You lady! Today is not sunday. You need to prepare for work. You succeeded at giving your skin a smoother look with the sunscreen. Don’t forget your perfume, you don’t want to smell sweat on a busy day. Don’t forget your date after work and bring your stiletto with you. Don’t forget the put on your best red lipstick for maximum effect too. You sir! You have worked hard for the sports car in your garage but it all has been worth it. But still, you better have your pants ironed out. Nevermind the pants now, if you haven’t ordered the flower bouquet, then it’s all for nothing.

You reader! Stop! You’re on the correct website and the correct page. I will tell you about genital beautification, rejuvenation, and aesthetics. But, first I need to tell you why you need it. Please don’t underestimate the subject simply as “for sex of course”. Because this is for life itself. And these genetic urges of life have been imprinted on our code.

No matter what anyone says, what shapes our life struggle is the existence of the other gender and this shows itself as sexual impulses. In simpler terms, without the other gender, we wouldn’t strive for better education or career, neither would we iron our pants or shave our beard. Is there anyone claiming otherwise? If there is, I would be pleased to win this bet.

So, what should be done? I love this quote from Coco Channel: “Nature gave you your face at 20 years old. Life reshapes it in your 30s, but you are responsible for your face in your 50s and beyond.” When it comes to the vagina this is in fact still true. Aging, weight gain and loss, and childbirth deforms the vagina in many ways. If you’re concerned about this subject, you should know that someone else can’t find the solution for you. Here is the formula:

Genital beautification on women should be seperated to 5 parts:

  • Increasing volume on labia majora.
  • Reducing labia minora.
  • Vaginal Tightening.
  • Increasing Clitoral sensitivity.
  • Increasing volume on the G Point

But how will all of this be achieved? All of these 5 parts can be achieved through surgery. I will detail all this 5 in a separate article.

I aim to inform you about what can be done without a surgery in this article. If you don’t have a problem with your labia majora, vaginal applications can be done via SP-Dynamis Pro FotonaSmooth Laser systems. Two gains are possible with this application. First is rejuvenation on the inner parts of the vagina and tightening, the second is increased elasticity in the vaginal canal. With 4 sessions that are a month apart, there is a clear tightening result. With another laser system called Revlite color lightning can be achieved.

In the end you can continue your life without any interruptions. As Coco Channel says in one of her other quotes: “You can be fabulous in your 30s, charming in your 40s and irresistible in rest of your life.”

Food for thought…

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