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What Is Lipomatic, What is it Not?

Lipomatic Liposuction or VASER Liposelection?

Unwanted fat used to mainly be a female problem but now men are also interested in fat removal (liposuction) too. There are many who are interested but there is a lot of information regarding which is safer or more effective and most of it is not useful.

Throughout the years, a lot of approaches have been developed in terms of fat removal. But why are there so many types? Why is there no golden standard? There are a lot of approaches because there are a lot of different needs.

  1. First is the comfort of the surgeon. Classical Liposuction is a very tiresome operation for a surgeon. And most surgeons also find it boring. Technological developments put the comfort of the surgeon on the forefront.
  2. Another reason is the safety of the patient. If the aim is to remove the fat tissue, why should other tissues get damaged right? Technologies that can differentiate the fat tissue were aimed.
  3. Another reason is the technical edge. You might have heard people complaining about wavelike appearance after liposuction. Technology that is used should ease the job of scanning the area other than the surgeon’s ease.
  4. Another aim was to tighten to skin after the operation in order to prevent sagging.

If a patient were to compare differences between lipomatic and Vaser in terms of their techniques, the should consider:

  1. Lipomatic Liposuction machine is developed by a cannula connection to an electrical motor, just like classical liposuction. Surgeons don’t have to put much physical effort because the cannula used for fat shaving is worked by the electrical motor. In VASER Liposuction, an ultrasonic sound wave is used to melt the fat tissue, and the fat is removed via a narrow cannula. Because the fat is melted beforehand it is not a tiresome process for the surgeon.
  2. In Lipomatic, cannula cuts through whatever comes in front of it and removes it. Sound waves used in VASER Liposuction only affects the fat tissue around it. This prevents the damages done to veins and nerve tissue. This is why Liposelection classification is only used for VASER.
  3. In lipomatic, removed fat is located on the pathway of the cannula that is used. In VASER liposuction, the sound waves echo out from the application area, thus decreasing the chances of wave-like appearance.
  4. There is no tightening on the skin of a patient that has been operated using lipomatic. In these terms lipomatic is not superior to classical liposuction. But it is mentioned numerous times that tightening mode of VASER Liposuction helps skin tighten after the surgery.

Comparing technical advantages of the machines that are used in these surgeries rather than their advertised properties will lead you to the correct choice.

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