What is The Importance Of Hand Rejuvenation Surgery

I remember the first time I saw a woman put lotion on her legs and hand. I don’t remember feeling this clueless ever before. Yes, hand and legs. How ignored are they. Makeup is used to cover the passage of time on our face but hands are often ignored. This might be because they are not on the forefront when it comes to human interactions. But effects of attrition and aging are most seen on the hands.

With aging, hands lose dermis quality just like our face. As a consequence of this, thinning starts on the skin and it loses elasticity. Pigmentations that occur due to sun or other external factors, or visible veins that are more visible are typical signs of aging. Our skin houses additional problems due to external factors too. Our job, cleaning products, mechanical traumas, chemical substances, high temperature changes, and scarring makes a normal aging look like a luxury.

How Can Hands Regain Its Youth?

If we put things in order, the first volume should be regained. This can be achieved with a thin layer of fat transfer, or if you don’t want a surgery we can use hyaluronic injections. This prevents our skin looking like it’s going to rip open any minute. A Laser solution that will trigger the biomodulation on the dermis (SP Dynamis Pro) increases the elasticity in the skin. Spots that occur on the skin due to aging or external factors like the sun can be treated with Q-Switch Nd-YAG Laser. This also gives the skin a beautiful glow.

With a treatment protocol that takes 4-6 sessions that are done a month apart will yield good results.

Don’t forget, it is in your “hands” to reverse time.