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Can Your Nose Hypnotize?

The “liking” phenomena in daily life is tour de force. Our whole life is shaped around this feeling. We like the taste of a meal and it becomes our favourite, a fruit, a desert becomes a recurring cravence in our daily life. We like a man or woman and want to be always with him/her. But what is behind all of this? How and why do we choose what we like? Usually the answer is “no a clue”.

Let’s go with an example. Some of my patients might have lived a version of this. I make a simulation for my patients before the rhinoplasty operations by taking their photos from the sides. This gives them an idea of what I imagine for their noses after the surgery. With some suitable patients there is also a third photo. This third photo has the same nose structure, but in addition it has one or more of;  fat injections on the forehead and cheeks, chin implant or chin removal. 80% of patients say they like the nose on the third picture better as soon as they see it. 15% still like the third picture but can’t explain why they like it better so they don’t express it. 5% are not sure if they like it or not. The patients that like the third picture get confused when I say the 2nd and 3rd pictures have the same nose. At the end they are here for a rhinoplasty surgery but what makes the big difference in the 3rd picture is not the nose alone.

The aim is always  to have a nose that is natural and doesn’t look like it has been done through surgery, but its relation with the rest of the face structures affects the haronous look. So, although they can’t explain why patients like the third nose. This is a hypnotizing effect. We think just like love, it is without reasons. But even love has math, believe me.

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