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Special Skin Care For Post Surgery Faces

Skin care after surgeries on face requires specialty, and we are professionals in this field. First of all surgery results should be preserved, abrasion of skin should be repaired, excess epithelium should be cleansed, skin should be moisturized, and you should shine. Good care makes the operation results better.

You can’t get a regular care on the skin of a face that has been weakened by a surgery. Most of our applications are done without touching the face. Skin care after face lift, rhinoplasty or blepharoplasty requires a different level of expertise, especially in the early post surgery stages. Because the needs of your skin are very different from normal conditions. We routinely invite our patients for skin care applications both before and after the surgeries.

Normal skin care treatments like pressing or squeezing on the skin aren’t applied in these procedures. With Jetpro hidro system, skin gets moisturized while dead skin is removed simultaneously. While Q-Switch Nd-Yag Laser treatment is used for a better skin tone and minimizing bruises, Erbium Glass Laser treatment is used for better scar healing.

In our clinic, our patients get these procedures before the operations as well as after to make everything as smooth as possible.

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