How Is Six Packs Made With Fat

Those who exercise know it’s not easy to make those six packs appear or get rid of the fat on the love handles. Because of this, more exercise, more exhaustion and more medical supplements is added to the recipe. It is clear that these supplements are not exactly healthy. What if it was possible to have these results without all this hurdle? I’m talking about High Definition (Hi-Def for short) Vaser Lipoplasty. Hi-Def is the principle of shaping fat using Vaser Liposuction. Vaser is the technology we use to break down fat tissue via an ultrasonic sound wave. You can think of it as a pen that emits ultrasonic sound waves from its tip. We can shape the fat on your body using this pen. Ultrasonic energy can be  thought of as a sculptor’s lancet that is used to shape your body. It isn’t only used for shaping but for getting the skin more tighter.

Operation is done with a general anesthesia. First, your artistic anatomy is decided on the day of the operation by drawing it on your body. In addition to six packs, adonis muscles, pectoral muscles, deltoid and triceps can be added too. With these drawings, planning is almost done. Rest of the process is left for the operation table where this design will be applied. Next step of this process is to transfer the removed fat to the areas we want more volume. If there is a need for it, this fat tissue can be used to give the appearance of pectoral or bicep muscles. You can feel the difference immediately after the operation, and after a few months it is more visible. Unfortunately, not everybody is suitable for this operation. If you are overweight it is harder to do Hi-Def Lipoplasty in the first operation. In order to determine the right patient, right procedure, and the possibility of expectations, it is extremely important to have an examination.

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