If you are a good looking female over the age of 30, look at your friends from high school to confirm this. Who was the coolest? Why were they so popular? Was she reading her love letters while you were studying? But why are you the better looking one now? Let me tell you why. You have taken better care of yourself and you are more conscious. Being born might be a gift of nature, but preserving and improving is something that is entirely in our hands.

What You Wonder About Non-Surgical Beautification

While and fillers are the first that come to mind when non-surgical treatments are mentioned, we have a lot of options. , fillers, laser treatments, radiofrequency, silhouette soft face lifting, mesotherapy, and somon DNA can be used to treat aging and gravity related issues on your face.

does what even the most expensive wrinkle cream can’t do and fixes wrinkles on both forehead and sides of the eyes. In fact, to get you don’t even need to have wrinkles, because with a pre wrinkle , we can fix the problems before they appear and give you a glittering look.

Another non-surgical treatment is fillers. We can use fillers to give a face more dynamic look and hollow areas that came with either age or anatomy. Especially with the recent developments of dynamic and light fillers, we can improve looks even in your 20s. We can use fillers to improve your cheeks, decrease the depth of crevices around the mouth, make a more beautiful chin, to fix the hallows and darkness under the eyes.

Laser skin rejuvenation can be a routine of your skin, as well as help you with black spots, scar marks, and improve armpit collagen. We can even use it to get rid of thin hairs that make our face look pale. Non-surgical treatments won’t be complete without lasers. Lasers can be added to almost all treatments to improve results.

Radiofrequency heats the target tissues under the skin to increase collagen production by using radiofrequency waves. This mechanism is a useful tool for wrinkles, sagging, and deficiencies on the face ovality. It is a really comfortable procedure without any pain and use of needles.

Silhouette soft non-surgical facelift is used in the cases of 1-2 cm sagging on the mid face and chin area. Special threads are used for this application. These threads lift the face using an umbrella mechanism and are different from other thread lifting applications.  They are approved by the FDA. They are organic and dissolvable which makes them safer. They can be done in just 30 minutes and because there are no bruises, swelling or side effects, you can return to social life immediately.

Mesotherapy, P.R.P or Somon DNA are done using your own blood and can be used for various face rejuvenation purposes. And to get them done, you don’t need to have any problems with your skin. While it can be used for emergencies with wrinkles, sagging, paleness, it can be used as an investment for the future of your skin. Instead of using artificial makeup to cover the skin problems you can use your own blood’s properties to improve it.