: After the penis is formed, a scrotum (testicular sac) is created. Testicular implants are placed into this scrotum, providing an aesthetic and functional completeness.

Final Touches: Once the penis and scrotum structures are completed, final aesthetic touches are made. Skin grafts and other surgical techniques are used to achieve a natural appearance.

Post-Surgery Period

In the post-surgery period, the patient’s healing process is closely monitored. The healing time can vary from person to person but generally takes a few months. During this period, necessary precautions are taken to reduce the risk of infection and speed up healing. The patient should attend regular doctor check-ups during the post-surgery period.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The abdominofalloplasty technique is effective in creating a natural-looking and functional penis. However, there are some disadvantages to this method. Since a large tissue piece is taken from the abdominal area, there may be scarring, and the healing process can be long. Additionally, the success of the surgery depends on the surgeon’s experience and the patient’s overall health condition.


In female to male gender reassignment surgeries, the abdominofalloplasty technique is a significant option. This technique helps patients achieve a body that aligns with their gender identity. The surgery process requires meticulous preparation and surgical skill. A successful surgery positively impacts the patients’ quality of life and psychological well-being.

Gender reassignment surgeries are a crucial turning point in individuals’ lives. Innovative surgical methods like the abdominofalloplasty technique make this process safer and more effective. Those who want to learn more about these surgeries should consult with expert doctors and get detailed information.

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