When I first started practicing plastic surgery in 2002, male patients consisted of around 10% of our patients. This includes rhinoplasty cases as well as others. With years past society has changed as did the male world.

Women were leading the charge in terms of wanting to have better noses, whether you call it nose job or rhinoplasty. Of course the aim was gentler noses. Because the approach has been for slimmer gentler noses, male patients used to veer of rhinoplasty for years. In a way they were right too. But not all nose job operations aim for a gentler narrow nose. When more suitable noble, natural noses started to be discussed, men started to take notice. It was possible to be more handsome without compromising from their muscular looks.

I can remember the biggest concern for the male patients 15 years ago was the fear of getting a female nose. Of course some specifically wanted this look but that’s another subject. In fact, if a feminine nose is structured on a male face, results are often not satisfactory. Male faces have a more pronounced bone structure on the area under the eyebrows than female faces, cheeks are more protruding to the front and the sides, jawbone is more pronounced in sides and front. You can’t design the same nose for a man and woman patient while there are these differences anatomically. Also, men have thicker nasal cartilage and skin too. Skin is more oily. Because of all these, swelling lasts longer for men after the surgery. Just this detail is a cause for a change in surgery planning.

In short, rhinoplasty for men is a subject that requires sometimes even more care than its female counterpart. Good planning and a careful rhinoplasty surgery can give men more charisma, let alone minimize it.

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