Tummy Tuck Surgery

What is Tummy Tuck?

This is an operation that most patients discover by instinct without any prior medical knowledge. If you have sagging on your abdominal skin, knowing that it should be removed, doesn’t require any medical expertise. If you’re ready to get rid of it, let’s begin.

Who Needs Tummy Tuck?

If you don’t have excess fat but your abdominal area has saggy skin. Don’t think of this as a low probability. We see this on most people who lost weight.

Ones who couldn’t lose their weight properly but have a belly. 

You had a pregnancy, you’re close to your former weight, but abdominal skin didn’t return to old form and you have cracks on your skin.

Ones who have a dished belly without sagging. When these people bend forward, their bellies automatically fold. 

Ones who don’t have any problem but get their belly on their lap when sitting. 

In short, if you can grab your belly when you put your hand on it, you might need tummy tuck.

What Are The Approaches To Tummy Tuck?

Tummy Tuck can be done with or without the liposuction, but according to my clinical experience, liposuction is more or less needed on almost all of the tummy tuck operations. Tummy tuck is not just a skin tightening operation. We need to take the excess fat at the same time. In this case, we can talk about lipo-abdominoplasty. Even if we don’t remove fat from the abdominal area, we need to remove from love handles, otherwise we can’t achieve a thin waist. This is not all.

Our abdominal skin covers the muscles. If the muscles are not tight, the belly gets a dished shape. We can see advanced cases of this on the women who gave birth, and it’s called rectus diastasis. What should be done about this? Abdominal muscles of course get tightened with tummy tuck surgery, almost like there’s a corset inside. And the tummy is worn over this fixed muscle structure. Fit look can only be achieved this way. 

What is the Correlation Between Tummy Tuck and Skin Elasticity?

Skin elasticity is correlated to the age of the patient. Just under the outer layer of our skin, collagen and elastin fibers are located on the dermis layer, and these comprise most of our skin. What we think is, if the skin is going to be tightened by itself after the fat removal. This is the magic question. 

If there isn’t sagging on the fatty area and it looks like it’s going to tighten by itself after fat removal, then we suggest liposuction to our patient. But if the skin is not going to tighten by itself, or there’s sagging even before the operation, then we recommend tummy tuck and liposuction together. If the area we’re operating on is the tummy area, then it’s tummy tuck, if it’s thighs then it’s thigh lift. Of course this excess tissue should be removed by an incision. 

Afterwards, there are long cut marks. These operations should be evaluated with pros and cons comparison. Patients who wouldn’t accept even a small cut normally accept these long incisions because results are so much satisfying. Still, it seems like a step is missing in this evaluation stage. Patient doesn’t have any excess skin or fat but they still have a dished belly. We can even say if you didn’t have this dished belly only a liposuction would be enough. This dished look is caused by separation of abdominal muscles, causing stretching vertically and horizontally. 

Most patients get tummy tuck surgery without fully accepting it. But because this is the only approach possible, both the patient and the surgeon get satisfied by the results. Until now… With laparoscopic approaches which are used in many medical fields, we can do tummy tuck on the suitable patients too. Although it’s an old approach, appliances in this area are fairly new. 

Is It Possible To Give Birth After Tummy Tuck?

There are no drawbacks to getting pregnant after a year of the operation. Because scar healing is completed in this period. Repaired muscles, removed fat, and tucked tummy heals completely after 1 year. You can get pregnant before this period ends too. But this time is important to preserve the results of the operation. 

Also don’t forget, if you get pregnant, you might get tissues stretched and have sagging again. Of course this also depends on your planning for weight gain during pregnancy. I say “planning” because this is on your hands to a point. 

Would My Tummy Tuck Results Get Reversed If I Gain Weight?

Yes. There’s a rule for all plastic surgery operations. If you gain or lose 5kgs after the operation, your results would change. All surgeries are planned according to your weight at the time of the operation.

Can Revision Tummy Tuck Be Done?

Of course it can. But it’s more logical to not get it done on your part. I hope you watch your diet, exercise and preserve your operation results. In case of a bad surgical experience, it is possible to redo this operation. But, there are certain difficulties and risks of operating on a prior surgery area. Planning should be extremely careful and logical. 

