Open rhinoplasty starts with an incision on the columella and continues with lifting of the tissue over the cartilage and bone. It’s defenders justify it as seeing all structures makes for a better result. But while so many surgeons are performing open rhinoplasty, why are the revision surgeries so numerous?

In closed rhinoplasty there are also incisions, but they are hidden inside the nose and invisible. It is harder to perform for an inexperienced surgeon because the work area is more narrow. But of course it is not a totally blind operation that the results have been left to god. Almost all structures you touch are as much visible as open rhinoplasty, including the tip. Swelling (especially on the tip) goes down much faster. Also, in open rhinoplasty, until they make the stitches on the columella, even the surgeons can’t see the final results. 

In general, there are a lot of surgeons who do wonders with open rhinoplasty. I can also understand it looking scary for a surgeon who didn’t comprehend the technique fully. But I cannot accept a surgeon’s judgement on closed rhinoplasty if they didn’t comprehend it fully. As you can understand from what I’ve said above, I am in love with closed rhinoplasty

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