What is Mini Tummy Tuck, Can I Choose It?

Mini tummy tuck is the name of the tummy tuck surgery that’s done with a much smaller incision. Tummy skin is lifted only up to the belly. If we choose mini tummy tuck when there’s a need for a full one, over the belly would be still sagging while the under would be tucked. This is a serious problem, because it’s reflected on the outlook. Also, this causes pulling down of the belly causing it to cover the tucked area and cause a disturbing look. For this reason, this approach should only be used on chosen, correctly diagnosed patients. 

Patients usually ask for this approach to have less tissue trauma by smalling the scale of the operation, but be sure there’s little difference between mini and full tummy tuck in regards to you. Correct approach should be chosen after a  medical evaluation. 

How are The Scar Marks After The Operation?

You will have a scar mark from one hipbone to another that can be covered with underwear. The real important point is not the size of the mark, but its quality. Quality of a scar mark is dependent on the surgeon partially and partially on the patient’s healing metabolism. No surgeon can guarantee a size of visibility level of the scars. 

What I can guarantee is that when your bandages are removed, you will agree with me that your stitches were made carefully. Of course your healing metabolism can change this situation by its nature. During this process we will use some moisturizers, silicone sheets, and laser treatments to better the quality of these marks. 

Sexual Relationships After The Tummy Tuck

This is also one of the most frequently asked questions. There are no restrictions regarding sexual activities after the tummy tuck surgeries. Of course on the condition that you protect your postures during the early stages of the healing period. Because incisions will be bandaged and doesn’t require dressing, there are no problems for  sexual activities. I want to emphasize that this is on the condition that you don’t break your posture. 

What is the Laparoscopic Tummy Tuck?

After your liposuction section is done with the entrance from 3 little incisions( 2 on the sides, 1 on the belly button), with special laparoscopic tools, the area between the muscles and skin is worked to tighten the muscle sleeve. With this approach, tightness is achieved without using incisions on the abdominal area. Only incisions made are the 3 little ones used during liposuction section. These are hard to notice after the healing process. The important thing in surgical operations is to treat the correct patient with the correct approach. If you’re lucky enough to fit into the description of the patient type I deem suitable for this approach, you can get laparoscopic tummy tuck with minimal incisions instead of the full tummy tuck that has a considerably larger scar mark. Don’t get sad if you don’t fit this description though. This means you will get a much bigger change that’s enough to justify the bigger scar mark. 

When Can I Return to Regular Life After Tummy Tuck?

If you mean walking by regular you can walk the same day.

You will be discharged from hospital the next day. 

You can start walking upright after ten days. 

You can start fast walking within the month. 

You can start light exercises like cardio after 3 months. 

You can swim and run after the 6th month. 

You can forget you ever had an operation after a year. 

When Can I Exercise After Tummy Tuck?

Jogging in the first month, fast walk after the third month, running and swimming after 6 months of tummy tuck can be done. I especially put these dates long so the results are best as can be.

Prices for Tummy Tuck

As with all other surgeries, tummy tuck prices are decided based on individual patients. Of course finances are important for everybody but we’re talking about a big surgery on the upper part of your body. This is surgery that can never be standardized. Although no other surgical procedure can be standardized either. Your surgeon will make his plans and approach to shape your body after examining you. And every surgeon will evaluate this differently. I would like to discuss how I price tummy tuck surgeries and my approach with you. Don’t forget that you’re special. 

What is the Course Of Tummy Tuck Surgeries at Our Clinic?

Of course there is a balance between expectations, dreams, reality, and what we can give you. Best approach is to determine your needs and possibilities through a clinical examination. If you don’t have any medical problems, after the examination, surgery day is planned, and you arrive early morning at the operation day to get your test and anesthesia preparations done. After the operation, we will host you for two days in the hospital. After your discharge from the hospital, we want to see you on regular periods to check your process. 

If you have any additional questions regarding tummy tuck surgery, please feel free to share them with me…

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